Chire Fabric:History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Chire Fabric

Well, who said you could enjoy your wedding dress feelings just once? If you get a luxurious gown designed out of this premium Chire fabric, then you will look like a million-dollar bride every time you wear it! 

Have you ever taken out of your wedding gown and tried it on for days on end just because you feel glorious and beautiful in it? But let’s rewind on it; do you love the gown, or are you just attached to the feeling of it? But doesn’t that fabric compliment your skin as no fabric has ever done? And don’t you look radiant in that subtle shimmer that is deeply embedded in the fabric? 

chire nylon taffeta
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History of Chire Fabric

If you have googled the pictures of the fabric Chire, you must be astonished by how stiff and glossy this fabric is. And if it isn’t in your closet, you would realize how dull and lifeless your closet is. 

Initially, when the fabric Chire was invented, it was created with a wax finish. After World War II, synthetic fabrics become increasingly popular, and fabrics such as nylon and polyester were incorporated to make Chire without wax. This way, it kept its original appearance too. 

Through the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, this fabric was referred to as polished cotton. And it caught a lot of eyes from there, and then this fabric became the highlight in award shows and was best displayed as fancy evening gowns. Since its origination in the 20th century, this fabric has been the favorite of many top-tiered designers. 

Properties of Chire Fabric

Chire is a highly unique fabric that has many distinct properties. This fabric is not like the rest, and it isn’t that easily replaced. Though it was a result of an experimental curiosity, this fabric and its remarkable features are unmatched. 

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This fabric is highly luxurious, and it falls under the category of premium and high-quality fabrics. 

Doesn’t Pill

Chire doesn’t pill, and it keeps its smooth surface maintained. 



This fabric is solid crisp and has a stiff surface. It holds its shape well and doesn’t get creases and prominent wrinkles. It is a result of twisted yarns and plain weave. 


The fabric has a lustrous and shiny appearance, which is highly subtle and soft. It comes from the unique appearance of silk and polyester.


This fabric has a silky-smooth surface with no rough patches.  

Common Uses for Chire Fabric

This fabric is considered to be luxurious and a premium one. As it is delicate and quite expensive, the uses of this fabric are specific and usually exclusive. But most common and typical uses of this fabric are: 


People that throw lavish Halloween or costume parties usually get their clothes, costumes, and uniforms designed from this fabric. Many Broadway shows and theatrical plays make use of this fabric to design costumes. 

Occasional Apparel

Either you or one of your friends would have worn a wedding gown made from this fabric. Because of its crispy nature and its glistening appearance, this fabric is best suited to be used in tailoring wedding gowns. Many celebrities also showcase heavy, fancy gowns made out of this luscious fabric. 

Accessories and Consumer Items

Premium Umbrellas, handbags, scarves, parachutes, and high-quality sleeping bags are made from this fabric. As this fabric has great inner strength and its fibers are closely woven and have a crisp and stiff texture, this fabric is used widely to make these items. 

Caring for Chire Fabric

You have to care well for Chire. Wash it with cold water, use mild detergents, hang it to dry, do not use any heat products around it, and avoid damaging chemicals. Take notes of these, and this fabric will easily outlast you. 





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