Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine 600 built-in stitches, 5 amazing fonts, and a whole host of user-friendly features, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine sews like a dream! To ensure the best quality in each project, the machine comes with a ton of unique stitches that can be mixed, mirror imaged and elongated; the sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing your creativity with the Singer 9960.

Features of the Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer 9960 comes equipped with features that are engineered for convenience and efficiency. The needle up/down feature lets you make quick work of projects such as sewing on pockets, free-motion quilting, topstitching and applique, while the adjustable speed control lets you go at the pace that you desire.

To ensure that you don’t run out of thread in the middle of stitching a seam, there’s a convenient top drop-in bobbin and a thread trimmer to automatically cut off threads post-project completion. All in all, every project is sure to be a masterpiece with the Singer 9960!

Built-In Needle Threader

A task that can sometimes take long frustrating minutes to complete, needle threading only takes seconds, from the needle’s eye to the spool with the 9960’s built-in automatic needle threader.

Top Drop-In Bobbin System

The 9960 Quantum features an easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin with a clear cover that lets you easily monitor the thread supply on the bobbin. With this easy-loading bobbin, you can save precious minutes that you can utilize on your project instead!

Singer 9960 StitchingBuilt-In Buttonhole Styles

With a whopping 13 built-in buttonhole styles, sewing on buttonholes can be done with only one step in the 9960 Quantum. All you have to do is place the button in the buttonhole foot and watch as the machine sews a buttonhole that perfectly matches the size of the placed button!

A Variety of Built-In Stitches With One-Touch Selection

With 600 built-in stitches, the 9960 can probably satisfy every stitching need out there. Whether you’re looking for basic stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, home decor, quilting or craft stitches, this little beast has it all.

Additionally, you can choose stitches with just a touch; the stitch options are displayed on the front panel and you just have to touch the stitch pattern you want to start sewing. The 8 most commonly used stitches are located on the machine’s front for convenience and can be chosen via direct stitch selection.

A Range of Accessories

The Singer 9960 Quantum comes with a range of accessories, including:

  • 18 presser feet (both automatic and snap-on)
  • A pack of needles
  • Class-15 bobbins
  • A seam ripper
  • A spool pin
  • Felt
  • A wide extension table
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spool caps
  • A quilting bar
  • A seam guide
  • A clearance plate
  • A shank for presser feet


  • The wide extension table provides tons of space for you to easily work with large amounts of fabrics, accessories, large projects and the like.
  • The efficient electronic twin-needle system lets you reduce stitch width to keep the presser foot clear during sewing.
  • The heavy duty metal frame of the machine is stable and sturdy, ensuring that the machine doesn’t vibrate during operation and disturb your stitching process. Not only does this eliminate the problem of skipped stitches, but it also indicates the machine’s durability.
  • With 850 stitches per minute, you’re assured of a reasonable speed to complete your projects on time.
  • The machine comes with a 25-year warranty.
  • The machine is rich in features, all easy to use and efficient, such as stitch mirroring and elongation, automatic tension, automatic bobbin winding clutch, extra-high presser foot lifter and automatic reverse and locking-stitch functions, to name a few.
  • Several features help you save a ton of time, such as the automatic needle threader, the built-in thread cutter, the direct-touch and one-touch stitch selection, and the wide variety of built-in stitches.
  • An LED-lit workspace ensures extreme comfort and ease of work, letting you work late hours, in dark spaces, spot mistakes and focus on the finer details easily.
  • The 7-segment feeding system ensures that you can work easily with a wide variety of fabrics, regardless of their weight and width.


  • Available in the US and Canada at 110 volts, you may face issues trying to operate this machine outside the borders of these countries and may require an adapter.
  • At 20 pounds, the 9960 isn’t as easily portable as some of the other options in the market.
  • Some users have reported that various parts of the machine started malfunctioning, such as thread jamming and breakage and even getting stuck, after a few months of using the product.
  • Some customers have reported that the plastic bobbins shattered, with shards injuring the user.
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Rated high on versatility and ease of use, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine is sure to be a great asset to any sewist, whether a beginner or a professional. Of course, issues have been reported with the sewing machine, but thanks to the great warranty coverage from Singer, they could possibly be solved hassle-free. Overall, a machine that we would recommend for its stunning and unique features that save you a ton of time and effort, efficiency, high-quality results and user friendliness!

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