Brocatelle Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Brocatelle is a Jacquard weave fabric that was initially made using silk wefts. It is puffier and has a raised appearance. But lucky for you, this remarkable fabric is highly affordable, and the right pick you. You can design your formal dresses using this amazing fabric and look gorgeous. So, let us give you more reasons why you should get this fabric:

History of Brocatelle

Brocatelle originated in Italy’s late 17th century but gained a lot of popularity in the 18th century when it made its way through almost all of Europe. Its name was derived from a high-quality Italian wood Brocato. This word loosely translates into an embossed fabric, which is the perfect way to describe the nature and dense woven patterns found on the Brocatelle.

This cloth was usually used as they painted on it and wore it as luxurious dresses. They would use gold threads to enhance this fabric as it could be used on either side. It was a very popular and widely adored fabric by the beginning of the 20th century; it has made its way through every English household.

Properties of Brocatelle

Brocatelle has many eminent and distinct features that make it unique and high in demand. These properties are:

Thick and Heavy

Now Brocatelle is made using silk, cotton, wool, and even synthetic manufactured fibers, which make this fabric heavier and denser in comparison to other


Affluent people of Europe initially used it because of its amazing fall and unmatched look.

Warm and Comfortable

This fabric is highly warm as it retains heat and traps air in its fibers. It is also super soft and comfortable.

Unique Pattern

As this fabric is originally made from silk wefts and other materials’ wefts, there is a unique and beautiful pattern that forms. The silk threads stand out of the matter linen and expose a ravishing embossed surface.

Common Uses for Brocatelle

This fabric has many uses as it has been credited as a highly versatile cloth. Some of its most prominent and common uses are:


Because of its soft, heavy, and comfortable nature, this fabric makes the material used in upholstery. It is commonly used in the making of high padded furniture like sofas, armchairs, and seats. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it the perfect padded textile covering.

Luxurious Dressing

In the earlier years, people would fashion luxurious gowns, overalls, and capes from this fabric. It fashionably delivered comfort and style. Because of its heavier density, it was warm and was used to make shawls, covers, and even sweaters.


Brocatelle is a soft, puffy, and thick fabric. All these properties make it ideal to be used for bedding. People fashion bed covers, quilts, and comforters out of it because of its warmth and super softness.


Brocatelle was a popular choice when it came to the making of curtains and door covers. It has a texture like that of velvet and similar propensity, because of which it was used to make premium curtains.

Interior Decorating

This fabric is used for interior decorating, including items like cushions, mats, and other stuff.

Caring for Brocatelle

As Brocatelle is made from Jacquard weave, it requires a lot of care and attention to detail. You cannot stack it with all your other clothes in the laundry. You have to wash it with tender care. Since this fabric is thick and heavier, the smart thing to do is place a safe bet; dry clean the fabric so you can eliminate any possibility of fabric being ruined.

You can also opt for handwash but make sure you use a detergent free of harmful chemicals and do not bring bleach anywhere near Brocatelle. If you begin to press this fabric, do it from the wrong side to avoid damaging the pattern.

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