9 Best Singer Sewing Machine Models For 2023

 Looking for the best Singer Sewing Machines models for 2023? There is a certain type of buyer that does a lot of research before narrowing down on a particular brand to buy from. There are also a group of buyers that don’t bother doing any research at all, and they often end up buying the wrong products from the wrong brand.

But then there are a small group of buyers that only buy from a brand synonymous with the product they are looking to buy, so they don’t need to do any research.

Ultimate Guide to Singer Sewing Machines

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m talking about SINGER here. It’s the only brand that’s synonymous with sewing machines, although Brother is a distant second.

However, Singer has been around for so long now that even your grandma may have used a Singer sewing machine, which was probably durable enough to be passed on to you.

But it’s very likely that the machine is outdated now. However, what’s not outdated at all is Singer’s reputation and its commitment to offering the best of the best in pretty much every sewing machine category you can imagine of.

Here are our best singer sewing machine models reviews and ratings.

Singer Sewing Machine ModelsKey Features
Singer 14T968DC– 4-thread capability
– Versatile and efficient
– Adjustable tension system and cutting width
– Flat locking feature
– High stitching speed (up to 1300 stitches per minute)
Singer 4423– Traditional design with impressive functionality
– Heavy-duty metal frame for stability
– Strong motor for heavy-duty projects
– Stitching speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute
– Suitable for beginners
SINGER 14CG754– 2-3-4 thread capability
– 6 different types of stitches
– Fully adjustable differential feed for perfect seams
– Stitching speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute
– Portable and versatile
Singer Quantum Stylist 9960– Best budget embroidery sewing machine
– Computerized with a wide range of embroidery designs
– Large working area with LED lights
– Compatible with various design formats
– Suitable for beginners
Singer 7258– Best for making zigzag stitches and technical sewing tasks
– Computerized with 100 built-in stitches and 76 decorative stitches
– Automatic needle threader and buttonhole maker
– Stitching speed of up to 750 stitches per minute
– Two-time Consumers Digest award winner
Singer 1304– Perfect for beginners on a tight budget
– Easy to use with step-by-step instructions
– Durable and suitable for heavy-duty projects
– Start-free arm for portability
– Twin needle sewing system and automatic bobbin winding
Singer Simple 3232– Portable sewing machine with 32 built-in stitches
– Automatic needle threader and reverse sewing feature
– High presser foot lifter for thick fabrics
– Suitable for small repairs and travel projects
Singer Confidence 7363– Reliable machine with automatic needle threading
– 30 built-in stitches for various projects
– Portable if needed

Singer Sewing Machine Models Buyers Guide

Singer is a modern corporation that creates some of the best sewing machines models in the world. Its name sounds as though it has been around since the dawn of time. There are many options if you want to use their reputation to get an excellent machine. This is sometimes the most difficult aspect of making a choice because certain goods are better suited to specific people and circumstances.

We’ve put together this best Singer sewing machine buyer’s guide to help you learn more about the brand and select the perfect machine.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Singer Sewing Machine Safety Cover

This may not appear to be the most vital feature of a Singer sewing machine, and it isn’t. However, once the equipment is in storage, it must be protected. Dust accumulation might impair the performance, and you’ll want to keep the equipment as scratch-free as possible.

Most Singer sewing machines come with a protective cover, which can be made of fabric, canvas, or a hard case, depending on the model.

Setup time is minimal

You’ll want to start stitching as soon as you open the box, but there’s always some setup to be done first. Even if you’re setting it up for the hundredth time, it should be simple. Automatic threading and a top drop-in bobbin feature will come in handy in this situation.

Light from an LED

Long-lasting LED lights are one of the numerous features of Singer sewing machines. Their lights are said to last 100,000 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to brighten up those dark textiles and stay precise throughout.

Per Minute Stitches

The type of sewing that your singer sewing machine can do is determined by the amount of power it has. Professional-grade machines will be able to stitch at a rate of 1,100 stitches per minute, allowing you to expedite some aspects of your work.

Beginners should aim for roughly 800 stitches per minute, which is quite quick even at high speed.

Arm that is not bound

A free arm feature is included on the best Singer sewing machine models, allowing you to sew cylinder shapes together. This is critical for anyone who wants to make simple repairs or finish the difficult phase of clothing construction.

Foot Presser

Additional presser feet are vital if you want to expand your possibilities. It isn’t always a case of “the more the better,” but it is when you want to expand your alternatives. The all-rounder presser foot, as well as the zipper and buttonhole presser feet, are generally included with the best Singer sewing machine models.

For many experienced sewers, this may be a bit restricting, so look for a device with the appropriate presser feet.

Settings that are changeable

The more settings you have, the better. This includes everything from stitch speed to stitch length to stitch width and beyond. Simply a serious sewer needs this, as a beginner may only require the bare minimum.

However, keep in mind that your sewing skills will develop over time, so make sure you choose the best Singer sewing machine model that can do more than the basics.

Why is Singer such a great business to be a part of?

Singer’s origins can be traced back to 1851. The company was founded in Boston by Isaac Singer and lawyer Edward Clark, and it has gone through numerous changes since then, but one thing has remained constant. They are the most well-known sewing machine brand in the United States, as well as one of the most well-known globally.

Singer has always been one of the most popular sewing machine companies, and chances are if your mother or grandmother had one, it was a Singer.

Singer was the first company to design an electrical sewing machine, which is one of the reasons they’ve been able to keep up with the advances while others have fallen behind.

The company’s journey hasn’t always been easy, with patent challenges and other squabbles, but the fact that they’re still in business today is a testament to the brand’s tenacity, which is reflected in its products.

What Can a Singer Sewing Machine Provide?

Singer sewing machines are known for their durability and build quality, which is one of the reasons for its long-term popularity.

Despite this, they strive to make their machines as simple to operate as possible. You can get anything from a basic beginner model to professional-grade sewing machines from a large selection of sewing machines.

Both are simple to assemble and consider the user as well as the stitching quality. Singer sewing machines are noted for their durability, with equal care paid to what happens inside as well as outside the machine. This means you’ll have consistent stitching that won’t skip or jam.

The top Singer sewing machines will also provide diversity. As a result, some versions can be used for quilting, basic stitching, embroidery, and other activities. There are even serger machines, which come with a variety of stitch options.

Singer Sewing Machines of Various Types

Expect to discover every type of sewing machine in their product range, as you would expect from a company with such a lengthy history of competence.

Singer’s novice series has a lot of built-in stitches, easy-to-follow instructions, and extras like presser foot and a large table, so it’s far from a basic machine.

Sewing and quilting — These machines are inexpensive and widely used. Expect a large table for quilting and a variety of stitching options, including changeable width, length, and tension.

Singer offers some of the best serger sewing machines on the market, and its high stitch per minute makes quilting jobs a breeze. Changing the bobbins you want to use and binding the fabric professionally is typically possible.

Embroidery — While certain general machines can be used for embroidery, there are specialty Singer sewing machines with built-in embroidery stitches and designs.

What Is The Best Price For A Singer Sewing Machine?

This will be determined by how much and for what you anticipate using it. A simple Singer sewing machine can be purchased for less than $100, but even a novice should consider spending $150. This gives you access to a slew of new features and stitches.

You can acquire a long-lasting Singer for roughly $300 if you are a serious sewer with a lot of uses in mind. A professional should buy in a device that can keep up with the constant demands while also providing the features required to make life easier. As a result, you may find yourself looking at prices around $500.

Is it easy to operate a Singer sewing machine?

Anyone learning to use a sewing machine will encounter some difficulties, but most people consider Singer to be one of the most user-friendly sewing machines.

Singer is one of the best brands to consider since they provide a product that is suitable for all levels of experience, so whether you are starting from scratch or looking for an upgrade, they are one of the best brands to consider.

Best Singer Sewing Machines

What is the best Singer sewing machine for beginners

The Singer Start 1304 is highly recommended for beginners.

Which Singer sewing machine is suitable for quilting?

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a great choice for quilting enthusiasts

What is the best Singer sewing machine for advanced users?

The Singer Confidence 7469Q is a popular option for advanced sewers.

Which Singer sewing machine offers a wide range of decorative stitches?

Which Singer sewing machine offers a wide range of decorative stitches?

What is the most affordable Singer sewing machine available?

The Singer Simple 3223R comes at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

ImageSinger Sewing Machine Rating
SINGER-14T968DC-Professional-5-5-4-3-2-Thread-Capability-Serger-Overlock 1. Singer 14T968DC99%
SINGER-4423-Heavy-Duty-Model-Sewing-Machine2. Singer 442396%
SINGER-14CG754-ProFinish-2-3-4-Thread-Serger3. SINGER 14CG75493%
SINGER-Quantum-Stylist-99604. Singer Quantum Stylist 996088%
SINGER-7258-100-Stitch-Computerized-Sewing-Machine5. Singer 725883%
Singer-1304-Start-Sewing-Machine6. Singer 130478%
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How about a super sophisticated professional-grade Serger for the first pick? The Singer 14T968DC is an overlocker sewing machine, but it has a whole lot more to offer than the typical options in this segment.

Now, if you’re wondering why I didn’t go with something beginner-friendly instead of a machine as advanced as the 14T968DC that looks like it’s going to take years for beginners to learn to use properly, then let me tell you just one thing: Don’t judge a book by its cover!

The 14T968DC is fairly beginner-friendly; don’t let its intimidating exterior fool you. However, at the same time, it’s also highly versatile and extremely efficient. Talk about getting a great head start for beginners!

Now, enough of trying to make you feel relaxed with the overwhelming design of the 14T968DC. Let’s get to the technical features now.

With as many as 4 different thread capabilities, the 14T968DC offers a huge range of stitch options. There would probably be no sewing project under the sun that the 14T968DC wouldn’t be able to help you with.

Now, for all those of you that still haven’t bought my reasoning for the 14T968DC being as beginner-friendly as a manual handheld sewing machine, let me tell you that it’s a highly ADJUSTABLE sewing machine (in terms of stitching).

YouTube video

The tension system adjusts automatically on its own, and the cutting width is adjustable as well. That’s a rare combination of ease of use and flexibility for you right there.

The beginner-friendliness is further enhanced by the flat locking feature and unique stitch options that are designed to take most of the challenge out of complex sewing projects.

The threading, too, is as easy as it gets on a serger given you’re not doing it for the first time (in which case it’s likely to turn out to be a little tedious).

Coming to the most important job this machine is supposed to perform – serging – it’s actually a bit of a beast at it. Even if you’re a beginner to serging but take the time to learn it on this machine, you’re going to serge like a dream.

It also comes with a cover stitch, which is definitely one of the rarest features to find at this price point.

Oh, and didn’t I say this thing is really efficient? Well, the 14T968DC boasts a stitching speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Now all said and done, let me also tell you that although the 14T968DC isn’t a bad option for beginners, they can’t expect to be able to use all its features right out of the box. This is especially true for those that have never touched a serger.

For them, there is going to be a learning curve, and some may even find it to be a bit steep. However, once you do make an effort to learn to use it the right way, you will thank yourself for doing so.

Finally, I’m amazed at how the 14T968DC manages to be such a “complete” product despite its price being far from on the higher side. Sophistication; versatility; speed. You name it. It has it.

For any new sewer that doesn’t want to restrict their sewing to just being a hobby, the 14T968DC is definitely going to be one of the better options for them.

Do the sophistication and the advanced features of the 14T968DC still not sit well for you? Well, I totally understand, and so my next pick is the…

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Why the Singer 4423? As soon as you see what the 4423 looks like, you will probably have got your answer.

The 4423 is fairly basic with a traditional design but impressive functionality. This is going to perfectly fit the bill for people that aren’t ready for the learning curve that comes with the 14T968DC.

There’s also the obvious price difference, which can matter quite a bit to beginners, as they may not want to spend a lot when just starting out.

The Singer 4423 comes with 23 stitch options offering a fair bit of variety. Its automatic needle threader is something that’s going to make the lives of beginners easier as well.

Despite coming with a very modest price tag, the 4423 manages to be surprisingly durable and high quality. The heavy-duty metal frame that makes up an important part of its exterior gives it the stability it needs to efficiently handle even projects of a complex nature.

The Singer 4423’s ability to work on heavy-duty projects is further enhanced by its strong motor, which you would really be lucky to have at this price.

The 4423 is just as efficient as it’s durable, thanks to boasting a stitching speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute. No wonder customers who bought this hidden gem (that I’ve worked hard to discover for you, by the way!) have nothing but praise for it.

Although it looks and costs basic, it’s far from basic when it comes to its sewing abilities. Just like some of the other machines on the market costing twice or thrice as much as the 4423, it can handle all types of fabrics, be it thick and stiff or thin and rugged.

It’s not a super fancy machine with lots of bells and whistles but it’s great at what it’s supposed to be. It produces extremely detailed stitches without much hassle, and that’s what most beginners are after anyway.

I’d sum up the review of the Singer 4423 by saying that something that you MUST do before using this machine is read the manual. Seriously, I mean it.

If you don’t, you will likely have a few bad stitches and, likely blame the machine for that. So read the manual thoroughly once and you will sew on the 4423 like you have been doing it all your life.

Now, although the Singer 4423 is very basic and great for beginners, it’s a bit limited in terms of (advanced) features. So if you’re looking for something more versatile and advanced (yet beginner friendly), I have for you the…

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The SINGER 14CG754 is basically all about versatility. If you’re a sewer that would like to make the most out of your creativity, the 14CG754 may appeal to you.

The 2-3-4 thread capability and 6 different types of stitches mean that you would be able to use it for any sewing project that you can imagine. No matter whether the project involves making seams, rolled hems, blind hems, doing finishing work, or even flat locking, the 14CG754 would be up for them all.

Now, let me ask you a question that most beginners can relate to. How many times do you mess up when sewing seams? Well, you don’t really have to answer it, as I know it can get pretty embarrassing at times.

Beginners not only tend to mess up the seams but also cause a lot of breaking and puckering. But I wouldn’t really blame you for that as making seams is one of the trickier sewing tasks and certainly not something beginners would be able to do right off the bat.

However, what if I told you that you actually CAN sew perfect seams without spending half your life learning how to do it? Yes, Singer knows how common of an issue this is, so they decided to offer a solution to it with their 14CG754.

The 14CG754 has a unique, FULLY adjustable differential feed, that’s going to make sewing perfect seams a breeze. What’s more, the breaking and puckering is going to be a thing of the past, too.

If you’re really pleased to know that, brace yourself for the 14CG754’s next feature: A stitching speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Although sergers are often fast so the 14CG754’s speed isn’t exactly amazing, the fact that it offers that kind of speed WITH a great level of efficiency is what makes it easily stand out.

And of course, the kind of versatility the 14CG754 brings to the table is barely matched by other sergers priced considerably higher than it.

Talking about versatility again, I was very pleased to know that the 14CG754’s upper knife is MOVABLE as well. Now although it may not seem much more than just an extra feature, it’s totally going to help you not lose your mind if you’re both a beginner and a regular sewer.

It’s going to help you prevent trimming the fabric when you’re sewing, which is probably one of the most annoying issues beginner sewers tend to come across when using a serger.

Then there’s also the:

  • Adjustable tension that further enhances the ease of use
  • Easily adjustable stitch length and width to offer a lot of customization and let you unleash your creativity
  • Color-coded lay-in threading system that’s going to make the threading seem like it’s the easiest sewing task ever – oh boy are the beginners going to love it!

Oh, and did I tell you the 14CG754 is portable as well? Honestly speaking the 14CG754 has left even ME wondering how can a serger be SO much at this price! You’re probably missing out on a LOT if you’re not going for this super sewing machine for no reason.

That said, I’m sure there are some that are going to have their own reason for deciding not to buy even something as good as the 14CG754. And it may be that they are not looking for a serger, but an embroidery machine.

So for them, I’m going to review what seems to be the best Singer embroidery machine on the market, which is the…

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Singer 9960 Best Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer 9960 is probably the best embroidery machine from the best sewing machine brand out there. In fact, I’ve little doubt it’s also the best budget embroidery sewing machine you can buy.

But don’t mistake what I just said for having to compromise on the features or the functionality. There’s probably nothing that you don’t get with the Singer 9960 that you do with the machines that cost well over a grand.

You would also be glad to know that the Singer 9960 is a computerized sewing machine, which makes it one of the better embroidery machine options for beginners.

The 9960 is also huge in size; it’s designed for big sewing projects and really makes them look small when you get going with it.

When it comes to its “sewing-only” mode, it’s actually not any larger than a regular sewing machine. However, when you need to use it for embroidery projects, you have to add the embroidery arm to it which makes it look very large and takes a lot more space than it would without it.

But you probably already expect that when planning to work on embroidery projects. And another thing that you will expect with a serious embroidery project is different types of challenging sewing tasks and a lot of eye strain.

But brace yourselves for 9960’s next feature that I’m going to tell you about – the LED options. It fills the working area with light, making it very bright and easy to work on. You may find those challenging tasks quickly turning into a lot of fun with a super cool working surface like that.

Now, although embroidery projects usually involve sewing tasks well beyond what beginners would be able to work on, the 9960 easily makes them possible even for beginners. Sure, the learning curve is inevitable, but you’re not going to have to spend months as a beginner just to start getting basic embroidery sewing tasks right.

The 9960 comes with software right out of the box that has tons of embroidery designs you can start using right away.

As for the hoops, there are two of them, a 4 x 4 and a 6 x 10. Again, a beginner would have no problem installing them, although it can be an extremely tedious task with some other embroidery machines. All you need to do is snap them where they need to be and boom, the installation is complete.

The manual has a lot of useful information that WILL help you get around most of the “user” errors. Many of the bad reviews you may find about this product seem to be a result of not reading the manual and encountering a plethora of user errors due to that.

Apart from the designs that come pre-installed with the 9960, you can also download more from the internet. Something the more advanced sewers would be pleased to know is that the 9960 wouldn’t have a problem reading most design formats under the sun, be it HUS, PES, FHE, DST, VP3, and many more.

There’s also a lot of customization available with respect to speed and other controls.

As for the sewing-only part in particular, there are 30 built-in stitches that are very commonly used and two buttonholes that are fully automated. Needless to say, making buttonholes on the 9960 is going to be a lot easier than with other sewing machines without automatic buttonholes

The threading is going to be a breeze with the 9960 as well, which should be a big relief for beginners. You would also get most of the pressure feet you need to get started with any kind of sewing project.

Finally, I’m almost outraged at the fact that there seem to be so many unfair negative reviews for this product. To be very honest I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them turn out to be fake reviews by competitors or something like that.

There’s no way a product this good and affordable can turn out to be so bad for so many customers. The top (and highly positive) reviews this product got further add to my suspicion about the bad reviews.

And some customers just seem to be “too hard to please.” The product was delivered a little late? One star rating. The product didn’t come with something it was supposed to (that they could easily get from the supplier by contacting them)? One star rating. You didn’t read the manual properly (or at all!) before starting to use the machine and encountered several user errors? One star rating with a long negative review.

Taking all that into consideration, it would be wise to not let all those uselessly negative reviews fool you. The 9960 is the kind of product that you just can’t go wrong with if you’re after a great embroidery machine that’s also very functional as a sewing-only machine and priced very affordably.

Now, let me review one of the products that are not designed for embroidery sewers but rather those that tend to work on unique sewing projects that are heavy on tasks like making zigzags. So my next pick is the…

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There are only a few sewing machines on the market that are unique enough to offer something more than what most sewing machines typically do, and the Singer 7258 is one of them.

This is especially with respect to those unique sewing tasks that are easy to mess up when using other sewing machines.

That being said, the 7258 is one of the best, if not the best, Singer sewing machine model for making zigzag stitches and other more technical sewing tasks.

It’s also a computerized sewing machine and comes with as many as 100 built-in stitches that cover all types of sewing needs.

Working on a “stretchy” fabric? The 7258 got 8 different stitches for that. Find making buttonholes difficult? It’s going to be easier than it has ever been with the 7258, thanks to its 7 fully automatic buttonholes.

But the 7258 simply blows away its competition when it comes to decorative stitches, as it boasts as many as 76 of them.

Some of the other features include:

  • Automatic needle threader
  • A fairly decent stitching speed of up to 750 stitches per hour
  • Very easy to use with a feature allowing you to select the desired stitch with just the push of a button
  • A lot of automatic feature options that would make the life of a regular sewer easier
  • The 7258 has been a two-time Consumers Digest award winner

Sewers that have been sewing for decades as well as the ones just starting out like the Singer 7258 alike. It hasn’t been crowned the Consumers Digest award winner twice for no reason, after all.

If making zigzags is one of the regular sewing tasks you work on, just do yourself a favor and get this little boy as it’s one of the best Singer sewing machine models for zigzag stitching. You’re not going to regret it.

Now that I’ve reviewed pretty much the best Singer has to offer in different categories, I’ll get to the last one that a small fraction of the buyers may be interested in – the super-low-budget sewing machine. Beginners on a tight budget, stick around as I review the…

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Anyone that says you can’t start sewing on a shoestring budget is either not much knowledgeable about sewing or just hasn’t done their research well.

Although it can be hard to find a sewing machine priced very cheaply while still being adequately functional and durable, it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to dig around a bit.

But as you’re fortunate enough to be reading this, you won’t have to do even that, as I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

So simply put, if you’re on a very tiny budget and just looking for something perfect for you as a beginner, the Singer 1304 is going to be the best Singer sewing machine model

It’s so easy to use that you’d be hard-pressed to not figure out how to use ALL its functions within an hour of unpacking it, even if you have never sewn before in your life. The manual comes loaded with step-by-step instructions and a lot of diagrams making this one of the best Singer sewing machine models on our list.

Although it’s priced unbelievably cheap, it doesn’t shy away from heavy-duty projects. The durability is certainly there and with a bit of carefulness, it’s certainly going to last you a long, long time.

The start-free arm allows the 1304 to be a perfect travel machine as well, as it’s highly portable.

There are 6 built-in stitches (believe me, they are enough people just starting out!), a twin needle sewing system, automatic bobbin winding, and basically everything that helps a beginner go as quickly as possible.

7. Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine

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Sometimes you need to take a machine with you and sometimes you just need to make small repairs. The Singer Simple 3232 offers 32 built-in stitches and a one-step buttonhole feature all while being highly portable and easily affordable. Though not as strong as larger, heavier machines this model offers value and ease of use that few others can match.

  • 32 built-in stitches
  • Up to 750 stitches per minute
  • More portable than most machines

8. Singer Confidence Quilter 7469Q

Singer Confidence Quilter 7469Q

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Geared more towards quilting, the Singer 7469Q features a needle that can be programmed to stop in the up or down position and 98 built-in stitches. This computerized machine includes four different quilting feet for a wide range of customization. An included extension table aids in sewing large quilts and all these features are offered at a great value.

  • 98 built-in stitches
  • Programmable up or down needle positions
  • One-step buttonhole feature
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9 Best singer Sewing Machines Seamsecrets.com

Though listed as a portable machine the Singer 7363 easily works as the main sewing machine. Automatic needle threading and 30 built-in stitches supply enough features for most projects. With a great price for a well-built and reliable machine, consider the Confidence 7363 as the best Singer sewing machine model to replace an older machine or as a great backup.

  • 30 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Portable if needed

Potential Drawbacks of Singer Sewing Machines

While Singer sewing machines are highly regarded and popular among sewers, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks:

  1. Plastic components: Some Singer sewing machine models have plastic components, which may be less durable compared to machines with more metal parts. This can affect the overall longevity of the machine and its ability to withstand heavy or prolonged use.
  2. Limited stitch variety: While Singer offers a wide range of models, some lower-end or budget-friendly options may have fewer built-in stitches compared to other brands. This could limit the versatility and creative possibilities for certain projects.
  3. Noise level: Some users have reported that certain Singer sewing machine models can be relatively noisy during operation. This can be distracting for those who prefer a quieter working environment.
  4. Manual tension adjustment: While newer models may feature automatic tension adjustment, some older or basic Singer machines require manual adjustment of thread tension. This can take time and practice to get right, especially for beginners.
  5. Lacking advanced features: Compared to high-end sewing machine brands, Singer sewing machines may not offer as many advanced features or technology options such as computerized controls, touchscreen interfaces, or automatic thread cutters. Sewers with specific requirements or preferences for these features may need to explore other brands.

Want to learn more about sewing machines? Check out our Best Sewing Machine Reviews.



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