Quilt Sizes in Inches For Beginners

Are you looking for bed-size quilt sizes in inches for beginners? If so, you have come to the right place! I am obsessed with quilting in general which ensures that I have an innate knowledge of everything quilt-related. 

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I know there are numerous shapes and sizes of quilts. But I believe there is no right or wrong size for quilts. It all depends on how you quilt the fabric. Moreover, it may be square or rectangular, depending on your preference. 

When it comes to bed-size quilts, it gets interesting. Therefore, if you want to know about bed-size quilt dimensions for beginners, read this article to the end! 


  • There is no right or wrong size for quilts, as it depends on personal preference and how you quilt the fabric.
  • To calculate quilt sizes in inches for bed-size quilts, measure the width and length of the mattress, and add the depth to determine the ideal quilt dimensions.
  • When measuring the mattress for making a quilt, consider factors like the drop length, pillow tuck, and any additional features like footboards or headboards.

Bed-Size Quilt Dimensions: A Size Chart

Quilting is a beautiful art that I believe everyone should indulge in. However, when I was a beginner, I was intimidated by bed quilting. It was because of the various dimensions and depth factors you have to consider before starting the project. 

I have accumulated all the relevant information about quilt size dimensions for beginners! Once you go through this size chart, you will find it easier to start your DIY project on mattresses. 

Mattress TypeMattress Depth
Standard7 inches to 9 inches 
Deep10 inches to 15 inches
Extra Deep15 inches to 22 inches

Here are my suggestions on the quilt sizes for every mattress available in the US. 

Type Approximate Mattress Size Quilt Sizes I Suggest 
Crib or Toddler27 inches x 52 inches36 inches x 60 inches
Youth33 inches x 66 inches 54 inches x 78 inches
Twin or Single39 inches x 75 inches70 inches x 90 inches
XL Twin39 inches x 76 inches70 inches x 90 inches
Full or Double54 inches x 75 inches84 inches x 90 inches
Queen60 inches x 80 inches90 inches x 95 inches
King76 inches x 80 inches108 inches x 95 inches
California King72 inches x 84 inches102 inches x 100 inches

How to Calculate Quilt Sizes in Inches

To calculate this based on bed size, I used standard math. Moreover, I covered the mattress top, the foot, and the sides in the calculation. So, if you think your mattress does not qualify under these bed types, follow this: 

  • Measure the depth, width, and length of the mattress. 
  • You can multiply the depth by two. Further, summing the number with the width of your mattress. It will give you the ideal width of the quilt. 
  • Consequently, you can take the sum of the length and depth of the mattress to calculate the quilt length. 

Here is an example to make it easier for you!

Suppose the king-sized mattress I am working with is 76 inches in width, 80 inches in length, and 12 inches in depth. 

It makes the dimensions 76” x 80” x 12” 

So, how do you calculate this? Following the pointers!

  • 76” + (2 x 12”) = 100” will be your quilt width 
  • 80” + 12” = 92” is the length of your quilt 

The dimensions of my quilt will be 100 inches x 92 inches! This was the basic quilt pattern for the bed. If you want longer drops or pillow tuck features, you can add an extra 10 inches to the width. 

How Do I Measure My Mattress for Making a Quilt? 

As I have mentioned, I calculate the dimensions of the bed to determine a quilt size. But. how do I measure the mattress itself? In this section, I will tell you how I measure it. 

Before I start measuring, I do the following things: 

Dressing the bed – I ensure that all the pillows, blankets, and padding are still on the bed. Then, I cut out the perfect quilt side to rest on the mattress. 

Bed skirt trail – If I want to use a unique bed skirt for aesthetics, I test-drive it first. It gives me a visual of the final result. 

Positioning the bed – My beds usually face the door, so I make sure that the quilt goes further down by the sides. 

If you are considering adding footboards and headboards to your bed, make sure to reflect that in your quilt measurement. It will make sure that you get the perfect bed-size quilt dimensions for beginners! 

Consequently, follow these instructions to measure your bed quilting purposes accurately. 

Width of the Mattress 

You need to measure the width of your mattress using your measuring equipment. Further, adding twice to the drop length. If you want comfort, you need to measure from the top to a few inches past the lower edge. 

It will help you figure out the exact drop length you require. What if you are designing a coverlet? In that case, you need to again measure from the top to a few inches past the bottom bed rail. 

On the other hand, I measure from the mattress top to a few inches above the floor for a bedspread. 

Length of the Mattress

Done with the width calculation? Now, you need to do the length. I like my quilts to cover the pillows. I measure the actual length and sum it up with my desired drop length. Further, adding 10 inches to 20 inches extra for the pillow tuck. 

You need to add the exact amount and not an approximate for the pillow tuck. Therefore, your pillows will determine the inches! The size and fluffiness, along with your tuck volume, should be between 10 inches to 20 inches. 

Do you not want your quilt over the pillows? Just measure the length and sum it with one drop length. However, this is not my preference. The pillows tucked in my beautiful quilt look more appealing to me. 

How Much Backing Do I Need for My Bed Quilt? 

Now that you have measured the size of your mattress and figured out the quilt drop, it is time to move on! The next thing you need to mention is the batting. Moreover, it depends on how you want to quilt it. 

Make sure you baste it and then quilt it! Leaving a few inches of overhang on each side. Do you want a long arm? Then, a 4-inch overhang on each side is enough. I find this to be the standard requirement for a long-armed quilt. 

However, make sure to check the size double to ensure perfection. DIY quilting requires you to buy batting. Maybe in a significant amount or pre-cut forms. 

If you choose to buy a large amount, you will need to cut it to your required size. On the other hand, you can customize the sizes without cutting them yourself if you get a pre-cut batting.

I like to buy a large amount of batting and cut it to my desired length. 

It gives me more versatility. In contrast, some pre-cut ones do not have the perfect measurements. Therefore, making it either small for an overhang or having no wiggle room! 

MattressRecommended Backing Needed
Twin6 yards
Full7.5 yards
Queen 8.25 yards
King9.25 yards

A Guide to Making Your Quilt

It is easy to create your quilt size in inches for beginners using the magic of your hands! 

  • Decide the pattern and colors for your quilt. 
  • Collect all the materials you will need for making this quilt. 
  • An optional step I like to do is pre-wash and iron my fabric. 
  • Measure and cut the patchwork for your mattress, as I mentioned earlier. 
  • Sew them into rows and iron them. 
  • Consequently, sew the whole quilt while keeping consistency and iron it! 
  • Layer your quilt using backing, batting, and quilt drops. 
  • Stitch it and make sure to bind it!


Now that you know everything you need to know about quilt sizes in inches for beginners, you can start your project! 

Make sure to follow all the instructions I provided for you. This way, you will get the desired result, and the quilt will be aesthetically pleasing! 

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