Bernette 70DECO Review Pros And Cons 

Performing embroidery work with the Bernette 70DECO equates to precision and quality. Bernette 70DECO is a real specialist when it comes to intricate designs. Do you want to decorate household items or make personalized clothing? Well, this unit can do it all! Bernetet 70DECO
You have over 200 different motifs at your fingertips. Want to create an original design? Well, Bernette 70DECO lets you upload and save the embroidery pattern via a USB drive. With many more exciting features, the product thrashes all its competitors. 
If you still don’t feel convinced about buying the Bernette 70DECO, we can help you out. This review will go through every tiny detail of the Bernette 70DECO. Keep reading to know all about your potential sewing buddy! 
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Bernette 70DECO Features 

Bernette 70DECO has pretty impressive features onboard. You are going to appreciate the advanced features. This tool allows design customizations, sensors, and more. As compared to the others in the market, Bernette 70DECO is a clear winner at this price point. 
Here are all the fantastic features that make up the Bernette 70: 

Hoop Detection and Hoop Sizes

Bernette 70 houses three different-sized hoops. You don’t have to rehoop to create motifs of a size of up to 260 x 160 mm. With three different size options, you can make significant designs. 
These hoops feature a quick-release mechanism. The budgeted model also offers automatic hoop detection. With this fantastic feature onboard, you can view your defined embroidery area optimally. 
This feature allows you to optimize your embroidery design accordingly. 

Customize Designs 

Who doesn’t love creating new and original designs for their projects? The good news is that the Bernette 70DECO allows its users to get creative. You can deliver endless designs for your projects. You can download a large selection of motifs from the Bernina Cloud and edit them. 
Also, there are about 100 lettering fonts that come with the B 70DECO. 

Automatic Functions And Convenience 

The embroidery software is easy to use and great function on the model. Also, it has an automatic tie-off process. With this feature, you don’t have to reverse stitch to avoid the seam from loosening. You’ll also find the thread cutter button to be a valuable attribute. 

Convenient Sensors 

You are probably not aware, but there are thread sensors on the upper and lower sides of the sewing tool. In case your bobbins run empty, these sensors will immediately stop the workflow. As a result, you don’t have to compromise with the consistency of the design. 

Once you fill the bobbin up, you can start the embroidery at the last point. 

Needle Threader 

Many products in the market fail to acknowledge the importance of a needle threader. But the B 70DECO is an exception. This unit consists of a semi-automatic needle threader. You can use the presser foot, which automatically lowers itself.

Semi-needle threading is yet another way by which this machine will save you time. While you adjust the threader, the thread cutter holds the thread in position. 

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Bernette 70DECO Pros 

How does the unit fare against its competitors? If you want to draw a comparison between two products, looking at their pros would be insightful. These are the pros that the Bernette 70DECO offers: 

  • There are 208 pre-programmed embroidery motifs available on the Bernette 70DECO. 
  • The intuitive display on the tool allows users to edit their design effortlessly. 
  • If you like customizing designs and lettering, the embroidery software will impress you.
  • The multi-function knobs on the Bernette 70DECO are easy and quick to operate. 
  • You’ll receive a range of accessories such as a bobbin, spool net, needle, and more with the sewing machine
  • Because of its affordable price, it’s a suitable option for budget-conscious buyers. 


Bernette 70DECO Cons 

You might be wondering if the Bernette 70DECO has any faults or shortcomings. Through consumer reviews and evaluation, this review was able to spot a couple of cons. 

So, do these cons affect the performance of the unit? Well, they are fundamental shortcomings that might take place in any unit. 

  • Some users claim that the unit might jam occasionally. But, it might be the case only with a few pieces. 
  • It may also take time for beginners to get used to the advanced features of this unit. 
  • The stitch speed per minute is lower than that of its competing models. 


Bernette 70DECO Performance 

Now that you are aware of the features and rest, it’s time to measure Bernette 70DECO’s performance. In this section, we will measure Bernette 70DECO in various performance aspects. Take a look: 

Build Quality

One thing that the B 70DECO boasts of is its superior build quality. Rest assured that the sewing machine will serve you for years to come. 

Despite being a computerized and budgeted unit, the tool takes care of durability. It uses super long-lasting materials to accommodate rough and tough use. 

Ease of Use 

There are convenient sensors and an automatic needle threader on the B 70DECO. With this, you no longer have to spend time threading the needle or sacrificing consistency. Above all, the unit will not take a tech genius to operate. 


There’s also a reverse stitch which ensures that the stitch doesn’t loosen up after a few days. Also, all you have to do is adjust the display and push the embroidery module. One performance aspect where this machine falls short is the stitch speed.

Embroidery Experience 

Embroidery with the Bernette 70DECO goes excellent and smooth. While doing embroidery, the machine makes normal noise, which is neither too loud nor too soft. With fabrics such as 100% cotton, embroidery will be easy. 

It might also accommodate a little thicker fabric, but not all. The manual has detailed information about running the B 70DECO for embroidery.  


One of the significant things that can worry a sewing machine buyer is maintenance. Nowadays, people look for a sewing machine with minimal cleaning and maintenance demands. Yet, with this machine, that won’t be the case. 

All you have to do is clean them after each project so that the next task comes off neatly. Once in a while, dusting the exterior will ensure the Bernette 70DECO’s longevity. 


How Does The Bernette 70DECO Stand Against Competition?

Bernette 70DECO has many rivals in the market. But, the Bernette 70DECO has a few unique selling points. These aspects give the Bernette 70DECO an edge in the sewing market competition. 

  • Firstly, the embroidery quality on B 70DECO is significantly better than the rest. The quality of this model is superior to most premium-end embroidery machines
  • Many advanced features in the Bernette 70DECO justify the price tag. But, many sewing machines in the market prove that all that glitters is not gold.
  • Many embroidery machines give a miss to the hoop detection feature. The hoop detection feature helps to make the embroidery efficient in the B 70DECO. 
  • If you compare the model to its rivals, you might feel that the stitch speed is slightly low. 


Why Should You Buy The Bernette 70DECO? 

Are you still wondering whether to buy the Bernette 70DECO or not? To clear all your doubts, here are four reasons why you should bring the Bernette 70DECO home: 

  • Affordable Pricing: The price tag of sewing machines seems to be on a surge. The Bernette 70DECO satisfies budget-conscious buyers. Not only this, but the unit doesn’t compromise on the quality of features. 
  • Easy Maintenance: As mentioned above, maintaining the unit is trouble-free. You only need to engage in casual cleaning to upkeep the tool. 
  • Quality Embroidery: One thing that we adore about the Bernette 70DECO is the stitch quality. You’ll notice that it is much better than the rivals. So, Bernette 70DECO is the go-to option for making intricate projects. 
  • Professional Tool: There are advanced features on this sewing machine. But you’ll get used to them pretty quickly. These advanced features can help an expert sewist with intricate and bulk projects. 


Our Recommendation 

The Bernette 70DECO has various unique features and high-quality specs. With these features, your embroidery tasks will become significantly easier.  

If you notice, Bernette 70DECO has fewer cons than pros. It equips some of the essential features. Plus, you’ll find a lot of sewing tricks and techniques with this model. All in all, the product checks all the boxes. Thus, we give it a green signal to buy. 

We hope you have a great sewing time!  


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