5 Best Glues for Leather and Fabric

Best Glue For Leather and Fabric Clothes

Leather and suede glue can often be used on many other fabrics and can sometimes even be used on rubber, wood, or paper. Leather glues tend to bond fast and dry extremely durable. Many are waterproof, which is great for items that are going to be worn outside. Some leather glues are even water based and non-toxic, which makes them great for crafters of all ages. Leather glues can be used to repair leather and suede items or they can also be used for crafting.
Tear Mender Tg-6h– Natural latex cement
 – Bonds various materials including leather and fabric
 – Dries waterproof and wash proof
Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement– Water-based adhesive
 – Non-toxic and non-flammable
 – Dries clear
Aleene’s 15594 Leather and– Bonds fast without soaking or bleeding through
Suede Glue– Non-toxic
 – Dries clear and flexible
Shoe GOO– Excellent for repairing and protecting footwear
 – Resistant to abrasion
 – Dries waterproof
Leather Eco-Flo Leathercraft– Water-based adhesive
Glue– Bonds leather, fabric, wood, and more
 – Dries clear and remains flexible


Best Glue for Leather and Fabric

Here are our glue for leather and fabric reviews:

1. Tear Mender Tg-6h Fabric And Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender Tg 6h Fabric And Leather Adhesive Mender 6 Oz Dries Waterproof


Tear Mender is an amazing adhesive for bonding leather and fabric. The glue is a natural latex cement and will bond just about any type of material that the glue can penetrate through. It is extremely strong, dries fairly quickly, and dries water proof and wash proof.

  • Works on many types of fabrics and materials including leather, canvas, denim, and more
  • Dries flexible and will not flake or crack
  • Dries beige colored


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2. Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement

Fiebings Leathercraft Cement 4 oz High Strength Bond for Leather Projects and More Non Toxic


This water based adhesive is non-toxic and non-flammable. The adhesive will work well with leather, cloth, paper, and more. The glue is white, but dries clear.

  • The nozzle makes it easy to apply the glue
  • The glue is fast drying
  • Super high strength bond


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3. Aleene’s 15594 Leather and Suede Glue

Aleenes 15594 Leather and Suede Glue 4 Ounce


Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue works well for crafting and for leather and suede repairs. The glue is bonds fast and won’t soak or bleed through and stain leather or suede. The glue works great for bonding other materials as well. Use it to apply embellishments, beads, trims, or more. It also works well with other fabrics.

  • Non-toxic
  • Dries clear and stays flexible even after it dries
  • Works great to repair and fix many leathers including shoes, belts, purses, and more


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4. Shoe GOO

Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive 3.7 fl oz Black


Shoe Goo is an excellent adhesive for repairing and protecting many different types of footwear. It can be used as a protective coating to prevent wear and damage. The adhesive can also be used to fix wear or damaged heels. It can be also be used to seal rubber boots or hip waders.

  • The adhesive is strongly resistant to abrasion and is perfect for patching small holes or can be used to create extra traction
  • Adheres well even to flexible materials
  • Dries waterproof


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5. Leather Eco-Flo Leathercraft Glue 

Tandy Leather Eco Flo Leathercraft Glue 4 oz. 2540 01


Eco-Glow Leathercraft Glue is a water based adhesive. It can be used on leather, fabric, paper, wood, and many other materials. The glue sets fast and bonds strong. It remains flexible after it’s dry.

  • Dries clear
  • Spread glue on thinly and press materials together until dry
  • Low V.O.C polymer glue


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Glue for Leather and Fabric Buying Guide

Leather items can be costly initially to purchase. Many items made from leather, whether they are clothes, shoes, or bags, often come with a higher price tag. It’s important to care for these items to extend their life. Not only will you save on replacement cost with proper care, many people enjoy worn in leather, which becomes buttery soft and fits well, rather than having to break in or wear in new items.


Leather glues can help in maintaining and extending the life of leather and suede products. Many leather glues can fix holes, tears, or be used to patch leather shoes or fix shoe soles. Leather glues can also be used to add embellishments like beadwork to leather items or add trim or fringes. It’s important to use the right glue with leather and suede items to ensure that the glue doesn’t bleed through the fabric, stiffen, crack, or peel. Many leather glues are waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for items that are going to be taken outside in all kinds of weather.

Save Money

Leather glues can actually help you save money. Most glues are budget friendly and a single tube can go a long way. Many times, one tube can be used for multiple projects. The cost of one bottle of glue is small in comparison to having to throw out leather and suede items when they become damaged or worn, or buy new ones altogether.

When it comes to repairing leather, using the best glue for the job is crucial. Look no further than our top-rated adhesive, Tear Mender, renowned for its exceptional performance – the best leather glue available in the market.

This flexible glue for leather is specifically designed to provide a strong and reliable bond, ensuring your repaired items stand the test of time. Whether you need to mend a torn leather jacket, fix a worn-out leather bag, or restore the upholstery in your car, our leather fabric glue is the ultimate solution.

Crafted with advanced technology, this remarkable adhesive offers not only excellent bonding capabilities but also remarkable flexibility. Unlike other generic glues, it allows your leather to maintain its natural elasticity and flexibility, ensuring a seamless and inconspicuous repair.

You can trust that this glue will seamlessly blend into the leather, leaving no unsightly residue or marks behind.

What sets this glue apart is its unique formulation that is specially formulated to bond leather on a molecular level. Its superior strength and durability ensure that even the toughest repairs are securely held together.

Whether you are fixing a small tear or reattaching a large section of leather, our leather glue guarantees a professional-quality repair that is built to last.

Not only is it the best glue for leather repair, but it also works wonders on a variety of other materials. With its versatile nature, this adhesive doubles as a fabric glue for leather, making it the go-to adhesive for all your crafting and DIY needs.

From leather-based crafts to art projects that involve various materials, this glue establishes a reliable bond, allowing you to unleash your creativity without any limitations.

Choose Tear Mender, our best leather glue with confidence, knowing that you are investing in a product that is trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike. Its exceptional adhesion, flexibility, and versatility make it the undisputed choice for all your leather repair and fabric bonding needs.

Experience the transformative power of the finest glue available and give your leather items a new lease on life.

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