Cheviot Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cheviot Fabric

Cheviot is a woolen fabric. This fabric is originally made from the wool of Cheviot sheep. However, now various types of wool are used for manufacturing Cheviot. One variant of this fabric is also made from a blend of human-made fiber and wool. 

Some specific types of Cheviot fabrics are also made of worsted yarn. This type is often manufactured for specific items to match the desired texture and character etc. You will also find Cheviot fabric specifically made for manufacturing sportswear. For this purpose, producers use harder spun worsted yarns or botany worsted.  


  • Cheviot fabric is a woolen fabric that was originally made from the wool of Cheviot sheep, but now various types of wool are used for its manufacturing, including blends of human-made fiber and wool.
  • Cheviot fabric has properties such as greater elasticity, normal weight (although it can vary), fine and soft texture, and a unique roughness.
  • Common uses for Cheviot fabric include men’s suiting, women’s suiting and coats, and sportswear. It can be cared for through hand washing or machine washing with suitable detergent, avoiding direct sunlight, and ironing with normal heating.

History of Cheviot Fabric

The origin of Cheviot started from the Cheviot Hills between the borders of Scotland and England. During old times, a specific type of sheep was found on these hills, known as Cheviot sheep. This breed was completely affected by the environment and had some special qualities that were not found in other sheep. 

The locals of the Cheviot Hills and nearby areas started using this sheep’s skin for making fabric known as “cheviot fabric.” However, the clear history of when and how people started making the fabric is still found in history pages, blurred. 

Properties of Cheviot Fabric

Though there are different variants of Cheviot fabric, some of its common properties are:

Greater Elasticity 

Unlike other fabrics like linen, which are tough and do not have elasticity, the Cheviot is very elastic. You can stretch it, yet you will not experience any mark, tearing, or reduction in its quality. 

Normal Weight

Generally, all cheviot fabrics have a normal weight irrespective of the type of fibers used for manufacturing them. However, the weight highly fluctuates because of the material. You will find some of these fabrics have a heavier weight.

Fine and Soft

This fabric is often soft and has a fine quality like the Cashgora Fabric. The softness makes it suitable for manufacturing various types of clothes, especially sportswear, which requires soft material to make it comfortable. 


Cheviot has unique crispiness in its fabric, which resembles serge. However, it has more roughness than serge. 

Common Uses for Cheviot Fabric

You will find various items around you made of Cheviot fabric. However, some common uses of this fabric are discussed in the following paragraphs.

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Men’s Suiting

The major use of Cheviot is found in men’s suiting. The unique material and texture of this fabric make it the best fit for men’s suiting. You will find different varieties, including both colors and designs of this fabric, which are made specifically for meeting the suiting needs of men. 

Women’s Suiting and Coats

Some manufacturers also produce some specific types of this fabric for making a suit for women. Moreover, you will also find some lightweight coats too made of Cheviot, both comfortable and warm.


As mentioned above, this fabric is also used for making different sportswear items. The softness and lightweight of this fabric make it a great fabric for the making of sportswear.

Caring for Cheviot Fabric

The soft and luxurious cheviot fabric is very easy to take care of. Hand wash and machine wash are preferable for this fabric. However, make sure you use suitable detergent for maintaining its quality and making it last longer. Moreover, do not hang it directly under the sun. While you also iron it using normal heating. Just follow these easy and basic care instructions, and you will surely have a long-lasting and high-quality fabric.


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