Easy Top 10 Quilting Kits For Beginners 

Looking for my easy Top 10 Quilting Kits for Beginners? You’ve come to the right place!

Quilt kits will save you time and enhance your quilting experience. Moreover, the beautiful patterns and textures will make your quilts appealing. Are you looking for easy quilt kits for beginners? If so, this article is just for you!


  • Quilting has a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt and has evolved over time, with different styles and techniques being developed in various regions.
  • Quilt kits for beginners are a great way to start quilting, as they come with all the necessary materials and instructions. They save time and provide beautiful fabric designs.
  • The top 10 quilt kits for beginners mentioned in the article offer a variety of patterns, colors, and themes to choose from, making it easy for beginners to create their own unique quilts.

History of Quilting

To begin, the term “quilting” refers to the act of sewing two layers of cloth together between padding. Quilting has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt. An ivory carving from the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, discovered in 1903, depicts the ruler of the First Egyptian Dynasty wearing a quilted cloak or mantle at the British Museum.

Quilt work was discovered throughout Asia in the late BC and early AD periods. When it was discovered that the Crusaders wore quilted garments under their armor for comfort, warmth, and safety during the 12th century, quilting became popular throughout Europe.

Many more quilt pieces have been discovered in Europe over time, and many of them, despite being characterized as manifestly beautiful, were made to be utilized.

The Tristan Quilt is one of the first ornamental quilts constructed in the 14th century. It is one of the world’s oldest surviving quilts, having been made in Sicily. The V&A Museum in London, England, has one section, and the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy, has another.

Quilting as a craft was evidently brought to America by the early Puritans. Quilts were created in the early days of America to serve a purpose: to offer warmth at night and to assist decrease cold by covering doors and windows.

Quilts were useful, as women had little time to make attractive quilts. Money and other resources were typically scarce, therefore quilts were created out of whatever was available, which was sometimes old clothing no longer needed by family members.

To construct another useful quilt, worn quilts were patched together or ripped apart. Those early quilts document not just the history of early American quilting, but also the country’s early history.

Whole cloth quilts became fashionable in the early 1800s. The beauty of these quilts was in the stitching and/or cording work done on them, not in the fabric or colors. Applique quilts first gained popularity in the mid-1700s and peaked around 1850, but only the wealthy could afford the pricey fabrics used in these early quilts.

When the Amish began to settle in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, they didn’t quilt and brought with them the feather beds they had used in Europe. However, over time, they embraced the customs of the older residents in the area, resulting in the distinctive Amish quilt pattern we know today.

During these early times, many varieties of the patchwork were produced to adapt to the realities of their existence in early America. One was the comforter style, in which the layers are knotted together to prevent them from shifting or bunching.

A summer quilt, for example, was made without the heated central material, resulting in a lighter quilt for hotter days.

Early on, the young daughters were taught how to make quilts. A girl, according to one narrative, made a baker’s dozen quilt tops for her future days as a wife and mother.

She planned to make 12 regular quilt tops and one more beautiful quilt top for her bridal bed. The quilt top would be finished for her to use in her new house once she got engaged. Similarly, moms frequently made many quilts for their children to take with them when they left the house.

Quilting could have been a pleasant occupation for a pioneer lady, especially when the women of the village or rural region got together for a quilting bee at each other’s homes.

Whether it was a social event for these early ladies or the outcome of a community meeting for a barn-building project, these times were typically the high points of their difficult lives.

Slavery brought with it the formation of a distinctive appearance.

Slaves who were expert quilters spent their days making quilts for their masters’ families and then spent their little free time making quilts for their families or the slave community out of whatever fabric scraps they could obtain.

These quilts, which were frequently a mishmash of fabrics, colors, and forms, had a distinct beauty of their own that reflected the story of their trials.

With the invention of the sewing machine in the mid-nineteenth century, the craft of quilting advanced dramatically.

Despite the fact that the early machines were either hand or foot operated, they did away with the necessity to manually stitch a quilt.

Quilts became more ornate and colorful over time, typically utilizing all new fabrics of similar weight and texture rather than a jumble of repurposed materials.

During World War I, women were encouraged to produce quilts in order to save blankets for troops fighting at sea.

Quilting was used during WWII to collect cash for the Red Cross by creating distinctive quilts.

For a modest cost, neighborhood business owners and citizens could have their names embroidered on a quilt, thereby creating the signature quilt. The finished quilt would then be raffled off to a lucky winner, with the earnings going to the Red Cross to help them with their war efforts.


Is it better to quilt by hand or machine?

Quilting kits for beginners usually come with everything you need to get started including all the fabric, batting, and tools, you need to make a quilt. Some kits even include quilting patterns and instructions to help you get started.

Can you mix hand and machine quilting?

Of course you can! In fact there is a book “A Modern Mix: Machine & Hand Quilting” that gives you all kinds of great ideas.

Best Easy Quilt Kits For Beginners 

Go through this list of quilt kits, and you will be able to choose your favorite one! Moreover, with the help of these kits, you can sew beautiful quilts for any occasion. 

So, are you ready to indulge in the world of quilting kits? Here are my Easy Top 10 Quilt Kits for Beginners:


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Easy Top 10 Quilt Kits for Beginners

Do you like cool colors and innovative patterns? Then, this Maywood Studio Quilt Kit is just for you! Designed for the brand Maywood Studios, this collection is great for a basic quilt. Moreover, the beautiful design will dazzle anyone who sets eyes on it. 

It contains a full-color pattern that is unique for quilting. You will find the fabric lightweight, ensuring that your quilt has a soft and light texture. 

It contains fabric for the binding and the quilt top to get you started with the project. 

The collection has fabric made from 100% cotton, making the material breathable. Further, while starting your project, you will find this easy to sew, making it perfect for beginners. 

The kit comes with woven fabric enriched with versatility. You can use the quilt kit for crafty endeavors and miscellaneous sewing projects. 

The country of origin for this quilt kit is Korea. Once you have completed quilting using this kit, the finished quilt will be 72 inches x 72 inches. 

When you wash them, make sure to machine wash gently, and you can tumble dry on low. 


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Best beginners quilt seamsecrets.com

This quilt kit is fun to work with. Moreover, it has all the primary shades that complement each other. The pinks and the reds contrast the blue and purple of the quilt kit perfectly. 

The patterns are beautiful and intriguing, thus making it perfect for quilt making. 

The fabric has an authentic simplicity, which makes it even more attractive. It comes with a quilt top and binding but does not have a backing. 

The fabric is 100% cotton and easy to work with. The high quality makes it lightweight and breathable, and the softness of the fabric makes it a breeze to quilt. 

The finished size of your quilt will be 80 ½ inches x 87 inches. 

The design has a fancy and a nostalgic aspect to them, thus making the quilt great for occasions. Hence, you can use them for any celebrations and surprise your family with a beautiful quilt. You can even use them for other DIY projects related to quilting and sewing

The quilt kit is made in the USA by Riley Blake Designs, known for creating unique and versatile patterns. 

When you are washing the fabric, make sure to follow the instructions. You can machine wash cold and tumble dry the fabric


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This football-themed quilt kit is great for super bowl season. Moreover, the fabric has a beautiful combination of green, blue, red, and black. The cotton fabric is lightweight and easy to work with. 

As a beginner, you will need a soft fabric that is easier to sew. Therefore, the versatility of this quilt kit will surprise you. It comes with both the quilt top fabric and the binding. 

However, it would be best if you bought the backing separately. The finished size will have dimensions of 58 inches x 72 inches. Moreover, the beautiful fabric design made in Pakistan will make your quilting dreams come true.  

This pre-cut assortment will allow you to sew a football-themed quilt to impress anyone who is a fan. Further, while washing the fabric, ensure to machine wash and tumble dry. 

  1. NASA-spaceman Quilt Kit

Further, Villa Rose Collection designed this unique quilt pattern fabric. The material is 100% cotton, thus making it soft and lightweight. In addition, you will get these pre-cut assortments in striking colors. 

It has red, blue, and white as the primary color. Further, featuring hints of yellow and orange. The combination of these colors will make your quilt have the essence of being beyond this world. 

The quilt kit comes with binding fabrics that are great for a beginner. However, it would be best if you bought the buy the backing for your quilt separately. The patterns are exceptional and can intrigue anyone, irrespective of their love for NASA. 

If you are making a quilt for the first time in your life, get this one! With the NASA-spaceman-themed quilt kit, you will fall in love with quilting. Moreover, the approximate size of the quilt will be 45.5 inches x 61.5 inches. 

While cleaning this, you need to machine wash or tumble dry, as usual! 

  1. QT Fabrics Fusin Quilt Kit Teal


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Blue quilt kit for beginners Teachyoutosew.com

Do you love all shades of blue? If so, this teal-colored quilt kit will intrigue you in many ways. First, the pattern gives off a watery essence. Moreover, this quilt kit will complement contrast colors perfectly. 

Ocllo Mason designed this from 100% cotton fabric. Further, these pre-cut assortments are very lightweight. Therefore, making it one of the easy quilt kits for beginners

Once you are sewed to make a quilt design, you will have a 67 inches x 77 inches quilt. Consequently, on closer inspection, you will find hints of the color green in the fabric. Therefore, giving your finished quilt a truly earthy feel. 

The marbly and wavy effect makes it appealing for many. In addition, it comes with biding and the required fabric for your quilt top. Lastly, however, you will need to buy a backing pattern of 4 1/3 yards.  

You could consider this to be a perfect quilt pattern for the holidays! 

  1. Curlicue Creations Log Cabin Under The Stars Quilt Kit

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Log Cabin Under the Starts seamsecrets.com quilt kit

I consider this to be the perfect quilt design for the 4th of July! The quilt has a traditional and authentic feel to it. Moreover, the colors of the American Flag are etched into the pattern. 

The fabric is soft, and you can easily sew it. Consequently, you will find a harmonious blend of rich red and blue ripples. Moreover, the intricate design comes together to form a star. 

The center of the quilt kit is what makes it a perfect addition to your American home. You will find this to be an amazing log cabin block-inspired design. Further, capturing the true essence of our country. 

To build your quilt using this kit, you will need to understand the brilliant techniques. Do not get overwhelmed! The pattern and the fabric are perfect for a beginner

You need to add double borders to this quilt to give the pattern an enhanced look. Moreover, the finished size will be 60 inches x 84 inches. Thus, anyone visiting your house will understand your true patriotic nature! 

However, you need to buy a backing fabric of four and a half yards. Nonetheless, this quilt kit captures the essence of our freedom intricately! 

  1. Liberty Belle Quilt Kit


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Liberty Bell quilt Kit seamsecrets.com

Do you like bright red stars? This quilt kit has lots of it! Moreover, the sophisticated pattern and vibrant colors can turn this into a family heirloom. 

The background of this quilt kit has cream. At the same time, the red-colored star patterns complement it perfectly. However, you need to know the stitch and flip method to make a quilt. 

Do not be scared as there is no complex cutting involved. However, you need to understand basic sewing. Further, the color of the quilt is subtle enough to become your fall collection. 

It gives you the essence of traditional quilting. Therefore, the illustrative nature will make anyone amazed. In addition, the fabric is easy to sew so that you can make your quilt with confidence. 

However, the construction of this star-themed quilt will not have a backing fabric. So, as advised, you need to buy one of 8 ¾ yards to go with your sewing adventure. Moreover, the quilt you make from this kit will be beautiful for the 4th of July celebrations. 

  1. Pixelation Twin Quilt Kit
Pixelation Twin Quilt Kit Teachyoutosew.com

This quilt kit is undoubtedly beautiful. Moreover, the quilt you will make from this kit will look enchanting. The mix of ivory and red makes this very attractive. 

You will surely be awestruck at the design’s perfection. The Ombre effect makes it more appealing. Further, the fabric is easy to work with. 

The gradient subtly captures the essence of light and dark. Consequently, this quilt kit will give everyone a traditional feel of comfort. The quilt has strip piecing and sub-cuts that create enchanting designs. 

The finished size of your quilt will be 66 inches x 88 inches. However, the backing needed by this quilt kit is five and a half yards. It is ideal for beginners and experienced quilters. 

The finished quilt will enhance the aesthetic of your home on the 4th of July! 

  1. Key To My Heart Quilt Kit


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The modern design of this quilt kit makes it an amazing addition to your home. Moreover, the pattern used is unique and appealing. The traditional piecing method makes the most of the yardage. 

Ideally, these colors would have contrasted themselves in a bad way. However, this quilt kit managed to bring out balance and beauty. You will never have seen such coordination of colors in a quilt kit. 

The sub cuts in the quilt kit have clever techniques to bring the best out of this yardage. Further, the finished size of your quilt will have dimensions of 55 inches x 72 inches. 

The background of black completed with the beautiful and unique patterns makes this attractive. 

  1. Sparkles Quilt Kit


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Sparklers 4th July Quiltkit

This quilt kit resembles the essence of the 4th of July celebrations! Moreover, the pattern showcases beauty and fun at the same time. You will feel that the firework design is reminiscent of our Independence. 

The method in which Pheobe Moon Designs created this quilt kit was exceptional. Consequently, the triangle design captures the bursting of crackers on a hot summer evening. Once you have made the quilt, you will have a 48 inches x 66 inches 4th of July themed pattern. 

However, it would be best to buy the backing separately, which will be 3 ¼ yards. The fabric is soft, therefore making it easy to sew. Moreover, the texture gives off a traditional patriotic vibe. 

The quilt you make will be fun, attractive, and reminiscent of your freedom. The sparkles from the crackers of this year’s 4th of July will remain in your home forever! 

The intricate design of sparkly triangles will ensure you get the best outcome. 

Easy Quilt Kits For Beginners – FAQs 

Final Verdict

So, choose easy quilt kits for beginners that have pre-cut pieces of simple and beautiful fabric designs! Happy quilting! 

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