Cavalry Twill Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Wool is one of the most widely used materials in making various fabrics, and its usage dates back to ancient times. The range of fabrics made of wool also includes the Cavalry Twill. This fabric is made of worsted spun wool warp and consisted of a woolen weft that has been firmly milled and woven to emphasize the enticing steep double twill lines present on the fabric’s face.

The best Cavalry Twill fabrics are made of 100% wool, and manufacturers often use Marion Wool. At the same time, there are also some cheap quality Cavalry Twill fabrics available in the market. The cheaper Cavalry Twill is often made of viscose or cotton and has comparatively inferior quality than the ones made of original wool.

History of Cavalry Twill

The idea behind the Cavalry Twill fabric originated from the military because the military cavalrymen often wore this fabric. The name Cavalry has been derived from the same military cavalrymen, which indicates this fabric’s roots.

Later, the Cavalry Twill was recognized by fashion industries worldwide, and now this fabric is one of the most widely used fabric for various purposes for making garments.

Properties of Cavalry Twill

The Cavalry Twill fabric has the following properties.


The usage of high-quality wool in this fabric makes it one of the most durable fabrics. Its firmness and durability can be characterized through the diagonal wales in this fabric. So, you can use the items made of the Cavalry Twill for longer durations without worrying about the normal wear and tear. The durability of this fabric was one of the reasons behind its usage by the military cavalrymen.

Tough and Hard-Wearing

The structure of Cavalry Twill makes it extremely tough and hard-wearing, like denim, which means that this fabric can resist even the toughest conditions. This adds more to the durability of Cavalry Twill.

Limited Color Option

The Cavalry Twill does not give its users enough options because it is generally found in khaki or light brown color.

Common Uses for Cavalry Twill

Some of the Common Uses for Cavalry Twill are as follows:


The toughness and hard-wearing of this fabric make it highly suitable for making breeches. That’s why companies often use Cavalry Twill in producing various kinds of breeches.


Moreover, as mentioned above, this fabric is highly durable and can be worn under hard conditions. That’s why the Cavalry Twill is also used for making raincoats due to its durability and hard-wearing.


The lower quality and less expensive Cavalry Twill, which is often made of viscose and cotton, is used to make various sportswear items. Despite being less costly, the Cavalry Twill made of cotton and viscose also has high durability and great resistance against tough conditions, making it one of the best fabrics used in making sportswear.

Caring for Cavalry Twill

Like almost all of the fabrics made of wool, cotton, or viscose, the Cavalry Twill also needs special care to sustain its life and increase its durability. You can wash your Cavalry Twill items both by hand and by washing machine, no hard and fast rule for the method of washing. However, while you soak the machine’s item, it is better to use cold water and use cold wool wash while the items should be turned inside.

To maintain its quality, it is better not to squeeze it. Press your Cavalry Twill items gently and use a tumble dryer for drying them.

Where to buy Cavalry Twill Fabric

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