Cashmerlon Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

You have most probably heard that fabrics made of wool or fur are often soft and highly comfortable. But these are not the only fabrics with those qualities; the Cashmerlon also possesses the same features.

The Cashmerlon fabric is often made of Acrylic material/fabric, made from a synthetic polymer. This material is called acrylonitrile. Companies use some special types of coal-based or petroleum chemicals to make the Acrylic, which is further used in making Cashmerlon.

History of Cashmerlon

The Cashmerlon was introduced after the development of Acrylic fibers in the 1940s by the American DuPont Corporation. Before submitting this material, the company was already known for its high-quality nylon and polymer production throughout the world.

However, until the 1950s, this material was not recognized by the industries. But later, it became widely popular, and industries throughout the world started adopting the Cashmerlon fabric for manufacturing various items.

Properties of Cashmerlon

The Cashmerlon Fabric has its list of characteristics that resemble those of Acrylic to a great extent. Some of its properties are discussed below:

Cozy and Comfortable

The Cashmerlon has the qualities of fleece since both of these fabrics are made of polymer. The Cashmerlon is extremely comfortable and cozy to wear. It is made of soft yarns, increasing comfort, and making it one of the best fabrics for garments.


The items made of Cashmerlon fabric will maintain its quality even after being used for longer durations. The durability of this fabric makes it one of the highly desirable ones.

Least Breathable

Since the Cashmerlon is completely made of acrylic material, it is also one of the least breathable fabrics used in the textile industry. The less breathability of these fabrics makes them the best suit for heat-retention applications.

Common Uses for Cashmerlon

With the growing textile industry, the use of this fabric is also increasing. The Cashmerlon is used for various purposes. Some of the applications of Cashmerlon are listed in the paragraphs below:

Athletic Equipment

The least breathability of this fabric makes it highly suitable for athletic equipment. That is why the Cashmerlon is widely used to make various athletic tools and equipment, such as a tracksuit, athletic pants, and athletic hoodies.


People often love jumpers made by the Cashmerlon fabric because it is extremely comfortable and highly durable, while the fabric does not expire even after being washed many times. The jumpers made of Cashmerlon are considered ideal for various purposes, including work-wear.


Companies also use this fabric for making nightwear because of its highly comfortable material. With the night-suits made of Cashmerlon, you can turn your sleep into a beautiful dream.

Caring for Cashmerlon

All fabrics, irrespective of their material, require great care even some highly tough ones like leather. And to maintain its quality and increase the lifetime, one should follow proper care instructions, especially those provided specifically by the manufacturers. The same applies to the Cashmerlon.

You should neither use extremely hot water nor extremely cold water while washing the garments made of Cashmerlon because cold water makes it inflexible and firm, while washing it in super-hot water can damage the fabric. Therefore, you should always use lukewarm or warm water while washing this fabric.

You can wash it both with the hands or a washing machine. However, while washing, don’t put it with the sensitive items as it might leave color and damage other items. Use suitable detergent. Do not leave it under direct sunlight; rather, it is better to use a dryer for drying it.

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