Alpaca Crepe Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Crepe is a common fabric that can be found in the wardrobe of every person. It can change a simple, ordinary dress with its crisp appearance into a fairytale dress. All your ceremonial dresses are made extra special with this fabric.

But what is better than a conventional Crepe Fabric? The soft, silky Alpaca Crepe Fabric. Alpaca’s hair Fibers make this soft and delicate fabric but nowadays, a synthetic version has also been invented. That is cruelty-free but resembles the wrinkled and pebbled texture of crepe Fabric and is labeled as Alpaca Crepe Fabric.

History of Alpaca Crepe Fabric

Alpaca’s fiber became wildly popular after 1500 after the Spanish Conquests. Though, it is concluded that 2000 old textiles made efficient use of Alpaca’s fibers to make warm and sturdy garments from this fabric.

In human civilization, there is no definite origin of the invention of Crepe Fabric. But people remember using it for generations. Ask any Indian women or Greek orthodox, and they will show you gorgeous dresses and crafts tailored out of this elegant fabric.

The Fibers of Alpaca’s hair were blended with silk or even cotton to make a perfect combination to manufacture Alpaca Crepe Fabric. The synthetic version is also widely manufactured.

Properties of Alpaca Crepe Fabric


This fabric has thin Fibers that are sturdy but are light in weight. This fabric doesn’t feel bulky even if you wear a full suit made out of it.

Beautiful Drape:

The wavy folds of this fabric are gorgeous, and its drape is remarkable. No other Fabric can provide this level of elegance in a fall of fabric on a dress.


This fabric is expensive and exudes finesse. You would use it to make occasional dresses. Any of its rivals cannot match its grace and charm.

Soft and Comfortable:

The Alpaca’s fibers are soft and silky; this makes the fabric comfortable and easy to wear. The plain weave of this fabric makes it breathable and thin.


The pebbled texture of this fabric is distinct and widely accessible. You can easily twist its yarn and fashion it into any design. Doing embroidery on this fabric is also very easy because of its stiff and crinkled texture.

Easily Dyed:

This fabric is sensibly absorbent and, therefore, can be dyed in various colors easily. It retains its color and does not fade away.

Uses of Alpaca Crepe Fabric


The stunning blouses and charming evening gowns made of this fabric are very popular. Scarves, eveningwear, and formal dresses are made from it. It sticks to the body in an alluring way, which makes the dress look fitted. So, it is widely used in fashion garments.


This fabric is used to make curtains, bedspreads, and covers because of its texture. It is also used in the making of household decoratives.

Caring For Alpaca Crepe Fabric

You have to take care of this fabric well. Make sure you strictly follow the instructions given by the manufacturers, on the tag of your garments and household items. Wouldn’t you love to maintain the clothes that are unique, gorgeous crepe dresses and pass it on?

It is highly advised that you get crepe dry cleaned as it is vulnerable to a tear under strenuous wash or squeeze. It can also shrink a lot in a machine wash, and you will be surprised to see. Keep this delicate fabric away from any heating products and hang it to dry.

Maybe ironing is not the best idea as its wrinkly appearance is an adored characteristic. Keep on rocking your Alpaca Crepe garments!

Where to buy Alpaca Crepe Fabric

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