Binding Cloth Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you are an avid reader and like to collect the earliest editions of your favorite books that date way back in time, then you must be familiar with this fabric. Do you notice that distinct smell from the old books, when you smear dust off of them and open them after years? The first contact of crispy pages with the air and that distinct smell wafts off in the air. Do you sense that?

If you do, then you will love reading about the Binding Cloth fabric. As the name suggests, this fabric is primarily used for bookbinding to firmly keep the pages intact and riveted in the form of a book. If you have a home library that includes old books stored by your parents or grandparents, then somewhere in there is a book bonded with the Binding Cloth Fabric.

Properties of Binding Cloth Fabric

Long Fibers:

Binding Cloth has extended fibers that are long and easily woven together in the making of fabric. These fibers make the thread and fabric sturdy and help to fulfill the purpose of the fabric.


The length of the fibers of Binding Cloth Fabric has certain durability and strength. The fibers have high tensile strength and do not easily collapse under heavyweight.

Stiff Finishing:

This fabric has a stiff finishing that gives it a delicate appearance and makes it appear sturdy and strong. It doesn’t become flaccid under the influence of water or excess heat.

Easily Dye and Embossed:

This fabric can easily be dyed, and its fibers retain the color, and they seldom fade away. In the final steps of processing, this fabric is also embossed; it is pressed under pressure so that a pattern could be imprinted on it, and it stays that way.


Binding Cloth is a breathable fabric, and its threads are woven in such a way that the loops are wide.

Smooth texture:

The smooth texture of this fabric makes it ideal for its purpose. The texture isn’t rough or grainy, instead it is soft and smooth, so it doesn’t affect or ruin the pages.

Uses of Binding Cloth Fabric

Bags and Purses:

The distinct qualities of this fabric make it an ideal selection for the making of high-quality bags and purses, so they don’t snag and tear and still look elegant.


The primary application of this fabric is its role in bookbinding. This fabric has been used for many decades to provide a hardcover to the books for the pages to be in one place.

Furniture Covers:

Stylish and durable covers for sofas, tables, and chairs are made from Binding Cloth fabric.


Because of its amazing breathability, this fabric is sometimes used in making casual wear clothes that are ideal for summer weather.


This fabric is also used to make canvases to showcase beautiful and innovative art portraits.

Caring for Binding Cloth Fabric

To take care of this fabric, make sure you wash it gently with mild detergents and chemicals. Keep it away from heating products and flames. Dry it in the dryer or hang dry it. Dust it regularly if you aren’t too keen on washing it. If you have any Binding Cloth’s item, then take care of it well!

Where to buy Binding Cloth Fabric

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