Brother Embroidery Machine PE800 Review

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If you are looking to create professional-level embroidery, the PE800 from Brother is an option for you to consider. Having won the Women’s Choice Award in 2018, this machine gives you unlimited design options and has been recommended by 9 out of 10 customers.

Using advanced technology, the PE800 will make embroidering simple. The automatic needle threader which is distinctive of Brother products is also a feature of PE800.


  • The Brother PE800 embroidery machine offers unlimited design options with its 138 built-in embroidery designs and the ability to customize your own designs using the USB port.
  • It provides multiple monogramming options with 11 embroidery fonts, including English, Japanese, and Cyrillic fonts, allowing you to personalize your creations.
  • The PE800 has a convenient embroidery field size of 5” x 7”, reducing the need for fabric repositioning and re-hooping when working on larger designs or longer names. Additionally, the advanced LCD touchscreen display allows for easy design editing and color selection.

Features of PE800

This section will examine some of the features of the PE800 and you will know why we recommend it.

Unlimited Embroidery Designs

Brother PE800 Embroidery Stitch

The Brother PE800 has 138 embroidery designs built into it. They include florals, seasonal patterns, kid-friendly designs, elegant frames and some stitch patterns. But why do we call it unlimited? It is because the PE800 comes with a USB port. You can use any of the in-built ones or customize your own in a compatible format.

Multiple Embroidery Fonts

Personalize your productions with multiple monogramming options. The PE800 has 11 embroidery fonts (7 English, 3 Japanese and 1 Cyrillic) that include serif, non-serif and outline options. Each font has characters that include letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and some special symbols.

Convenient Embroidery Field

The embroidery field of PE800 is 5” x 7”. This is an ideal working space if you are working on larger designs or monogramming a longer name. The size of the field reduces the number of times you have to move the fabric and keep re-hooping.

Brother PE800 LCD Screen LCD Touchscreen

The LCD technology in PE800 is more advanced compared to other Brother models. For starters, the display allows you to see your designs in full color. The machine has a built-in color palette that you can use to see which color groups fit your design the best. You can choose your threads accordingly.

Secondly, PE800 also offers editing features. The touchscreen allows you to flip, resize or rotate your design before you start stitching.


  • It is ideal for all your embroidering needs.
  • The color display is a huge advantage to preview your design.
  • You can also edit the placement of the letters when you are monogramming. You can place them at a degree, in an arc or even in multiple lines.
  • It is easy to change threads.
  • It comes with four bobbins and a needle set.
  • There is a built-in LED light that lights up your work area.
  • The automatic needle threader saves you the trouble of passing the thread through the eye of the needle. You can accomplish this with a press of a single button.
  • The purchase also includes a seam ripper, a cleaning brush, a bobbin cover and a large dust cover for the entire machine.
  • Setting up the machine is incredibly easy.
  • It comes with an instruction manual that has all the details you will possibly need.
  • You can be assured of the quality for Brother is an established player in the industry.


  • You cannot use metal bobbins.
  • It takes the same amount of time for multi-color or single-color designs.
  • As the machine is small and lightweight the machine has a tendency to heat up when used continuously.
  • It can be noisy.
  • The machine is impossible to use if the LCD screen freezes up.
  • Maintenance and repair are expensive.


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In short, the Brother Embroidery Machine PE800 is a useful tool if you are a beginner embroider. It is highly user friendly and allows you to get comfortable with the craft of embroidery. It is pricey compared to other Brother machines but still falls within the affordable bracket if you are looking at other options available in the market.

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