Bernina 700E Reviews Pros And Cons 

When it comes to perfection, you should trust none but Bernina 700E. Bernina 700E is one of the embroidery wizards from the brand. The Bernina 700E packs all the essential features to assist your embroidery projects. Bernina 700E
Embroidery is a delicate craft, and at the same time, it isn’t effortless. However, with a quality sewing machine, it becomes pretty effortless. There aren’t many devices in the market that promise quality embroidery projects
Bernina 700E continues to impress buyers with its innovation. But, can the Bernina 700E enhance your embroidery and sewing experience? Is it better than its competitors in the market? Let’s check out its features, pros, and cons to figure out! 
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Users seem to love the extra-large embroidery area. As a result, you don’t need to compromise the size of your embroidery designs. You can create patterns of up to 400 x 12 mm in size. Also, Bernina 700E comes with embroidery hoops as standard accessories.

Pinpoint Placement 

One thing that we adore about the B 700E is its pinpoint placement ability. This feature allows users to position their fabrics accurately and eliminates the guesswork. You don’t have to use templates to achieve a perfectly positioned design. 

Furthermore, the pinpoint placement feature makes your job less time-consuming. 

Jumbo Bobbin 

With the jumbo bobbin, you can now embroider for a much longer time. You don’t have to re-thread frequently. Besides, the bobbin in the Bernina 700E is more accessible. There’s also a multiple spool holder included with the B 700E. 

This jumbo bobbin holds 70% more thread than the regular ones. It means that you will have fewer interruptions while working. 

Intuitive Operation 

The B 700E lets you choose the color of your designs with the color wheel. What’s more, it is pretty easy to toggle between inches and millimeters. The embroidery tool reads multiple formats such as EXP, XXX, SEW, PCS, JEF, DST, and PEC. 

The onboard embroidery consultant will help you choose the correct needle, foot, stabilizer, and thread. 

Variety Of Patterns 

All embroidery lovers, brace yourselves as the exceptional Bernina 700E explores 320 designs. You’ll also be content to know that the B 700E can embroider 18 different font styles. With so many beautiful embroidery patterns, you can create exceptional pieces.

Adaptive Thread Tension 

The adaptive thread tension is another of B’s unique innovations. This feature will automatically check and place back the thread tension. It considers the fabric in position and design. Thanks to this adaptive thread tension, embroidery will be a much less effortless task! 

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Bernina 700E Pros

Bernina is a renowned name in the world of sewing and embroidery crafting. The array of features in the Bernina 700E offer plenty of advantages to the users. The list of pros outshines the insignificant cons of the product. 

Here are all the pros that you can expect from the Bernina 700E: 

  • B 700E has an excellent pinpoint placement function. You can forget to make embroidery errors with this feature. 
  • This tool offers high-quality and close to perfect embroideries. 
  • The giant bobbin in this model runs for a long time. It holds about 70% more thread than the standard bobbin. 
  • Users will also have access to onboard assistance with this unit. Therefore, complicated embroiders will be much easier. 
  • You can enjoy maximum space in the B 700 E. 
  • It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. 
  • B 700E also allows design editing. You can also alter stitch density, resize motifs, and more. 


Bernina 700E Cons

There’s no single embroidery tool in the market that doesn’t come with setbacks. Similarly, the Bernina 700E also has a few snags here and there. If you want to get the maximum out of your embroidery machine, it is better to know its disadvantages. 

This list will offer you the Bernina 700E cons: 

  • You cannot use this embroidery machine for complicated sewing and quilting projects. 
  • Some people might find this technology-driven embroidery tool to be complicated. 
  • Not everyone will find the high price point to be favorable. 


Bernina 700E Experience 

Bernina 700E offers a way better performance than we initially anticipated. For starters, the unit has a pinpoint placement feature. Using this pinpoint placement feature, you can skip all the guesswork. To be specific, you no longer have to adjust your material for precision due to this feature. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Bernina 700E runs on a hook system. Thanks to Bernina’s classic hook system, the machine has a quiet operation. Hence, you can catch up with your sewing tasks at night without making too much sound with the sewing tool. 

Another feature that enhances the overall experience is the oversized embroidery area. When we tested the unit for embroideries of significant size, it performed well. You’ll also find the thread-up command to be a satisfying attribute. 

While sewing the fabrics, the Bernina 700E uses the Adaptive Thread Tension feature. The best part? The adaptive thread tension feature automatically adjusts the thread tension according to material and design. 

Re-loading bobbins in the middle of the sewing process can be taxing to the overall experience. However, with a front-loading bobbin, the 700E solves the problem. With this new placement, there’s no need to remove the hook for re-loading. 

Besides, the bobbins on the 700E are 70% bigger. This feature is a complete game-changer for carrying out bulk tasks. If you ask us, the unit has a build that’ll serve you well for years to come. However, we’re yet to see how the sewing tool runs in the long term. 


How Does The Bernina 700E Stand Against Competitors? 

While you’re surfing, you might come across many similar machines, such as the Bernina 700E. The question is, how does the Bernina 700E stand out? What are the features that are unique to the Bernina 700E? Read on to find out! 

  • One of the unique selling points of the Bernina 700E is that it allows users to edit designs. The users can adjust the size, density, and much more with the Bernina 700E. 
  • Another feature that is not present even in the rest of the lineup is the pinpoint placement. Even for the most advanced and pricey units, this feature is rare. 
  • Bernina 700E also offers relatively more stitches than its rivals. 
  • The onboard consultant is unlike any other feature. This feature puts all the other sewing machines to shame. It is an example of how Bernina has a fantastic approach to innovation. 
  • You might come across many similar models with an affordable price tag. But, the other embroidery machines might not let you adjust the size of motifs like Bernina 700E. 
  • However, the price of the Bernina 700E is not for commoners. If you are a hobbyist, you might find the price to be over-budget. 


Why Should You Buy The Bernina 700E? 

After going through the features, you might still have some doubt lingering about the product. In this section, we’ll lay out why buying the Bernina 700E is a good idea.  

  • Intuitive Features: The first reason you should pick the B 700E is that the features are intuitive. You don’t need to be a technology nerd to understand its functioning. Moreover, the onboard consultant will straighten up a lot of things for you. 
  • Precision and Perfection: Who doesn’t want their embroidery to be perfect and beautiful? The good news is that you can have the most precise and most versatile embroidery designs with the tool. 
  • Versatile Projects: If you like your projects to be out of the box and unique, bring home the B 700E. With the many available designs on Bernina 700E, you’ll never run out of creativity! 


Our Recommendation 

We say that the Bernina 700E is a valuable investment. Anyone who’s looking to create stunning embroidery pieces should consider this model. Also, it comes from a trustworthy and customer-centric brand. 

Altogether, the Bernina 700E is the dream machine for embroidery projects. It may take you time to understand the tool. Nevertheless, once you know how to operate it, your creativity will know no bounds! 

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