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24th August 2023

Megan from Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum introduces the Janome 550E embroidery-only machinoe in this vide. This machine is a great option for those who need an embroidery-only machine with a variety of options for hoops and accessories.

One unique feature of this machine is the placement of the embroidery arm, which is centralized and less likely to hit the wall or other obstacles.

Key Takeaways

  • The Janome 550E embroidery-only machine is a versatile machine with a variety of options for hoops and accessories.
  • The centralized placement of the embroidery arm makes it less likely to hit obstacles.
  • The machine comes with four hoops and a dust cover, making it a great value for the price point.


Embroidery Arm Placement Janome 550E

The Janome 550E embroidery machine has a unique embroidery arm placement that sets it apart from other brands. The arm is positioned in a way that prevents it from accidentally hitting a wall or other objects when in use.

This placement also makes it easier to maneuver the machine, even when working with larger hoops. The arm is located closer to the center of the machine, which reduces the amount of clearance needed at the back of the machine.

Janome 550e Embroidery only machine

Extension Table Janome 550E

The Janome 550E comes with an extension table that makes it easier to work with larger hoops. The table is designed to fit the machine perfectly and provides a stable surface for embroidery.

The extension table is especially useful when working with the largest hoop that comes with the machine, which is 7 by 14 inches. The table is easy to attach and remove as needed.

Hoops and Accessories

The Janome 550E comes with a variety of hoops and accessories to make embroidery easier and more enjoyable. The machine comes with four hoops, including the largest hoop mentioned earlier, as well as smaller hoops that are perfect for smaller designs.

The machine also comes with a dust cover to protect it when not in use. Additionally, the machine has a variety of accessories, including magnets that can be used to hold fabric in place during embroidery.

The Janome 550E is a versatile machine that comes with everything you need to get started with embroidery.

Embroidery Process Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Design Selection

To begin the embroidery process on the Janome 550E embroidery machine, the first step is to select a design. The machine offers a wide variety of designs, including petite designs, geometric designs, and quilting designs, among others.

Users can access the designs by navigating to the “Designs” section on the machine’s screen.


Once a design has been selected, users can edit it to their liking. The Janome 550E offers a range of editing options, including resizing, rotating, and mirroring the design. Users can also change the colors of the design to better suit their preferences.


After the design has been selected and edited, users can begin the embroidery process. The machine will move the hoop to the center position and begin stitching out the design.

The Janome 550E is a relatively quiet machine and moves quickly, making for a smooth and efficient embroidery process.

Overall, the Janome 550E embroidery machine offers a user-friendly and versatile embroidery process, with a range of design options and editing capabilities. With its quiet operation and efficient stitching, it is a great choice for both beginners and experienced embroiderers alike.

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Additional Features

Magnetic Points

One of the great features of the Janome 550e embroidery machine is the magnetic points that come with the larger frame. These magnetic points can be clipped onto the machine to help hold your fabric in place during quilting or other bulky projects.

This is especially helpful when you’re working with thicker fabrics that may not stay in place with just the hoop alone. The magnetic points are easy to use and can be moved around as needed to get the best results.

Dust Cover

Another nice feature of the Janome 550e is the included dust cover. The cover is designed to fit snugly over the machine when it’s not in use, helping to keep it clean and protected from dust and other debris.

This is especially important if you’re not using the machine on a regular basis or if you’re storing it for an extended period of time. The dust cover is easy to put on and take off, and it’s made from a durable material that will last for years.

Extra Accessories

In addition to the magnetic points and dust cover, the Janome 550e also comes with a variety of other accessories to help you get the most out of your machine. These accessories include additional hoops in various sizes, as well as a range of other tools and supplies.

For example, the machine comes with a range of needles, bobbins, and thread, as well as a range of embroidery designs and fonts to choose from. There are also a variety of other tools and supplies included, such as scissors, tweezers, and a seam ripper, to help you get the best results from your projects.

Overall, the Janome 550e is a great embroidery machine that comes with a range of useful features and accessories. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, this machine is sure to meet your needs and help you create beautiful, high-quality projects.


Overall, the Janome 550E embroidery only machine is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and versatile machine. With the ability to use a variety of different hoops and designs, this machine can handle a wide range of embroidery projects.

Additionally, the extra accessories that come with the machine, such as the extension table and magnetic points, make it even more convenient to use.

If you are in the market for an embroidery only machine, I highly recommend checking out the Janome 550E. It is a great value for the price and is sure to meet all of your embroidery needs.

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