Cotton Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cotton

Cotton is the most renowned fabric throughout the world. Walk around your home or open your cupboard; I bet you will surely find some items made of cotton. It has captured almost every aspect of human textile needs. From apparel to home care items, you will find the use of cotton everywhere.

The conventional cotton fabric is manufactured using natural cotton and did not contain any chemicals. Lately, manufacturers have also been using other fibers and mixing them with the original ones. However, you will still find original cotton fabrics.

History of Cotton

Cotton is one of the ancient fabrics like wool. The first traces of cotton were found in Mexico, which is around 7000 years old. However, cotton usage for making fabric started around 3000 BC from Pakistan’s Indus River Valley. This area was famous for the production, spinning, and weaving of the cotton fabric, which was further used for various purposes.

Egyptians were also among the first users of cotton. They used cotton for making their clothes and other items. However, modern cotton production started in 1730 from England when a manufacturer used proper machinery to spin it. Later, other countries also adopted the technique and started using various machinery types to produce the cotton fabric.

Properties of Cotton

Cotton is recognized for various reasons. The exceptional properties of this fabric make it unique and better than other fabrics in various aspects. Some of the major properties of this fabric are discussed below.


Cotton is known for its greater comfort. It provides a very comfortable user experience even if you wear it for an extended time.

Great Water Absorbance

The inclusion of natural cotton in this fabric also increases its ability to absorb water. That’s why it is also often used for making items that require higher water absorption.

Strong and Durable

This fabric also has amazing strength and higher durability, which is also considered one of the major cotton features.

Common Uses for Cotton

Cotton has the following common uses.


The major use of cotton is in the textile industry, especially for making various clothing items. Some cotton items include blue jeans, T-shirts, clothing for warm weather, formal dressing, business wear, and other types of dresses.

Bath Lines

Towels, bathmats, and bathrobes made of high-quality cotton fabric are also famous throughout the world.

Bedding Items

Another common use of this fabric is found in manufacturing bedding items such as blankets, bedsheets, blanket covers, duvets, and much more.

Medical Supplies

Cotton is also used for making medical supplies like bandages etc.

Caring for Cotton

To maintain its durability and quality, do not wash it with hot water as it might shrink the fabric. Do not hang it under the direct sun; otherwise, you will face charges in color. You can also use some quality detergents and even bleach. The use of such items will not damage the fabric.

Cotton Fiber and Its Properties
What is cotton fabric?
History of cotton fabric

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