Cotton Backed Satin Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cotton Backed Satin

Cotton Backed Satin is another exceptional form of cotton variants. It is one of the luxurious fabrics in the textile industry. Various fibers can manufacture this fabric, including cotton, silk, rayon, and polyester.

The unique structure and beautiful texture of this fabric make it suitable for plenty of uses. Moreover, it often has a glossy and smooth look from the front, while the backside has a matte texture, which makes it comparatively unique and better looking than most of the other fabrics.

History of Cotton Backed Satin

The history of Cotton Backed Satin originated from China. During the middle ages, the Chinese used the term satin for the first time, which referred to the luxurious type of silk they called samite. Afterward, the textile artists there started using this fabric for various purposes.

During those times, this fabric was one of the most expensive fabrics, and only the upper-class people could afford to wear it. It got its fame in Europe around the 12th century, and afterward, it became popular throughout the world. Now, this fabric forms a major component of the textile industry around the world.

Properties of Cotton Backed Satin

Some properties of Cotton Baked Satin are stated in the following paragraphs.


Unlike wool and other fabrics, which have comparatively more weight, the Cotton Backed Satin has very lightweight. It feels almost nothing while wearing. This property makes it perfect for summer clothing when people desire lighter weight.

Soft and Flowy

This fabric is known for its soft and flowy texture, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The softer the fabric, the better the feel while wearing it.

Smooth Surface

This fabric has a smooth surface. This characteristic helps the fabric to provide a great base for intricate prints. No matter how detailed and small prints you want, you will always have a great finishing with the Cotton Backed Satin.

Resistance Against Shrinkage

Cotton has a great drawback. It shrinks easily. However, the Cotton Backed Satin has been made to provide great resistance against shrinkage. Even after exposing it to water and washing it, you will only experience minor shrinkage.

Common Uses for Cotton Backed Satin

The Cotton Backed Satin has a variety of uses. Some of its common uses are discussed in the paragraphs below.


The major use of cotton-backed Satin is in the apparel section of the textile industry, like linen. You will find a wide range of clothing items such as dresses, shirts, skirts, wedding gowns, and much more made of this fabric for male and female users. The higher usage of this fabric for apparel production is due to its greater comfort and softness.


The usage of this fabric in making bedding items is also recognizable. From bedsheets to cushion covers, you will find some major bedding items made of this fabric.

Athletic Uniform

One common use of Cotton Backed Satin is also found in the making of athletic uniforms. Some manufacturers produce the whole lining for athletic uniforms using this fabric.

Caring for Cotton Backed Satin

This fabric does not have lengthy care instructions like the jacquard and other such fabrics. It is simple to care for. While washing it in a machine, it is better not to use hot water. The use of detergent is encouraged. However, do not directly hang it under the sun as it might have an adverse impact on its quality. While ironing it, put the heat lower. Follow the simple instructions, and you will have higher durability and quality.

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