Bobbinet Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Bobbinet Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you love watching “Saying Yes to the Dress” or are currently browsing for your wedding dress, then we know what you must be going through—shopping for the right wedding dress can be quite stressful; which lace to choose? Which fabric will be better suited to the weather? Which shade of white or ivory suits me better? Is my dress to fancy, or do I need to add beads or sequins?

All of these questions must have hovered over you while you visited bridal gown shops. But in the end, it’s the fabric that ties the whole look of the outfit. If you are looking for a traditional bridal look, then you must be searching for a delicate and beautiful net wedding dress. So, to ease the tension, we will educate you about Bobbinet Fabric, the tulle every bride is looking for!


  • Bobbinet Fabric is a delicate and beautiful net fabric that is commonly used in bridal wear, drapery, haute couture, intimate-wear, base net for wigs, fancy-wear, and other applications such as sun blinds for cars and medical patches.
  • It has properties such as a hexagonal mesh pattern, durability, flowy and elegant drape, and a soft and luxurious feel.
  • When caring for Bobbinet Fabric, it is recommended to handwash or use the gentle machine wash cycle, hang dry, avoid unnecessary pressure, and store it neatly in your closet.

History of Bobbinet Fabric

In 1808, John Heathcoat invented the Bobbinet Machines. By the end of the 18th Century, people were quite fascinated by the look if Bobbin lace and wanted to recreate it as a fabric. But it took years to perfect the technique manually and even longer to create a tulle through mechanical support.

The Bobbinet machines were revolutionary and made the production of Bobbinet Fabric feasible and very practical. Since then, the machine is modified and upgraded to produce Bobbinet from different fabrics like cotton and silk.

Properties of Bobbinet Fabric

Hexagonal Mesh Pattern:

The weft and warp of the fabric are woven in such a way that hexagonal patterns are forms, and the fabric looks like a gauze with larger hoops.


Bobbinet is a sturdy and resilient fabric that doesn’t collapse even under high pressures.

Flowy and Elegant:

This fabric has excellent drape and a beautiful flow that makes it seem graceful and exquisite.

Soft and Luxurious:

This fabric is quite comfortable and has a luxurious appearance.


Expensive curtains and other graceful household items and decorative are made from this fabric.

Haute Couture:

Bobbinet is one of the favorite Fabrics of high-end designers and is tailored in different designs as it catches the eyes of the audience when models showcase it on the runway.


Lingerie and nightwear are made from Bobbinet as it is soft and transparent.

Base Net for Wigs:

If you wear wigs quite often, you will be familiar with this fabric. This fabric is sturdy, transparent, and thin. All of these qualities make it eligible to act as an excellent base net for the wigs. These stick around your head and keep the faux hair in position.


Fancy blouses, shirts, cocktail dresses, and breathtaking gowns are designed from Bobbinet Fabric because of its unique and stunning appearance.


The technical application of this fabric is its use as sun blinds for cars. It is also hung across the beds to enhance the look of the room. It is also used for medical patches and in the making of parachutes and back-drops for theatre.

Caring for Bobbinet Fabric

Tulle is a beautiful fabric that demands a lot of care. We recommend that you handwash this delicate fabric or choose the gentle machine wash cycle. Hang dry and don’t apply unnecessary pressure on it. Keep it neatly in your closet and only wear it occasionally.

Where to buy Bobbinet Fabric

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