5 Best Pre-Cut Quilt Squares

5 Best Pre-Cut Quilt Squares for Quilting

Looking for the 5 best pre-cut quilt squares or charm packs? Pre-cut quilt squares are one of the cheapest but most significant components of your quilting project. As the name suggests, they are square-shaped pieces of quilting fabric, designed to be used for quilting projects.

They come in different colors, patterns, sizes, prints, and designs. They often turn out to be a crucial part of a project, especially when you’re working on a quilting project that has a decorative touch to it, such as things that you would make for your kids.

Now that you’re familiar with what pre-cut quilt squares are and why you need them, let’s review what seem to be the 5 best pre-cut quilt squares for quilting on the market.


  • Pre-cut quilt squares are a convenient and versatile option for quilting projects, saving time and offering a variety of patterns and designs.
  • The quality of pre-cut quilt squares can vary, so it’s important to choose ones that are durable, easy to work with, and have good color saturation.
  • Consider the specific needs of your quilting project, such as size, material, and intended use, when selecting the best pre-cut quilt squares for your needs.

5 Best Pre-Cut Quilt Squares

ImagePre-Cut Quilt Squares for QuiltingRating
Connecting Threads Collection Precut Quilting Fabric Bundle Product Image 1. Connecting Threads Collection Precut Quilting Fabric Bundle99%
flic-flac 28pcs 12 x 8 inches 1.44mm thick soft felt fabric sheet product image2. Flic-Flac 28pcs 12 x 8 inches (30cmx20cm) Sewing Squares96%
Santee Blue Printed Batik Collection 40 Precut 5-inch Quilting Fabric Charm Squares Product Image 3. Santee Blue Printed Batik Collection Precut Quilting Squares92%
Kaffe Fassett Collective BOLD BRIGHT Precut 5-inch Cotton Fabric Quilting Squares Product image 4. Kaffe Fassett Collective Precut Quilting Squares88%
Flic-Flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches 10cmx10cm Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Squares product image 5. Flic-Flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches (10cmx10cm) Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Squares83%

Want to learn more?

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

1. Connecting Threads Collection Precut Quilting Fabric Bundle

Connecting Threads Collection Precut Quilting Fabric Bundle Product Image

This is one of the better quality pre-cut quilting squares you will find on the market. They are very high quality and hold up really well to regular washing as well as the shrinkage they will be going through once you use them in a project.

You will save a huge amount of time if you were to make something like these yourself; needless to mention, you wouldn’t be able to create anything comparable as far as their versatility is concerned.

A customer mentioned how they can use these pre-cut quilt squares for pretty much everything, ranging from dolls to hats to other types of quilts and much more. They come in great complementary colors, and the patterns are sized just perfectly for small quilting projects.

The colors of these precut quilting squares also blend extremely well with the patterns, allowing you to add a unique, attractive touch to a quilting project. Also, unlike many other fabric squares, there are no issues like some of the squares turning out to be more like scraps than proper ¼ pieces of nice, quality fabric.

Some of the customers also appreciate that these pre-cut quilting squares are shipped in a way that helps the customers use them without having to first iron them. Apart from that, these also feel very soft, despite being of very high quality, so you can expect them to add to the comfort factor of the finished product as well.

What We Like About These Pre Cut Quilt Squares?

To be honest, there’s actually nothing to not like about these fabric squares for quilting. Sure, they might seem to be priced a bit on the higher side, but you would realize they are worth it when you take into account the kind of quality they bring to the table, as well as the fact that they are “fat quarters,” meaning they are thick and more durable than their cheaper counterparts.

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2. Flic-Flac 28pcs 12 x 8 inches (30cmx20cm) Sewing Squares

flic-flac 28pcs 12 x 8 inches 1.44mm thick soft felt fabric sheet product image

First things first, these pre-cut fabric squares are made using wool and rayon, with these materials making up 30% and 70% respectively. This makes them some of the best quilt squares for sale, as it allows them to be very high quality as well as very versatile.

Talking about versatility, they boast 28 different colors, with the package including 28 different pieces that will turn out to be more than enough for most DIY quilting projects.

Furthermore, they are also versatile in the sense that they are super easy to use, thanks to not being made entirely of wool. You would be able to fold and glue them just easily, and they are a breeze to sew and staple on. In fact, if you’re feeling extra creative or your quilting projects demand something extra, you will be pleased to know that you can also paint and draw on these precut fabric squares.

While their versatility means that you can use them for a variety of projects, some of the more common projects that they will turn out to be just perfect for include decorations, school projects, making costumes, or cutting into different types of shapes to use for different quilting projects.

They are also easy to iron and perfectly safe for kids, so if you’re looking to let your kids get creative and explore the art of sewing and quilting, you can let them do so by getting them these cheap quilting fabric squares.

What We Like About These Quilt Patches?

First of all, the great price. They are one of the cheapest fabric squared pieces for quilting you will find on the market, that DON’T compromise on the quality.

Sure, they are not very thick and tight, meaning that they may tear if someone pulls them very hard, but apart from that, they should hold up well to everyday use. In other words, they are a much better option for non-kid crafts and quilt projects; if you’re making something for the kids, you would probably be better off with the product we reviewed above.

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3. Santee Blue Printed Batik Collection Precut Quilting Squares

Santee Blue Printed Batik Collection 40 Precut 5-inch Quilting Fabric Charm Squares Product Image

Let’s talk about the quality first, as that’s one of the best things about these squared quilt pieces given their modest price tag. Their precision cut is easily comparable to that of the products you would see at a quilt shop. In addition to that, these fabric cloth squares are made entirely using cotton.

These two features alone make them very high-quality fabric squares for quilts, as you get the best of the material and the accuracy, the latter in the form of professional quality precision cuts.

There are 5 different patterns, and you get 8 pieces of each pattern, meaning you get 40 pre-cut quilt pieces in total. Now, that’s really a LOT given how cheaply you’re getting them for.

Similarly, they come in a great batik print – and coupled with their stunning blue color – they look very beautiful. This makes these fabric quilting squares ideal for a variety of projects, including sewing, quilting and crafts projects.

Another impressive feature they offer is their superior print quality. Despite being priced so cheap, their colors don’t bleed, which is often common with very cheaply priced pre-cut quilting fabric squares.

What We Like About These Precut Quilt Squares?

Their attractive look and print is definitely something both we and most of the customers that bought this product are pleased with. Apparently, there are few products with squared pieces of pre-cut fabric for quilting that come in a stunning batik print, let alone at this price point.

And the fact that the Santee blue printed batik precut quilting squares turn out to be of a similar quality to some of the much pricier products makes them a great bang for your buck.

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4. Kaffe Fassett Collective Precut Quilting Squares

Kaffe Fassett Collective BOLD BRIGHT Precut 5-inch Cotton Fabric Quilting Squares Product image

If you’re after precut quilt fabric squares for your next quilting project that will have a very unique decorative edge to it, the Kaffe Fassett pre cut quilt fabric squares are probably your best bet.

They all come in great colors, designs, and patterns. As a matter of fact, each of the 40 pieces of these fabric squares comes in a different pattern, meaning that you will have 40 different patterns to work with. It’s not difficult to see how you will be able to give your quilting project a great decorative touch using them.

The customers that bought this product are all praise for its color saturation, which is very hard to come by at such a cheap price. You are really getting a great deal here, given that this product comes with 40 different pre-cut quilt squares baby (as in, they are perfect for making anything for your baby or kids), all with a different pattern, design, and colors.

If you’re looking to buy quilting fabric squares that are specifically designed for making crafts and stuff for babies, but not willing to spend a lot, then these baby quilt fabric squares will be right up your alley.

The quality is pretty good as well, which is a more important factor when it comes to baby quilt squares, as they are often subjected to a lot more wear. Finally, there will be no frays with these precut fabric squares even after a long period of use, so the quality is certainly there.

What We Like About These Precut Fabric Squares?

The huge variety of colors, patterns, and designs these pre-cut fabric squares come in make them super attractive, ideal for quilting projects that are heavy on the decorative part, such as baby products and other decorative things.

The price is surprisingly cheap for what you’re being offered as well.

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5. Flic-Flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches (10cmx10cm) Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Squares

Flic-Flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches 10cmx10cm Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Squares product image

This is another product that’s priced dirt-cheap. If you’re on a shoestring budget, they might certainly appeal to you for what they offer for the price.

First of all, you get as many as 200 pieces of these precut fabric squares. Now, that’s a lot at this price.

Secondly, they are all soft and of a decent quality. The seller claims they are 100% cotton; it might not be very high-quality cotton given the price, but it may hold up well just fine unless you’re too rough with the way you use it.

There are lots of things to like about, with some of the main ones being:

  • They are easy to sew on
  • They come in 50 different patterns (there being 4 pieces of each pattern)
  • They are suitable for a huge variety of projects, including quilts, purses, covers for pillows and cushions, toys, table cloth and much more
  • The design, color, and texture are all great, and these fabric squares look much more attractive than most you can find at this price

The bad? Some customers complain that they are not cut perfectly. So some of the 4×4 pieces might have a slightly different size and not be exactly 4×4 inches; you may be able to find this if you use a quilting ruler.

However, this shouldn’t be much of an issue unless you’re making something that calls for absolute perfect accuracy, which few projects do. And even if you do need them to be sized perfectly, you can cut the larger ones using one of the smaller quilting cutting mats and quilting rotary cutters.

What We Like About These Quilting Squares?

The great price, the wide range of patterns and designs, the range of quilting projects these can be used for, and the variety of quilting fabric assortments they can work with.

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How We Chose the Top Precut Quilting Squares in Our List?

We have reviewed pretty much everything that has to do with sewing on our blog, ranging from a sewing machine to sewing fabrics to different types of sewing essentials and much more.

We have even talked about how to set up a great sewing room with a quality air purifier, a comfortable sewing chair and a functional sewing desk, as well as all the sewing help you might need when starting out with sewing.

So, as you can see, we always try to be a complete resource for sewers and quilters. Now, in order to explain how we chose the best pre-cut quilt squares, we need to explain our approach to making our blog a great resource for beginners and experts alike.

If a beginner sewer stumbled upon our blog, it would be a goldmine of information for them as they will learn about things like sewing a seam, in a way that makes it very easy for them to get started with it right away. And it doesn’t matter whether they are using a Brother sewing machine or a Janome sewing machine; our posts would be just as relevant and useful for them.

Needless to mention, many beginners also wonder how to sew a straight line or sew a slip stitch, especially the ones using an advanced Juki sewing machine as it can take a bit to get used to it. But we have written our posts in a way that allows all types of sewers and quilters to follow them just as easily, irrespective of the brand of their machine or even the type for that matter.

In case you’re wondering, then yes, using a computerized sewing machine may turn out to be fairly different than using a much more basic mechanical sewing machine. Most different types of sewing machines tend to differ quite a bit from one another.

For instance, while a chainstitch sewing machine is not very popular, it can turn out to be a much better option than something like a lockstitch sewing machine when it comes to doing embroidery machine work. On the other hand, for doing general sewing work while maintaining great efficiency, you may be much better off with an electronic sewing machine than something more specific like an overlocker sewing machine.

As for someone that’s already well-versed with the basics of sewing, they would probably appreciate some of the advanced stuff we have shared on our blog in the form of our smocking guide or something that would help them take a project to the next level, using a technique like flexible foam interfacing. After all, even some of the experienced sewers are confused when choosing the right coverstitch sewing machine, which is again where our detailed reviews turn out to be very useful.

The reason we told you all this is to give you a little idea of our sewing expertise. We know exactly what we are talking about when we are talking about anything that has to do with sewing.

And we choose the best quilting squares exactly the same way we choose the other types of products we review, which is to identify the needs of our readers or the potential users of such products, and then find and review the best products based on their needs.

We also consider whether the pre-cut quilting squares can work well with other quilting supplies, or would need a very specific type of quilting rulers and ruler racks or quilting batting to be used properly.

Different Types of Pre-Cut Quilting Squares

Just like quilting stencils and templates, quilting notions, quilting frames, quilting hoops, quilting pins, quilting rotary cutter blades, and more, pre-cut quilting squares come in some different types as well.

However, their different types are usually only in the sense that they differ in the material used to make them, their size, the patterns and the designs they come in, and sometimes also the type of projects they can be used for.

The products we have reviewed in this post are either made using cotton, which is believed to be a very high-quality material or some other material that’s just as good and durable. Similarly, some of the top products on this list come in a great variety of patterns and designs, not to mention colors, which make them pretty versatile.

Likewise, you would be able to use them on so many different quilting projects, ranging from making things for babies or kids to a whole lot of other things like pillow covers, toys, purses, table cloth, and much more.

Why You Need the Best Pre-Cut Fabric Squares for Quilting?

Pre-cut fabric squares can make a lot of difference to any quilting project. They help save a huge amount of time, as making them yourself can be extremely time-consuming.

Similarly, they can greatly improve the outcome of your project. Besides making a project much more functional, they can totally transform its overall look and feel.

It doesn’t cost much or even takes much effort to use pre-cut fabric squares, but they can offer so much value to your quilting project. However, just like most types of sewing and quilting products out there, all quilting squares aren’t made equal. They can turn out to be very different from one another with respect to their price, quality, functionality, patterns, colors, and more.

An ideal choice would be something that offers a decent variety of patterns and color saturation without making you compromise on the quality, or costing a hefty amount.

There may also be some types of quilting projects that would be difficult to even complete without using good quality pre-cut fabric squares. Hence, it makes sense to get the best pre-cut quilting squares for your next quilting project; it doesn’t cost much, after all.




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