10 Fat Quarter Fabrics For Beginners

Are you looking for the 10 best Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners? Of course, these fabrics will be a beautiful and irresistible addition to your collection! However, with a substantial range of designs and colors, you may find it confusing to choose the right one. 

To help you out, we have accumulated the best Fat Quarter Fabrics in the market. So, you can take a look at their features to analyze which one to buy.

Fabric NameFeaturesProsCons
ShuanShuo Fat Quarter Fabric– Bundle of seven differently designed pieces– Inexpensive fabric– Non-negotiable designs
Cottfab Fat Quarter Fabric– Bundle of eight tightly woven fabric– Plain weave– Vibrant colors might not appeal to everyone
Shine Ruby Star– Bundle of twenty fat quarters– 100% cotton fabric– Some prints may be “Halloween-friendly only”
Myhozee Fat Quarter Fabric– A set of seven vibrant forest pattern fabric designs– High-quality and soft fabric– Might shrink if washed in a machine
Hanjunzhao Store Fat Quarter– Stunning vintage green floral design– Appealing for home decor– None mentioned
Caroline Edition Fat Quarter– 100% cotton poplin fabric– Contemporary print design– Might get you addicted to DIY projects
KingSO Store Fat Quarter– A set of seven bright and colorful pieces– Thicker fabric ideal for handicrafts– Might wrinkle if vigorously washed
April Rhodes Edition No. 1– 100% cotton poplin material– Designer fabric– None mentioned
Fuchsia Spectrum– 100% cotton fabric– Sleek and royal– Colors might be even more vibrant than pictures
Haunted Riley Blake Blends– 100% cotton fabric– Cute designs– Some prints may be limited to Halloween-themed projects

Note: The table only includes the pros and cons mentioned in the provided content. Additional pros and cons may exist for each fabric.

Understanding Fat Quarters For Beginners

Fat quarters are commonly seen when shopping for fabric or looking at sewing projects and patterns. But what are these fabric scraps, and how do you use them?

Fat quarters are a common fabric cut that can be found in quilting fabrics. Fabric is usually sold by the yard or meter when purchased.

If you buy a quarter yard of fabric off the bolt, the piece will be 9 inches by the width of the cloth. Similarly, a quarter meter is equal to 25 cm multiplied by the fabric width.

For some tasks, that lengthy piece of material may suffice, while other items will require a little extra width. A fat quarter overcomes this problem without requiring a larger fabric purchase.

How Are Fat Quarters Cut

Fabric retailers and producers, rather than cutting a yard or meter into four long pieces, cut it into four rectangles that are closer to squares. They first cut the piece in half, like a half yard or meter, and then cut it in half again, but this time in the opposite way.

Fat quarters vary widely in size depending on the fabric width, but they usually measure 18 by 22 inches when cut by yards or 50 by 55 cm when cut by meters. The material’s area is the same as a regular quarter yard or meter, but the cut’s shape makes it easier to work with than a thin cut.

Advantages of Using Fat Quarters

Fat quarters usually cost a bit more than a conventional quarter yard or meter because of the extra steps involved in cutting them. However, the extra expenditure is frequently justified.

Fat quarters give you the extra breadth but not the length you need without having to buy a larger piece of fabric, which costs more money and wastes more material.

These convenient pre-cuts also save you time at the cutting counter because they’re already cut and ready to go. Many fabric lines sell fat quarter packs, which let you purchase a little sample of each pattern in the collection.

Uses for Fat Quarters

A single fat quarter bundle usually provides enough fabric to create a quilt top and still have scraps. Fat quarters are widely used in quilt patterns because their size allows you to cut a large number of pieces.

This pre-cut is also recommended for a variety of different sewing applications. In fact, books abound with patterns for toys, bags, presents, and other items that all use one or more fat quarters.

Whether you buy one fat quarter or a complete stack, these small pieces of fabric can make a significant difference in your next needle and thread patchwork project.

Best Fat Quarter Fabric For Beginners 

For DIY sewing enthusiasts, these valuable and handy fabrics are lifesavers. If you want to enhance your collection of materials, here is our review: 

  1. ShuanShuo Fat Quarter Fabric
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Black Fat Quarter TeachYOuToSew.com

This fabric has an intricate design of polka dots, stars, and geometrical shapes. Moreover, the black and white colors make it look aesthetically pleasing. You can use this Fat Quarter Fabric for any of your DIY sewing adventures. 

Features Included

  1. Cottfab Fat Quarter Fabric

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Fat Quarter Face mask TeachYOuTOSew.com

Made with beautiful patterns and themes, we consider this one of the best Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners! It features weaving techniques authentic to South Korea and Japan. It facilitates vibrant designs and colors for you to use.   

Features Included

  • Bundle of eight tightly woven fabric
  • Different color schemes of green, blue and yellow
  • Strong fabric best for making DIY crafts 
  • Dimensions of 21.65 inches x 17.71 inches  
  • Ideal for making masks 
  1. Shine Ruby Star
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Flurry Jelly Roll Seamsecrets.com

The best part about this fabric is that Ruby Star Society specially created this collection to honor women. Moreover, the patterns reflect the vibrancy of the colors. You can mix and match the fabric to build yourself a beautiful design.  

Features Included

  • Bundle of twenty fat quarters 
  • Fun designs make it appealing 
  • The soft fabric is easy to work with 
  • Best for learning the art of quilting 
  • Dimensions of 17.71 inches x 20.86 inches
  1. Myhozee Fat Quarter Fabric

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Poplin Fat Quarter TeachYOuToSew.com

This fabric has high-quality materials infused with adorable designs. It is an ecological fabric thus, making it safe for your skin. You can even use this to enhance the decorativeaspect of your clothes or for making face  masks. 

Features Included

  1. Hanjunzhao Store Fat Quarter Fabric 
Green floral fat quarter Seamsecrets.com

As a beginner, this fabric will help you make simple items with ease. The material has an ironable surface that does not fade. Further, the crisp and soft texture ensures that you can sew it without hassle. 

Features Included

  • Stunning vintage green floral design 
  • A set of eight 100% cotton fabric pieces 
  • Dimensions 17.71 inches x 21.65 inches
  • Breathable and eco-friendly material
  • Safe for children 
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  1. Caroline Edition Fat Quarter Fabric

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Colormaster Fat quarter Seamsecrets.com

The perfect Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners who love pastels! You will receive these quarter-yard cuts is in a beautifully adorned box. Moreover, these materials are best for bringing out the hidden sewing artist in you. 

Features Included

  • 100% cotton poplin fabric 
  • Dimensions of 17.71 inches x 20.86 inches 
  • A set of ten designer fabrics 
  • Unique designs make it appealing 
  • Hand-selected to ensure the best quality 
  1. KingSO Store Fat Quarter Fabric 
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fat quarter mask fabric Seamsecrets.com

This craft fabric is ideal for making face masks and is perfect for your DIY project. The colors and patterns vary in nine different sets. So, you can choose whichever you like and start getting crafty 

Features Included

  • 100% cotton fabric with ideal thickness
  • A set of seven bright and colorful pieces 
  • Does not fade or fluff
  • Best for practicing manual sewing 
  • Dimensions of 19.68 inches x 19.68 inches 
  1. April Rhodes Edition No. 1 Fat Quarter Bundle

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colormaster graphic prints yellow Seamsecrets.com

Infused with beautifully adorned graphic prints, this fabric will be your favorite. You can use this for making enhancements to any décor items. The lively colors will increase your house appeal! 

Features Included

  • 100% cotton poplin material 
  • Unique designs in each bundle  
  • Dimensions of 17.71 inches x 20.86 inches
  • Hand-selected to give you the best items 
  • Unique contemporary design 
  1. Fuchsia Spectrum Fat Quarter Bundle

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fuchsia fat quarter Seamsecrets.com

Designers find the color purple to be a risk. This fabric bundle ensures that the colors are vibrant yet subtle enough to entice everyone. In addition, you can use these colors to make decorative items that will look appealing. 

Features Included

  • 100% cotton fabric 
  • Aesthetic designs 
  • Dimensions of 17.71 inches x 20.86 inches
  • Themed to be basic with hints of contemporary 
  • A solid blend of unique colors 
  1. Haunted Riley Blake Blends Fat Quarter Bundle 

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haunted fat quarter Seamsecrets.com

This Halloween-themed bundle is a perfect start for any beginner. You can use these colors anywhere and throughout the year due to their versatility. Further, the quirky and fun patterns make it appealing to children

Features Included

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • A set of twelve fabric pieces 
  • Subtle colors of gray, black, and brown 
  • Gives off a mystical vibe 
  • Dimensions of 17.71 inches x 20.86 inches

Fat Quarter Fabric for Beginners Buyer’s Guide

Sewing and quilting can be a leisurely activity for some, whereas a passion for many. However, no matter which category you fall in, it is good to collect good-quality Fat Quarter fabrics. 

We have curated a buying guide on Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners. 

The Right Store 

In today’s age, shopping in a physical store may be overwhelming. So, online fabric stores will be your savior. In addition, there will be websites dedicated to selling an array of materials to choose from. 

On the other hand, e-commerce stores like Amazon also sell products from all over the world. So, once you have shortlisted which store to buy your Fat Quarter fabric, you can start shortlisting items. Moreover, it would help if you kept an eye out for availability and shipping charges. 

The Fabric Material 

Every fabric enthusiast will agree that cotton is the best Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners! However, cotton poplin is also a famously used material in fabrics

All you have to do is look for the tag “100% cotton” or “100% cotton poplin” before buying it. There are knock-offs in the market that you need to be careful of. These fabrics are of cheaper quality that can be harmful to your skin. 

Every Fat Quarter Fabric mentioned in this article has either of the tags. Therefore, you can choose one and start your DIY quilting project! 

The Size

One of the essential features to look out for in a Fat Quarter Fabric is the size. Usually, the dimensions vary from material to material. It also depends on the method used for sizing them. 

Hand cutting might make them slightly irregular, whereas machine cutting is more precise. Either way, you need to choose a fabric that has dimensions above or equal to 15.74 inches. 

The Colors and Textures 

No one in the industry can help you through this process. It is a very subjective matter depending on your requirements. Therefore, we leave the color choices to you! All you need to do is understand what colors and patterns you find appealing. 

This way, it will become easier to choose colors for your DIY projects. We have mentioned fine, vibrant, and pastel-colored fabrics in this article. Therefore, choose the one that you feel attracted to!  

FAQs About Fat Quarter Fabric for Beginners

As a beginner, you naturally have a lot of questions about Fat Quarters. So, we have accumulated the most asked questions and answered them. 

What is a fat quarter and how to use them? 

Fat Quarter is a pre-cut piece of fabric with precise dimensions. Moreover, quilt shops can cut it using hand or even machines. In technical terms, a fat quarter is a quarter of a yard in any fabric. 

Manufacturers cut it in a different shape than your usual quarter yard of fabric. Most of these fabrics have dimensions below or equal to 18 inches x 22 inches. 

If you want to visualize a Fat Quarter, you can think of the bolt of fabric. Fat Quarters are usually cut from a yard of bolt. Then, this yard is folded to create Fat Quarters. 

After which, it gets cut in half right on the fold. Four of these Fat Quarters can create a yard of fabric. Additionally, these pieces of material get used in various sewing or quilting activities. 

If you are making crafty and beautiful things that need a wider surface area, a Fat Quarter fabric will be ideal. Therefore, Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners is the best way to start your sewing adventure! 

The different types of designs and patterns make it versatile to use. Moreover, you can size them to the project you are working them and quilt or sew them to form the shape. 

You can make quilts, clothing patches, masks, and other décor items. Either way, you can use them in anything with proper planning and little sewing or quilting skill. 

What is the ideal fat quarter size, and how does it differ from strips? 

Fat Quarters will have a standard size of 18 inches x 22 inches. Moreover, a strip fabric has less breadth, making it less versatile. Even though strips are suitable for quilting, we suggest the use of Fat Quarter. The surface area allows you to work on any of your desired DIY projects. 

How to make your fat quarters from bed sheets and thrift store clothing? 

Most enthusiasts love Fat Quarter bundles and know how to cut them. However, for a beginner, it might not be easy. Take your old bed sheet or thrift store clothing and spread it out on a smooth surface. 

It would help if you folded it in half to precisely make a half yard of fabric. For example, for a bedsheet, you need to cut it in half and do this step. Measure 21.65 inches along the long edge and cut it into two halves. 

This will give you a perfectly sized Fat Quarter to work with. 

What type of material is best for making fat quarters? 

We would suggest that 100% cotton or cotton poplin are both best for making Fat Quarters. Moreover, they are easy to work with and are widely used in making Fat Quarters. 

These materials are breathable and are ideal for your quilting or sewing project. You can choose from the Fat Quarter Fabrics for Beginners that we mentioned earlier in this article.  


You have now familiarized yourself with Fat Quarter Fabric for beginners! It is time for you to fulfill your quilting or sewing dreams. 

Make sure to use them to bring your DIY design ideas to life! 

Each of the Fat Quarter Fabrics mentioned in this article ensures the best outcome. However, if you are not willing to invest in bundles, you can make your own! So, are you ready to start your DIY adventure? 

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