American Pima Cotton Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

American Pima Cotton Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy What is one thing America is most famous for?  You thought of hot dogs, didn’t you? Apart from the famous hotdogs, it is well-known for its Pima Cotton Fabric. You may not be familiar with this name, but it is an iconic Fabric in the Global Textile Industry.

You may wonder why the name “American” is associated with the fabric. It’s because this incredibly soft fabric was first produced in America and was majorly exported from there. It got famous because of its distinct qualities, and it made a fashion statement.

Because of its American origin, it kept the name and was known in the world as a unique Fabric produced by America.

History of American Pima Cotton Fabric

It is believed that this luxurious and superior cotton was first grown in 1790. However, some people claim that many Indian tribes in Barbados grew this cotton following 3000 BC! It was initially termed as American-Egyptian Cotton. Because of a particular cross-pollination of Egyptian cotton varieties and American cotton, this high-quality fabric was produced.

In the 1900s, the United States Department of Agriculture collaborated with the Pima Tribe of Arizona and perfected the cotton to make exceptionally sturdy and lustrous cotton. The quality of Pima seed advanced significantly by the 1950s, and even today, it is improved t produce the cotton of superior quality.

Properties of American Pima Cotton Fabric


American Pima is an Extra Long Staple cotton, which means that it has extended and sturdy fibers that have high tensile strength. You can wear this cotton to the gym, do strenuous exercise, and still, this fabric will retain its shape and appearance.


The fibers of this cotton are thick and absorbent, which allow it to retain a lot of moisture. It is perfect for a summer’s casual apparel as it can save you the embarrassment of showing sweat patches.

Easily Dyed:

Due to its high absorbing potential, this fabric can easily retain the dye colors and prevent it from fading. You can wear this fabric for years without worrying that it will lose its original appearance.


The weaving of this fabric is suited to make it breathable. You can wear this fabric comfortably for hours without feeling suffocated or trapped.

Uses of American Pima Cotton Fabric:

Casual Clothing:

The durable and soft nature of this fabric makes it ideal for the manufacturing of T-shirts, dress shirts, undergarments, hoodies, and other casual clothes.

Luxury Clothes:

This fabric is vastly popular and used to make bathrobes, nightgowns, loungewear, and luxurious clothes as it is comfortable and sturdy.

Bedroom and Bathroom furnishings:

You would prefer soft bedsheets and would love to stuff in them after a hard day’s work to relieve yourself of the fatigue. So, bed sheets and quilts are made of Pima cotton. Even towels are made of it due to its soft and highly absorbent fibers.

Caring for American Pima Cotton Fabric

If you have a Pima Cotton in a garment, then we would recommend hand wash it, as it is the best way to wash it carefully. Use in mildly warm or advisably cold water so that the colors of this fabric don’t fade, and it also prevents the significant shrinking of cotton Fabrics.

Always choose the low heat setting when drying it through a machine. American Pima is soft cotton. It wouldn’t require heavy ironing if you hang dry it. Don’t fold the Pima Cotton garments, but rather hang them in your wardrobe.

Take good care of this divine fabric. Otherwise, you are committing a fashion crime!

Where to buy American Pima Cotton Fabric

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