5 Best Fabrics for Quilt Backing

Looking for the 5 best fabrics for quilt backing? Quilting cotton is likely the most popular choice for quilt backing. Choosing a plain, or solid colored cotton can make the job easier, as trying to match up a pattern for piecing together pieces of fabric for a larger quilt can be complicated. Some cottons come in larger widths, to make sewing a quilt backing even easier. Other fabrics like muslin  and flannel can also be good choices. Fabrics like minky or even fleece could be used for sewing smaller quilts for a baby or a child.

5 Best Fabrics for Quilt Backing

Fabric TypeProsCons
Quilting Cotton– Popular choice for quilt backing– Matching patterns for larger quilts can be complicated
– Easy to sew with
– Comes in larger widths for easier backing
Muslin– Versatile fabric for various projects– Comes in narrower width (58″)
– Lightweight and unbleached
Flannel– Soft, durable, and washes well– Comes in narrower width (108″)
– Brushed on both sides
Minky or Fleece– Suitable for smaller quilts for babies or children– Not recommended for larger quilts

Here are our fabric for quilt backing reviews

1. 108″ Wide Cotton Blenders

108 Wide Back Cotton Blenders Lagoon

Quilting cotton is a popular choice for quilt backing. This quilting cotton is comes in 108” widths, which makes backing far easier. With these wide widths, there is much less cutting, sewing, and pattern matching involved. This fabric is also perfect for many other projects including duvet covers and window treatments.

  • This quilting cotton is 100% cotton and is very lightweight
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • Comes in a variety of different, vibrant colors

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2. 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Prairie Vine

108 Wide Quilt Backing Prairie Vine Teal

Quilting cotton is often used for quilt backing, and these extremely wide 108” cuts make doing backing that much easier and quicker. Having a large piece of fabric helps save time with cutting and sewing, and also with potential pattern matching. This fabric comes in unique patterns and colors.

  • This fabric is 100% cotton
  • Cotton is versatile and can be used for many other projects- tablecloths, duvet covers, window treatments, accent pillows, and more
  • Machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low heat

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3. 100% Cotton Muslin Natural

100 Cotton Muslin Natural

Muslin is a popular fabric to use for quilt backing. It is a very versatile fabric and can be used for a host of different projects. Muslin can be used for backing quilts, and it can also be used for creating period costumes, drop cloths, around the house accessories, and more.

  • This fabric comes in 58” widths
  • Fabric is 100% cotton, is very lightweight, is unbleached, and has a crisp hand
  • Machine wash and tumble dry- remove right after drying

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4. 108” Wide Flannel Quilt Backing Hunter Green

108 Wide Flannel Quilt Backing Hunter Green

Quilting cotton and other cottons are a great choice for quilt backing. This flannel fabric comes in 108” wide cuts to help make doing a quilting backing far easier. There is less cutting, and sewing involved in these large widths. This fabric would be perfect for backing a flannel quilt. Flannel is a great fabric because it is soft, durable, and generally washes well.

  • This fabric is 100% cotton, is lightweight, and is brushed on both sides
  • Flannel is versatile and can be used for other projects
  • Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat

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5. Wilmington Essentials Dry Brush

Wilmington Essentials 108 Quilt Backing Dry Brush Red

Like other lines, this fabric come sin 108” widths that make doing quilt backing less time consuming. This quilting cotton is 100% cotton and is very lightweight. Quilting cotton is very versatile and can be used for so many other projects besides quilt backing.

  • This line of fabric comes in twenty different colors
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • The fabric can also be used to make duvet covers, accent pillows, window treatments, and more

Fabric for Quilt Backing Buying Guide

Doing quilting backs can be frustrating, especially if you’re working with a larger quilt like a queen size or king size. Even doing a double or twin quilt backing can be a real process. Some lines of fabric make 108” width cuts which really do cut down on prep time, cutting, sewing, pinning, gluing, tacking, fabric matching, and more. These fabrics are generally made from 100% cotton, are easy to launder, and are usually durable, and soft.


Buying large quantities of fabric might be hard to budget for, but the good news is that quilting cotton can generally be purchased even on a tight budget. Cotton has many great benefits. It’s generally durable, easy to care for, versatile, and easy to sew with. It is readily available and comes in many different colors and prints. Even these larger 108” widths are quite budget friendly and can be purchased in many different colors.

Other Fabrics

While quilting cotton is readily available, comes in many colors, and comes in larger 108” widths just for quilting backing, that doesn’t meant that other fabrics can’t be used for backing as well. Many other fabrics can be used. Regular widths of quilting cotton can be used. Just about any fabric can be used (depending on what type of fabric is used on the top of the quilt). Just keep in mind that cutting and sewing a back might mean having a tougher time pattern matching. Buying solid colors can save a lot of time and frustration.

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