Bernina E16-16 Review Pros And Cons

Bernina E16-16 is an outstanding performer and probably one the best from the brand. Despite the tough competition, Bernina manages to come out as the most innovative. Bernina E16-16 is not like the regular sewing and embroidery machines. Bernina E16 Embroidery Machine Review
With 16 thread colors, the Bernina E16-16 gets as colorful as it can. This sewing device is all set to embroider projects to the next level with 16 needle options. If you are a hobbyist or starting your embroidery business, Bernina E16-16 can help you. 
But, is this the sewing machine of your dreams? This Bernina E16-16 review aims to find it out for you. Without wasting any further time, let’s understand more about this sewing machine


Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Bernina E16 Embroidery Machine Review The Bernina E16-16 packs some attractive attributes. The build and the performance of the machine adhere to high standards. Stitching requires creativity and detailing, and you can expect to achieve that with this unit. 
You can use its amazing features that include jumbo bobbins, fast stitching speed, and more. 

Stitching Speed

One of the unique attributes of the Bernina E16-16 is its lighting-fast stitching speed. The 1,400 stitches per minute speed is a quality of a proper commercial system. With this time-saving feature, you can spend more time on your designs.
It also has a jumbo bobbin, which eliminates the need for re-threading. The bobbin pin accommodates 70% more than standard bobbins. 

Fancy Stitches And Thread Colors 

It is no secret that Bernina offers the fanciest and innovative stitches in its machines. Also, you’ll find 16 striking color options with the unit. This variety of designs and colors allows users to make projects versatile.   

Also, the Go Pro Library has about 1,000 designs. 

Go Pro System 

The Bernina E16-16 has an assortment of time-saving features and accessories. 

The Go Pro system will aid the creativity demands of your business. It has a wide frame and an optional cap driver. 

The unique pocket frames and the cylindrical arm is an ideal combination for stitching the hard-to-reach areas. What’s more, there’s a Bernina Embroidery Software to create customized designs and edit them. 

Laser Alignment 

You can’t deliver products to your consumers with improper alignment. There’s an ultraprecise laser registration on this machine. It ensures that all the designs achieve an accurate placement. 

Besides, you don’t have to spend time figuring out if the placement is ideal or not. With laser alignment, you can ensure consistency on all your projects. 

Large Embroidery Field 

If you use the Bernina E16-16 for commercial purposes, you don’t want to be compromising on the size of stitches. This commercial unit allows the users to make 500 x 350 mm large designs. 

You can embroider quilt blocks, jacket backs, and much more. Large projects are child’s play for Bernina E16-16. 

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Bernina E16-16 Pros 

Bernina has always been the epitome of innovation and quality. You’ll notice that the Bernina E16-16 packs some fascinating attributes. The unique specs of the E16-16 allow it to deliver many advantages to the users.

This list will let you into the pros of the Bernina E16-16: 

  • The Bernina E16-16 comes with many essential accessories. 
  • You’ll find a chenille technique on this sewing tool, which creates a 3D effect.
  • Bernina E16-16 has automatic tension control settings to accommodate a variety of fabrics. 
  • Users can create multiple items like caps, household items, gifts, and monograms with the unit. 
  • With a stitching speed of 1,400 stitches per minute, this unit is quick. 
  • This machine also employs an ultraprecise laser alignment technique for perfection.
  • Lastly, it has a scalable multi-head mechanism, 75% more efficient and 50% more productive.

Bernina E16-16 Cons 

Being a commercial machine, you would be expecting the Bernina E16-16 to be flawless. However, it has a couple of cons, which are not dealbreakers. You can go through these cons to understand whether Bernina E16-16 is the right choice for you or not. 

Take a look at this list of cons: 

  • Since it is a commercial machine, it might not be suitable for beginners. 
  • Bernina is a premium brand, and not so surprisingly, their products are expensive. The Bernina E16-16, like its sibling, bears a hefty price tag. 
  • It might be a little challenging to understand the operation of this model. 


Bernina E16-16 Experience 

The Bernina E16-16 has a sixteen-core thread pad and needles. This feature makes it pretty easy to follow the thread paths. You’ll find this multi-thread tool to have a simple threading method. 

We also appreciate the onboard reference guide. Conversely, this reference guide makes it easy to use the endless stitches on this tool. Another thing that’ll excite you is the 1,000 embroidery patterns on the sewing tool. 

This variety makes stitching even more exciting and innovative. You’ll find a keypad on the right side of the Bernina E16-16. Through this keypad, you can navigate through the various embroidery designs. In any case, get ready to feel tired after scrolling through this endless list!

Moreover, the keypad also serves other functions. Through the keypad, you can adjust the design size. Not only that, but it also lets you choose the thread color sequence. All thanks to the reference guide, you won’t find yourself at crossroads. 

How Did It Perform? 

The laser technology is a terrific addition to the sewing tool. It makes sure to easily and quickly pinpoint the exact design spot. Therefore, you never have to worry about displacing your designs. 

On the other hand, once the machine locks up all the settings, all you have to do is press the green button. And now, all you’ve to do is stand and watch the tool do its magic! 

With the ability of 1,400 stitches per minute, bulk sewing projects will be effortless. Thus, you can depend on the unit to deliver intricate designs pretty quickly. 

Another commendable thing is the tool’s ability to handle multi-colored embroidery. It pauses for a while to change the thread color and gets back to work then. Besides, the Bernina E16-16 also impresses us while handling different materials. 

To conclude with the Bernina E16-16 experience, it is a superb choice for homes, studios, or factories. 


How Does Bernina E16-16 Fare Against The Competition? 

So, the Bernina E16-16 has all the edgy features. But, there are many rivals at the same price point. Is the E16-16 a tough competitor? Or does it go weak when compared to rivals? 

  • In terms of efficiency, there might not be any tool at this price point that can defeat the Bernina E16-16. 
  • As compared to rival products, operating the E16-16 is a tad tricky. You’ll need a couple of days to understand the functions and usage of the product. 
  • Laser alignment is a technology that is limited to a handful of machines. You might not find them in premium-end tools, let alone the budgeted ones. 
  • Another point that one can raise against the E16-16 is its hefty price tag. Nevertheless, for the quality and features, that is a minor pitfall. 

Why Should You Buy The Bernina E16-16?

The Bernina E16-16 sews up like a pro, and there’s indeed no doubt to that. Now that you are aware of the features, it comes to decision time. What qualities make the Bernina E16-16 a compelling proposition? Take a look: 

  • One of the reasons why Bernina E16-16 is a perfect buy is because of versatility. As was previously stated, the tool has endless designs on board. 
  • It is perfect for all applications, especially in factories. The 1,400 stitch speed is like none other. 
  • Also, the ultraprecise laser alignment makes sure that your sewing projects turn out to be perfect. Therefore, precision is never going to be a complaint with this one. 
  • Besides, the Bernina E16-16 is also time-saving. The jumbo bobbin doesn’t require frequent reloading. As a result, you can finish bulk projects with the tool. 
  • This standalone embroidery tool has exceptional output quality. Subsequently, you can achieve quality even while working with bulk embroidery projects. 


Our Recommendation 

Small businesses and sewing entrepreneurs will love what the Bernina E-16-16 has to offer. A commercial sewing machine rarely includes so many convenient features. Whatever be your purpose of buying, rest assured that the Bernina E16-16 will complete your projects in a jiffy. 

The Bernina E16-16 is like a compilation of all the best features. We highly recommend buying this heavy-duty sewing and embroidery machine

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