Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing MachineWhether you are re-fashioning some of your existing clothes or starting a new project from scratch, the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine is there for you. With its user-friendly functions and convenient options, you can customize the features and get your project running.
All sewing machines sew. But what makes a machine special? Why should you choose the Singer 4423 over others? Let us go through some of its features.

Stitch Options

The Singer 4423 has 23 built-in stitches including the basic, decorative and buttonhole stitches. You can choose the one you want using the dial and your machine is good to go.

You can also adjust the length and width of your stitches. You can alter these two and create bold designs or stitches that are barely visible.

Built-in Needle Threader

With all the technological advancements, why do you have to strain your eyes trying to thread the needle? By pushing a lever, the needle can be threaded effortlessly.

Presser Foot Control

A presser foot guides your stitches. It holds the fabric in place for a fraction of a second as the machine moves from one stitch to another. The pressure of the presser foot on the fabric determines how precise the stitch is. This pressure cannot be uniform for all kinds of fabric. The Singer 4423 has an adjustable presser foot for you to fix the pressure depending on the fabric you are using.

Singer 4423 Stitch Settings Designed for Heavy-Duty Projects

The Singer 4423 is designed for heavy duty work. With a metal interior frame and a stainless steel bed frame, you can sew most kinds of fabric and be guaranteed of sustained performance.

The motor in this model is 60% more efficient and stronger than the other Singer models. It can pierce through thicker fabrics and has a maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.

Singer Sewing Assistant App

Available on both Android and Apple phones, this app gives you access to FAQs regarding the machine, sewing techniques and some tutorials if required. You can even connect to fellow sewers and share ideas.


  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Meant for heavy-duty projects.
  • Easy to set bobbin in place. You can simply drop it in its allotted space.
  • The bobbin casing is also transparent. You can monitor thread supply easily.
  • The adjustable presser foot pressure is a huge advantage. You can tweak it to see which setting gives you precise stitches.
  • The adjustable stitch length and width allows you to be more creative.
  • The automatic reverse is also a huge pro especially when you are working on seams.
  • You can stitch a buttonhole in one easy step.
  • The machine has a free arm that gives you maneuverability when it comes to smaller or cylindrical designs.
  • The automatic needle threader will make your life simpler.
  • The machine comes with four presser feet. You can simply snap on the one you want. The foot can also be lifted higher than usual. This works to your advantage when you are sewing thicker fabrics.


  • The spool holder is made out of plastic and is a little flimsy.
  • The machine can create a lot of noise.
  • The foot pedal takes a while to get used to.
  • The attached LED light is not bright enough.
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Quality and innovation are features you can definitely find in a Singer sewing machine. To put it simply, the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine is a workhorse. It can handle heavy materials and multiple layers. It is an affordable choice, worth considering whether you are a beginner or an advanced sewer. What it lacks in terms of the fancier options we rarely use, it makes up for it with its strength and durability.

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