Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger Review

Looking for a top-of-the-line sewing machine to expand your creativity? The versatile Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is probably an excellent professional serger that you can consider. Offering a 5-4-3-2 thread capability and a wide range of stitch types for different kinds of projects, the Singer Professional 5 14T968DC produces professional results each and every time. Sewing at around 1,300 stitches/minute, the serger can help you zip through your sewing projects.
5-4-3-2 Capability– Produces various stitch types for different projects– Higher price tag
Color-Coded Threading– Simple threading system with color-coded paths– Manual threading can be time-consuming and tricky
Automatic Tension Adjusting System– Automatically adjusts tension for even and balanced stitches– Some parts made of plastic, which can be flimsy and fragile
Coverstitch Capability– Eliminates the need to switch between serger and sewing machine
Differential Feed– Smoothly feeds fabric to prevent bunching and puckering
In-built Free Arm– Easy access for sewing lettuce edges, sleeve cuffs, trouser hems, etc.– No free arm feature
4 In-built Rolled Hems– Convenient lever to switch to rolled hem mode without changing stitch plate
In-built Stitches– Wide range of basic, decorative, and buttonhole stitching options
Adjustable Stitch Length and Width– Customizable stitch appearance for various techniques
Heavy-Duty Frame– Durable metal interior frame
High-Speed Stitching– Top speed of around 1,300 stitches/minute
Soft Cover– Dust-free storage with included soft cover

Features of the Singer 14T968DC Serger

The 5-thread Singer Professional Serger can be set up very easily and has several features such as:

5-4-3-2 Capability

This allows you to get the perfect stitch with cover hems, rolled hems, chain stitching, flatlocking, etc.

Color-Coded Threading

The color-coding threading system is extremely simple as the threading path of each thread is specified with a different color and the easy-to-read reference diagrams help to make the process easier.

Automatic Tension Adjusting System

This enables you to simply turn the dial and select the stitch and the machine adjusts the tension of the stitch automatically to ensure that you get even and balanced stitches.

Coverstitch Capability

This makes the Singer Professional 5 Serger stand out from the rest. When working on projects, there is no need to switch between the serger and sewing machine. And, you can select between wide, narrow or triple coverstitch.

Differential Feed

The differential feed essentially controls the movement of the front and rear feed dogs, which helps to feed the fabric smoothly. This is essential to prevent bunching and puckering from the seams and to produce even and smooth stitches, especially when you’re working with silky, stretch or lightweight fabrics.

Singer 14T968DC Stitching ChartIn-built Free Arm

You can remove the storage compartment and access the free arm that makes it very easy to sew lettuce edges, sleeve cuffs, trouser hems, etc.

4 In-built Rolled Hems

You can convert the serger into the rolled hem mode by just sliding a lever without changing the stitch plate. You can get more hem options, particularly for lightweight fabrics.

In-built Stitches

You can select from a range of basic, decorative and buttonhole sewing options. And, the various stitch combinations allow you to select from various hem finishes, seam finishes and decorative edges.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

The serger allows you to customize the stitch appearance by increasing/decreasing the distance between them, which makes the function useful for techniques such as basting, applique, etc. You can also make the stitches narrower/wider as needed.

Heavy-Duty Frame

The interior frame of the machine is made of metal, which helps to provide long-lasting durability. And, the arm of the machine is made of stainless steel that gives a smooth surface, allowing the fabrics to move smoothly.

High-Speed Stitching

The Singer Professional 5 serger has a top speed of around 1,300 stitches/minute and the machine has a digital speed control that allows you to control the speed of the machine.

Soft Cover

The sewing machine comes with a soft cover that helps to keep your machine dust-free when you’re not using it.


  • The Singer Professional 5 serger is very easy to set up and it has many automatic functions and features that make it very user friendly.
  • The serger has a long-lasting LED light that is very bright and helps to illuminate your workspace so that you can see your work clearly as you sew. Also, the LED light remains cool to touch.
  • The Clean Pocket of the serger is very useful and helps to catch all the cut-off threads, fluff and pieces of fabric. This allows you to keep your sewing area neat and clean.
  • The machine is fairly quiet when in operation and the heavy duty frame helps to reduce vibrations when the serger is in use.
  • The Singer Professional 5 serger is pretty compact, not too heavy and can be easily lifted. The machine can be moved from one room to another without any help.
  • The serger is very versatile and offers 12 in-built stitches. It can produce 2-3-4-5 thread overlock stitches, 3 types of cover stitches, 4 rolled hemstitches, double chain stitch, etc.


  • The Singer Professional 5 serger is a high-end machine with many features and this is reflected in its price tag, which is fairly pricey.
  • The Singer Professional 5 serger does not have a free arm, which can be limiting.
  • Threading the serger can be difficult because it has manual threading, which can be time consuming and tricky; however, with practice, it is quite doable.
  • Some parts of the machine are made of plastic, which can be flimsy and fragile.

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The Singer Professional 5 Serger is an extremely versatile machine that can handle both professional, as well as home sewing jobs. While the cost of the Singer Professional 5 may be higher than other sergers on the market, the features, control and comfort offered by the Singer serger makes it better in comparison and worth the buy.

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