5 Best Fabrics for Underwear

Underwear can be made from many different fabrics and materials. There are many different styles of underwear for both men and women. Different fabrics are going to be better for different functions and purposes. There are fabrics that are going to work best for underwear for sports, long underwear, or loose or tight fitting underwear.

Best Fabric for Underwear

Here are our fabrics for underwear reviews.

1. Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton

Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Solid Black 1

Cotton broadcloth is often smooth and soft and is a popular choice for underwear, especially underwear like boxers. Broadcloth is generally lightweight and good quality, so it is durable, but is also soft enough for underwear. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic and breathes well.

  • This line has the Confidence in Textiles Certification, so the fabric is free of harmful chemicals, is skin friendly and PH tested
  • Lightweight, 100% cotton fabric
  • Comes in a massive variety of colors and patterns
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2. Fabric Merchants Jersey Knit Solids

Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Solid Black 1

This line of fabrics is lightweight and is 100% cotton. Cotton has a ton of benefits when it comes to making underwear. It breathes well, is durable, and is hypoallergenic. This cotton jersey knit is smooth and soft and should hold up well. This fabric would be a good choice for making men’s underwear or women’s boy short style underwear.

  • Easy to launder- machine wash and dry in the dryer on low heat
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Features 15% mechanical stretch
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3. Robert Kaufman Radiance Cotton Silk Satin

Kaufman Radiance Cotton Silk Satin PFD White

This very lightweight fabric is a blend of cotton and silk. It is low luster, but has the softness and luxury of silk with the added benefits that cotton has. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes well and is hypoallergenic.

  • Can be used for a variety of other projects
  • The blend of cotton and satin is luxurious
  • Hand wash, hang dry
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4. Activewear Spandex Knit Solid Pink

Activewear Spandex Knit Solid Pink

This lightweight polyester/spandex blend is a great choice when it comes to making speciality underwear for sports or working out. Polyester is moisture wicking. Arguably, polyester is not as great of a choice as cotton for everyday/all day regular wear.

  • Medium weight for durability
  • Features 25% stretch for movement and mobility
  • Can be used for many other athletic wear projects, as well as costumes and dance wear
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5. Newcastle Fabrics Yarn Dyed Flannel

Yarn Dyed Flannel Plaid Black Watch

Not only is this fabric budget friendly, it’s also 100% cotton and is lightweight. It’s the perfect fabric for all sorts of apparel projects, including looser fitting men’s boxers and other loungewear apparel. Cotton is soft, but is also durable. It also breathes well.

  • This fabric is soft and brushed on both sides
  • Easy to launder- machine wash and dry in the dryer on low heat
  • Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic
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Fabric for Underwear Buying Guide

When it comes to underwear, cotton is always a popular choice. It’s a durable fabric, but it also has many beneficial properties. It’s generally easy to care for and launder, which is always a bonus. Other fabrics, including polyester blends, flannels, jersey knits, silk, or even satin or some silks can all be used. Your fabric choice will depend largely on the style and purpose of the underwear you would like to make.

Cotton Fabric

Many fabrics, especially cottons, can be purchased for budget prices. Cotton is usually soft, but it’s also durable and will hold up to wear. You can also purchase cotton fabric or cotton blends in a wide array of patterns, colors, and with different amounts of stretch. Many other fabrics, like jersey knit and flannel, are also made of cotton. Cotton can be used for a ton of other projects, making it extremely versatile.


Making your own underwear can help save you money. Some underwear can be purchased quite cheaply, but certain brands are much more expensive. Buying the fabric to make your own also ensures a higher degree of customization. You can make your underwear to fit you perfectly, which means more comfort. Not only can you choose your design, any embellishments, and your fabric, you can also customize the color and prints of your fabric.

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