5 Best Fabrics for Burp Cloths

Most parents will attest to the fat that babies have to be burped often. Burps can be really messy, especially when it’s not just air coming up. Some babies do tend to spit up when they’re burped. Having a burp cloth at hand to catch the mess will likely mean the difference between saving your outfit and having to change repeatedly throughout the day. No new parent needs more laundry, so burp cloths are a useful accessory to have on hand.
Fabric TypeKey Features
10 Ounce Chenille– Thick, durable, and soft to the touch
– Absorbs water well
– Can be combined with terrycloth for extra absorbency
Terrycloth Fabric– Excellent absorbent properties
– Made from 100% cotton, hypoallergenic
– Soft and versatile
DC Comics Bamboo Rayon– Incredibly soft and absorbent
– Blended with cotton for durability
– Antibacterial and breathable
Cuddle 3 Minky– Very soft to the touch
– Wide variety of colors available
– Can be machine washed and dried on low heat

Best Fabrics for Burp Cloths

Here are our fabrics for burp cloths reviews.

1. 10 Ounce Chenille

10 Ounce Chenille

Cotton chenille is a great choice for burp cloths. It’s thick and durable, but also soft to the touch. One of the best properties of cotton chenille is that it absorbs water. Try combining cotton chenille with terrycloth on the opposite side for even more absorbency.

  • Easily laundered with cold water and can be dried in the dryer regular on low heat setting
  • Chenille lasts for a surprisingly long time- can be used over and over again and still retain its softness
  • This fabric is 100% cotton, which is hypoallergenic

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2. Terrycloth Fabric

Terry Cloth Fabric

Use terrycloth on its own or combine it with another fabric, one side terrycloth, the other a fabric like cotton chenille. Terrycloth on its own has excellent absorbent properties. It soaks up fast and can hold a lot of moisture.

  • This terrycloth is made from 100% cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Can be laundered easily and is durable to hold up to multiple uses and washes
  • Soft and versatile

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3. Oasis Fun Flannels

Oasis Fun Flannels

One of the best parts about sewing for babies is all the many fun and cute fabric patterns and colors you can pick from. The Oasis Fun Flannels line is filled with adorable patterns and colors for the perfect burp cloths. The flannel is 100% cotton.

  • Durable, but soft to the touch
  • Absorbent
  • Flannel often gets softer after every wash which makes it a great choice for burp cloths

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4. DC Comics Bamboo Rayon

DC Comics Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo fabric is a great, eco-friendly option. The fabric is incredibly soft, and the cotton blended in makes it even more absorbent and durable. Bamboo can be easily laundered. The prints in the DC Comics line are incredibly cute and there are many different prints to choose from, but they are intended for non-commercial use only. Combine with terrycloth for extra absorbency or use the fabric on its own.

  • Bamboo is incredibly soft
  • Bamboo fabric is antibacterial
  • Bamboo fabric breathes well

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5. Cuddle 3 Minky

Cuddle 3 Minky

Minky is a great fabric to use for burp cloths if something a little fancier is desired. Minky is a popular fabric to use when sewing baby items and extras can be used on other projects like baby blankets. For burp cloths, it is likely best to combine minky with a soft, absorbent fabric like a cotton flannel.

  • Very soft to the touch
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Can be machine washed and dried in the dryer on low heat

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Burp Cloth Fabric Buying Guide

Burp cloths are a useful, vital accessory for almost any parent. They are great for setting on your shoulder when burping your baby and since most burp cloths are made to be absorbent, they will catch spit up or drool that comes along with burping time. Burp cloths are generally made with very durable fabrics that hold up over time, stay soft, and launder well. Many people keep their burp cloths for years or use them for multiple babies.

Great Gifts

Burp cloths can make great gifts. They are easy to sew, even for beginner sewers, and can be made with some really fun and cute fabrics. Burp cloths are pretty much a must, and most new parents will really appreciate receiving them. They can be made on a budget and most people will appreciate handmade gifts.

Versatile Fabrics

Burp cloths can be made from many different fabrics. Flannels, minky, terrycloth, cotton, and chenille are all popular fabrics and they can, for the most part, be combined with one another to make extra absorbent or extra cute combinations. Try using a solid fabric on the back like minky or terrycloth and adding a fun flannel print on the other side. The combinations you can make are pretty much endless.

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