Blanket Cloth Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you are a fan of Sherlock and his stunning apparel, then you would have fallen in love with his iconic overcoat and would have bought one for yourself to look just as handsome! Or maybe you are a fan of vintage shows that portray the extravagant lifestyle of people in the west in previous centuries and their remarkable fashion sense. Have you seen women in Europe with those over-sized coats that mimicked fur and looked luxurious? Do you know what these items are made up of?

These conic items are still made from a sturdy, heavy-weight fabric known as Blanket Cloth Fabric. It is in the name! Whenever you wear a garment fashioned out of this fabric, you will feel like you are in the embrace of your mother or wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket; you are safe, secure, and comfortable.

History of Blanket Cloth fabric

Though there is no definite origin of Blanket Cloth Fabric in the history of textiles, it is believed that this fabric was first produced soon after the invention of blankets and quilts. A need for a more warm, heavy, and sturdy fabric arose, and hence Blanket Cloth came into existence.

This fabric was initially made from wool as its fibers were ticks and woven tightly. It was later that blends of cotton and polyester were introduced.

Properties of Blanket Cloth fabric


This fabric is quite bulky and heavy to wear. As its fibers are thick and sturdy, the coat or item designed from it may be very heavy. You must try it on before purchasing it or pick the right size, so you don’t drown in the fabric.


Blanket Cloth Fabric is very absorbent and has high water retention potential. You can wear it in heavy pouring rain, and you will be dry like air underneath the coat.


Like all other heavy fabrics, Blanket Cloth is warm and cozy. It is a good thermal insulator and keeps the heat trapped in it, so you don’t feel a chill running across your bones on a cold winter’s night.


This fabric has a gorgeous appearance that makes it look fine and luxurious.

Nap on Fabric:

You may have seen this if you are familiar with velvet. It makes the surface rough as it is a raised fuzzy surface of the fabric.

Uses of Blanket Cloth fabric


Stylish and warm overcoats and jackets are tailored from this fabric.


Comfortable and trendy sweaters and warm scarves are designed from Blanket Cloth fabric.


Warm and chic embroidered shawl and fashioned out of this versatile fabric.

Cushioned Furniture

Sofa covers and cushions are made from this durable fabric.


As the name suggests, this fabric is popular in making blankets and quilts.

Caring for Blanket Cloth fabric

Though this fabric may seem very sturdy and durable to you, you have to take good care of this so that mere centuries from now, someone from your generation can flaunt the same garment with no major change in its appearance.

You can dry clean this fabric and steam press it or get t washed professionally as you may not be able to wash it well at home. It gets very heavy once it’s wet and may require some strenuous work to squeeze out excess water and let it dry. Follow the instructions on the label and keep it away from flame and harsh chemicals.

Maintain this fabric well, and it could outlast your whole wardrobe. You can pass it down, and it could be your legacy!

Where to buy Blanket Cloth Fabric

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