Uncover the Best Fabrics for Your Dream Dresses

Looking for the 5 best fabrics for dresses?
Many different fabrics can be used for sewing dresses. There are all sorts of dresses- casual, summer dresses, longer casual maxi dresses, retro inspired dresses, formal wear, and so much more.
Dresses can be sewn in a plethora of different styles, and can be form fitting, flowy, or a mix of both. The fabric being used for dress making is going to be largely dependent on the type of dress being made.


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Best Fabrics for Dresses

Here are our fabrics for dresses reviews.

1. European Linen A Breathable Classic

European Linen

European Linen is a versatile fabric that serves well when crafting many different styles of dresses. Its breathability makes it an ideal choice for summer dresses, while its timeless appeal lets it transcend seasons effortlessly. This medium-weight 100% linen option offers an array of colors to cater to your taste or project needs.

Linen is a great choice when it comes to apparel. This fabric line is 100% linen and is a medium weight fabric. Linen is great for hotter temperatures as it is breathable and absorbent. Linen can be used for a fun, airy summer dress, modern dresses, or even a timeless look. It is very versatile and feels soft and luxurious when worn.

  • This line comes in an array of different colors, anything from neutrals to bolder colors
  • Perfect for many more projects, both apparel and accessories as well as around the home projects, which helps use up extra fabric
  • Can be machine washed on gentle for easy laundering


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2. Richcheck Gingham

Richcheck Gingham


This lightweight polyester/cotton blend is perfect for creating the iconic checked summer dress. This line of fabric comes in a ton of fun checked colors. The fabric is perfect for creating long lasting apparel, and is great for both everyday wear or creating vintage and retro look dresses.

  • While the fabric is perfect for apparel, it’s also great for making other items around the house like curtains or table cloths
  • Easy to launder- machine wash and hang to dry
  • Polyester and cotton are both breathable fabrics, perfect for hot summer days


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3. Mi Amour Duchess Satin

Mi Amour Duchess Satin

This line of satin is made from 100% polyester. It is lightweight and has a beautiful sheen that is low-luster which is not overpowering when wearing or in photos. Polyester is a beautiful yet durable fabric to make special occasion and formal dresses.

  • While polyester can hold up to wear and tear, it can also be quite classy and is perfect for sewing formal dresses
  • Polyester fabrics are resistant to fading, hold their shape well, and are resistant to wrinkling
  • Can be laundered at home- machine wash cold and dried in the dryer on low heat

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4. Stretch Velvet

Stretch Velvet


Made of polyester with a Lycra spandex blend, this medium weight knit velvet fabric is perfect for making dresses. Whether it’s classy and formal, or just a dress for regular wear, this fabric has enough stretch to make it form fitting. The fabric features a knit base with the facing side in velvet to give it that luxurious appearance and texture.

  • The Stretch Velvet collection offers many different colors and even prints to choose from
  • The fabric is versatile and can be used for other apparel items, dancewear, or even accessories
  • The material should be dry cleaned but could also be hand washed in cold water


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Fabric for Dresses Buying Guide

Sewing your own dress allows for a high degree of customization. In some cases, buying fabric and sewing a dress can be much cheaper than buying a dress off the rack, especially when it comes to higher end formal wear.

The choice of fabric is going to be dependent on what type of dress you would like to sew. Even fabrics that used to create formalwear for prom dresses or even bridesmaids dresses are usually quite affordable.


Many times, fabric choice is determined in large part by lifestyle. If you’re sewing a casual dress, you might want to keep things like climate and lifestyle in mind. If you live in a hotter climate or you’re going to be sewing a summery dress, it is best to stick with fabrics that breathe and are moisture wicking.

Linens, cottons, and polyesters are all going to be great choices for warmer climates, but can also be dressed up with a sweater or leggings in colder months. If you are hard on your clothes or don’t like clothing that is fussy to launder, choose more durable fabrics and be sure to read the washing instructions ahead of time.


The style of the dress you would like to sew is going to play a factor in the determining the fabric you purchase. If you would like a form fitting dress, pick fabrics that have a blend of spandex or some other agent that makes it able to stretch. If you want a dress that has a higher sheen, look for a polyester satin or a velvet.

If you would like a classy, more structured fit that is still suitable for casual wear, linen or cotton are a great choice.

What are some good fabrics for summer dresses?

What are some good fabrics for summer dresses? Linen, cotton, and polyester are great choices for summer dresses as they are breathable and moisture-wicking

Can rib knit fabric be used for dresses? 

Can rib knit fabric be used for dresses? Yes, rib knit fabric is a popular choice for dresses as it is comfortable to wear, comes in different colors, and can be dressed up or down.

What is the Mi Amour Duchess Satin fabric made of?

What is the Mi Amour Duchess Satin fabric made of? The Mi Amour Duchess Satin fabric is made of 100% polyester and has a low-luster sheen.

What is the Richcheck Gingham fabric suitable for besides dresses? 

What is the Richcheck Gingham fabric suitable for besides dresses?  The Richcheck Gingham fabric is suitable for making other items around the house like curtains or tablecloths.

How should the Stretch Velvet fabric be cleaned? 

How should the Stretch Velvet fabric be cleaned?  The Stretch Velvet fabric should be dry cleaned, but it can also be hand washed in cold water.

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