5 Best Leather Fabric and Hides

Leather fabric can be used to make many different types of projects, both large and small.  You can use it to create everything from handbags to headbands to larger garments such as jackets.  This buying guide includes leather in both large pieces and smaller ones and in a variety of finishes.  By using this guide, you will be able to find the perfect leather fabric for whatever project you have in mind.

Best Leather Fabrics

Here are our leather fabric reviews.

1. Jeereal Leather Hide

Jeereal Leather Hide

Jeereal Leather Hides are available in seventeen different colors and sizes from 8×11 inches to 100 square feet, so you will be able to get exactly as much as you need for either small or large scale projects. They are also available in either matte or shiny finishes.  These leather pieces are suitable for use on a range of projects, from purses to jewelry to leather garments.

  • Finished cow leather
  • Soft feel
  • 8-1mm thick
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2. Reed Leather Hides

Reed Leather Hides

Reed Leather hides are made from 100% genuine finished cow leather. It is a tad thinner that what you’re going to be used to working with, but rest assured, it’s durable and legit leather fabric. It’s great for beginners and advanced hobbyists!

  • Made of cowhide
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Matte or shiny finish available
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3. Hide & Drink Leather Square for Crafts

Hide & Drink, Leather Square (12 x 12 in.) for Crafts, Tooling, Hobby Workshop, Medium Weight (1.8mm), Handmade Includes 101 Year Warranty :: Bourbon Brown

This Hide & Drink 12 by 12 inch leather square is thick and durable. Its uniform color is permeated throughout the leather, so it will not fade. It is suitable for projects such as belts and guitar straps where a thick and durable leather is needed.

  • Full grain leather
  • 8 mm thick
  • Uniform color
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4. Caydo 20 Pieces Leather Sheets

Caydo 20 Pieces 4 Style 6.3" x 8.3" Embossed Leather Sheet with Instructions for Making Earrings, Wallet, and DIY Sewing Craft

This Caydo leather sheet set has 20 different sheets in four different finishes and a variety of colors.  Finishes included crocodile, snake, stone and more. These sheets are suitable for making a range of projects, from jewelry to handbags to card holders.  The fabric backing makes them easy to work with, either by hand or when machine sewing them.

  • 3 by 8.3 inches
  • Cotton backing
  • 4 different finishes
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5. Cooraby PU Leather Fabric Sheets

Cooraby 14 Pieces PU Leather Fabric Sheets Multicolor Fabric Cotton Back 11.8 x 7.8 Inch for DIY Hair Bows, Book Cover, Earrings, Wallet and Craft Making, 14 Colors (Dark Colors)

These Cooraby leather fabric sheets come in a pack of 14 different colors.  There are two different color sets available. The leather sheets have fabric backing, which makes them easier to work with, whether you are hand sewing or machine sewing them.  They are suitable for creating a range of projects, such as jewelry, book covers, or handbags.

  • Each piece is 11.8 by 7.8 inches
  • Fabric backing
  • Stain resistant
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Leather Hide Fabric Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors to consider when choosing a leather fabric for a craft project.  Leather can be used to make a wide range of projects, such as jewelry, headbands, garments and handbags. What fabric you choose depends in large part on what project you plan to create with it.

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your next sewing project? Sewing with leather is a great way to do just that! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right needle. When sewing with leather, you’ll want to use a needle that is specifically designed for the material. A leather needle has a sharp point and is slightly longer than a standard needle, which helps it pierce through the thick fabric.

2. Use a walking foot. A walking foot helps to feed the leather evenly through your sewing machine, which is key to getting a professional-looking finish.

3. Go slowly. Leather is a bit more challenging to sew than other fabrics, so it’s important to take your time and go slowly. This will help you avoid making any mistakes.

4. Use a thimble. A thimble will come in handy when sewing with leather, as it will help you push the needle through the fabric.

5. Don’t forget the details. When working with leather, it’s important to pay attention to the small details. This includes things like trimming the seams and adding finishing touches like buttons or snaps.

One factor to consider when choosing a leather fabric is what finish you want.  Several of the leather fabrics in this buying guide have a natural, brown finish.  This is great for creating western style garments and handbags. By contrast, you might want a different color or finish such as snakeskin or crocodile. Some of the leathers in this buying guide come in a range of different colors and finishes, so that you can create any project you have in mind.

Another factor to consider is the thickness of the leather you would like to have.  Thicker leather makes more durable projects, which is great for jackets or handbags; whereas thinner leather works well for smaller projects such as jewelry or headbands. This buying guide contains both thicker and thinner leather fabric options.

The size of the project you want to make should also be considered.  Some of the fabrics in this buying guide are sold in smaller pieces, which make them suitable for small projects such as jewelry or as decorative accents on larger projects.  One of the leather fabrics available in this buying guide is available in a range of different sizes from small to large, and also a range of different colors.

By using this buying guide, you will be able to find the leather fabric you need for any project you have in mind.

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