5 Best Fabrics for Headliner

Looking for the best fabrics for a headliner? While there are specific OEM fabrics that can be used for headliners which are generally specially made foam backed fabrics, but many regular fabrics can also work for a headliner. Upholstery fabrics can be used, faux leather, faux suede, and even faux-fur can all be used. Just be sure that the fabric being used is compatible with the glue chosen for the project. (An industrial strength spray glue or automotive glue is often used.)
Fabric TypeDescriptionMaterial CompositionCleaning Method
Automotive Headliner FabricSpecifically designed for automotive use, great for various projects. It is foam-backed and affordable. Comes in six different colors.100% Polyester, 3/16” thickSpot clean with a damp white cloth
Royal VelvetMedium weight velvet, upholstery weight. Ideal for a flat or tufted look. Low sheen and will not stretch out. Comes in thirty-five different solid colors.100% PolyesterHand wash or dry clean
Galaxy VinylFaux leather made from vinyl with a felted flannel backing. Good for crafting, upholstery, accessories, etc. Comes in over fifteen different colors. Very budget-friendly.100% PVC with Synthetic BackingWipe down with a damp cloth
Marine Vinyl FabricSold by the roll and very budget-friendly. Suitable for commercial, automotive, or marine projects, as well as some household projects. Water, UV, and stain-resistant.100% PVC face, 100% Polyester backWipe with a damp cloth

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Best Fabric for Headliner

Here are our fabric for headliner reviews.

1. Automotive Headliner Fabric

Foam Backed Automotive Headliner Black

This fabric is specifically designed for automotive use and would be great for many different projects. Replace the headliner of a regular cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, commercial vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, and more. The fabric is easier to use than some other fabrics for a headliner because it is foam backed. This line of headliner fabric is also very affordable.

  • This fabric is specially made for vehicles- it is lightweight, 3/16” thick, and is made from 100% polyester
  • Spot clean with a damp white cloth
  • This line of fabric comes in six different colors to choose from

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2. Royal Velvet

Royal Velvet Lavender Lilac

This line of fabric is a medium weight velvet that is still considered upholstery weight. Velvet and velour fabrics have been popular in the past as a headliner, and are still used for a flat or even a tufted look. This fabric is low sheen and will not stretch out.

  • This line of fabric comes in thirty-five different solid colors to choose from
  • Fabric is medium weight and is 100% polyester
  • Fabric can be hand washed with cold water and mild soap or can be dry cleaned

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3. Galaxy Vinyl

Galaxy Vinyl Grey

Faux leathers made from vinyl can be a creative choice for a headliner fabric. This line of fabric comes with a felted flannel backing, which makes it a great choice for a ton of different projects like crafting, upholstery, accessories, and many others. This line of vinyl fabric comes in over fifteen different colors to choose from, and is very budget friendly.

  • Vinyl is generally quite durable and easy to clean- wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Though this fabric is very heavyweight, it is also soft- it is made from 100% PVC with a synthetic backing
  • Comes in 54” width

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4. Faux Leather Crocodile

Faux Leather Crocodile Black

Faux leather can be an interesting, sleek, or elegant look for a headliner. This fabric is richly textured. This fabric is an upholstery weight fabric, which generally means that it is very durable, but also very versatile. It can be used for many different projects. The fabric also has a felt backing.

  • This line of vinyl fabric comes in five different colors, is heavyweight, and is made from 100% vinyl
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean
  • Comes in 54” width

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5. Marine Vinyl Fabric

Marine Vinyl Roll 5 Yards White

This vinyl fabric is sold by the roll and is very budget friendly. This particular roll comes with five yards of fabric. This fabric can be used for many different upholstery jobs. It is great for commercial, automotive, or marine, as well as some household projects.

  • The fabric is water, UV, and stain resistant
  • Fabric is very heavyweight with a 100% PVC face and a 100% polyester back
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth

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Fabric for Headliner Buying Guide

The amount of fabric needed to make a headliner is going to depend on the size of the vehicle. Most cars, SUV’s, and vans will require anywhere between one to two yards of fabric. If you can do the work yourself (there are many tutorial videos online that can help with removing, covering, redoing, and installing a headliner), you can save on many of the costs. Fabric can also be purchased on a budget, for the most part, so that replacing a headliner yourself can be quite cost effective.

Gluing a Headliner

Many people might question how to actually put a headliner together, or get the material to stick. The best way to learn is probably to watch a few tutorial videos where you can see it done, step by step. The most common way to get a headliner to stick is to glue it in place. There are many different fabric, industrial, and automotive glues that can be used. A glue that is industrial strength and works well as a fabric adhesive is likely going to be the best bet. Most glues come with their own set of instructions as to how to apply and use.

Other Things to Consider

A headliner generally is a installed with the special fabric that has a foam backing, and often has other layers beneath that. This is for sound deadening and also has other properties. There is also usually a layer of foam after that. When replacing a headliner, you will have to take those elements into consideration for both removing an old headliner and reinstalling a new one.

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