Chamois Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Chamois Fabric

People often confuse Chamois fabric with flannel. However, these two fabrics have some major differences that can be used to identify them separately.  Leather is quite expensive. However, with the evolving world, the textile industry worldwide has made some extremely amazing substitutes for them or even some fabrics that resemble the actual ones. One such fabric is Chamois. It is a soft leather material that can be used for various purposes.


  • Chamois fabric is a soft leather material that can be used for various purposes and is often used as a substitute for expensive leather.
  • The traditional method of making chamois fabric involved using the skin of a specific type of goat called Chamois, but nowadays it is made from the flesh split of sheepskin.
  • The properties of chamois fabric include non-abrasion, micro-filtration, and water resistance, making it highly absorbent and suitable for uses such as gloves, jackets, polishing cloths, fuel filtering, automotive drying, and household cleaning.
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Traditionally, Chamois was made using the skin of Chamois; that’s where it got its name from. Chamois was a specific type of goat found in the mountains in Europe. However, in the modern world, this fabric is manufactured using the flesh split of sheepskin. 

History of Chamois Fabric

The origin of Chamois Fabric started in Europe. Before 1709, people in Europe had some specific goat-like animal named Chamois. They used the skin of Chamois to make this fabric. In the beginning days, this fabric was only used for producing gloves in southwest France. This leather material was transformed into fashionable white gloves, which were known for their softness.

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However, the early invention of the new Chamois has its signs in the 1900s. Eventually, the use of Chamois expanded, and the industry started using it for making automobile windshields. However, the windshields were comparatively inconvenient to use while they also required to be washed frequently. 

Properties of Chamois Fabric

The actual and high-quality Chamois Fabric has the following properties in common.

Non-Abrasion Property 

The chamois fabric has a soft texture. Unlike the old times, when the fabric was very hard and using it for automobiles caused abrasion, the new Chamois fabric has almost no abrasion. No matter where you use it, you will always have a higher absorbent and no abrasion.


The Chamois Fabric has a greater elasticity of pores of the skin. It has closer skin pores, which are used for micro-filtration. In fact, it has also been used for filtering gasoline during old times. 

Water Cannot Pass its Surface

The unique texture of Chamois makes it harder for water to pass through it. The fibers used in this fabric are so close that even the water cannot pass through it. 

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Common Uses for Chamois Fabric

The Chamois Fabric has various uses. Some of its uses are discussed below.


During the early days, this fabric was used for manufacturing various chic gloves. Some manufacturers still use it for the same purpose. The gloves made of Chamois are soft, warm, and work great during the winter.

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Jackets, Bags, and Pouches

Another major use of this fabric is found in jackets. Due to its leather-like material, you can also find a large number of amazing jackets made of Chamois. Moreover, the pouches and small bags made of this fabric are also famous throughout the world. 


Polishing Cloths

The Chamois is also used as a polishing cloth for various types of shoes and jewels etc. 

Fuel Filtering and Automotive Drying

This fabric is also used for filtering fuel and as an automotive drying material. The Chamois can be operated safely on lacquer, polyurethane, acrylic, and enamel paints and even on clear surfaces.   

Household Cleaning

You can also find various household cleaning items made of Chamois. 

Caring for Chamois Fabric

For maintaining the quality of your chamois fabric, it is better to hand wash it like other sensitive fabrics such as lace. For washing it, fill the bucket with water and stir a high-quality soap or detergent. Move your fabric gently into the water and rub it with your hands between your fingers. After the fabric is cleaned, rinse it using warm water. However, make sure you do not twist it. 


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