Cisele Velvet Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cisele velvet fabric

We have two words for you:  Cisele velvet. Now we have plenty of reasons to convince you why this is the one fabric you must stuff in your closet, but it will take us a lot of time to sum it down. So, we have written a review of this fabric to make it easier for you to persuade yourself to buy this gorgeous fabric. 

If I ask you what the best thing about winter is, you will probably say that it’s the clothes and sweaters you can style in a chic way. But what about the formal events? Can you cover up your body and embellished dresses under a heavy, oversized jacket or fluffy muffler? So, how can you show off your impeccable sense of style to the world when you also want to stay warm? 

Introduction to Cisele VelvetA review of Cisele velvet fabric and its appeal
History of Cisele Velvet FabricCisele velvet has been worn by rulers and symbolized luxury
Properties of Cisele Velvet– Gorgeous pattern
– Absorbent
– Soft and comfortable
– Warm
Common Uses for Cisele Velvet– Apparel
Fabric– Curtains and upholstery
– Decoratives
Caring for Cisele VelvetTips for washing and maintaining Cisele velvet
SourcesWikiwand, Masterclass
cisele cut velvet
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History of Cisele Velvet Fabric

Velvet dates as back as when dynasties and emperors were existing. These rulers would wear regal velvet accessories and would showcase them. Though the exact point in time of origination is still unclear, it is safe to determine that the Cisele velvet is part of the ancient textile industry. 

It was worn as a style statement and was even a measure of money and power. This velvet was the prime choice of queens and women in power who wanted to display their extravagance and wanted to prove that they live a luxurious life. 

Properties of Cisele velvet fabric

The Cisele velvet properties are so distinct that no other velvet version can do justice to garments as this one can. This fabric has been in customers’ and designers’ eyes for so long that now this velvet essentially rules the textile industry. 

Gorgeous Pattern

The Cisele velvet has a distinct look and pattern because where the pile collects at the cut and uncut loops to create a unique and beautiful pattern. This pattern is not modified usually and is used just as it is to make formal clothes. 


This velvet is highly absorbent, and it can easily absorb excess moisture without getting soaked up. This way, you wouldn’t feel drenched in a drizzle. 

Soft and Comfortable 

The Cisele velvet is super soft and comfortable. No matter for how long you wear it, you wouldn’t feel suffocated or get tired of wearing it. 


This velvet is considerably warm, and you can easily carry it in winter. It is your go-to fabric, and you can design your casual and day-to-day clothes from this fabric.

Common Uses for Cisele velvet fabric

This velvet has many exclusive uses, and no other fabric can substitute it because its properties are highly unique and distinct. 



Many formal and fancy gowns and clothes are designed from this fabric because of their gorgeous appearance. 

Curtains and Upholstery

Premium curtains and padded textile furniture and covers are tailored from Cisele velvet because of its warm and soft nature. 


This velvet is used in the making of accessories and decorations. 

Caring for Cisele velvet

You have to learn how to care for velvet if you are a proud owner of Cisele Velvet. The appearance may be luxurious and luscious, but it comes with a price tag that can only be paid in effort and precaution. 

Try to wash this fabric with cold water and with your hands. If you apply excessive pressure while washing, the pattern may be distorted, or the fabric’s fibers will break. Always air dry it, so it doesn’t break or rip in the dryer. Use steam to clear out the wrinkles as the iron will burn the fibers. Make sure you clean this garment properly after use, as it can get easily dirty. 




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