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My Sewing Story

My name is QuiltQueenie and I have been sewing since I was eleven years old, which makes me a home-grown expert on sewing.

I wanted clothes for my dolls, but coming from a family of six children, there wasn’t money to spend on fancy dresses and clothing. So, I learned to sew on a Pfaff machine my mother won from the Safeway store giveaway.

My first creation was a blanket for my doll bed. That led to more designs and soon my dolls were fashion queens with gowns made from scraps sold at the church fundraising events.

My mother did not sew…or cook if I am honest, so I found inspiration and informal lessons from other women at my church.

After my mother died, I inherited the few remaining pieces of sewing my great-grandmother had created, and I treasure them dearly.

Sewing is part of a community, and I hope you feel these articles help you find the friendship and love I experienced from other sewists.

Seam Secrets has been created with only one purpose in mind:

To bring you the best information when it comes to materials, machines, and all the other appliances used in the sewing and quilting process.

Like everything, some machines are better at performing certain tasks than others. But how do you find out which is the best sewing machine for you?

That made me realize that no one sewing machine was perfect.

I immediately knew what had to be done: Write my experiences down for other enthusiasts to enjoy, so that they too would have an idea of how to begin their journey!

I hope you find the information on this site helpful and that it brings you the joy of creating something that makes you and your family beautiful!

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My Product Review Process on Seam Secrets

At Seam Secrets my product review process is simple. I find what I consider to be the best products on Amazon or other affiliate sites for the topic at hand.

My site is a review aggregate site, so I summarize the products that I feel are best for the article topic.

How I  decide on what to recommend:

My goal is to help you find the best sewing resource for your requirements. I do the legwork to ensure you get the most for your money, whether you’re shopping for high-end gear or the bare essentials.

I consult experts, sewists, teachers, and/or craftspeople, and family members who are also sewists; I scour the Internet for information on how sewing supplies are used; I read customer reviews by real users; and, of course, I rely on my own accumulated expertise as a sewist.

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