How to Easily Learn Hand Quilting

How to Easily Learn Hand QuiltingThere’s nothing better than cozying up underneath a comfortable quilt; except for cozying up underneath a quilt that you made yourself!

People have been quilting by hand for centuries, and it truly is an art form. If you’ve never quilted before, though, the task might seem a little bit daunting. Fear not! It’s actually a lot easier than it appears. In this sewing help guide, we’ll teach you some of the basics of hand quilting so that you can make your own masterful creations.


Just like any other hand-sewn project, hand quilting requires a few basic sewing essentials, including:

There are so many other quilting supplies you can use, too; however, the above are the basics and all that you’ll really need to get started.

Step 1

Cut your thread. We suggest cutting a length that’s approximately 18 inches; any longer and it will likely get tangles, and if it’s shorter, you’ll end up having to re-thread too often. Tie a knot at the end of the thread.

Step 2

Place the needle through the back of the material and pull it up so that it’s in the exact location that you want your stitching to begin and pull it all the way through the fabric.

Step 3

Begin stitching. For the best results, try to make the stitches as small and even as possible. For beginners, six stitches per inch is ideal.

Step 4

Continue stitching, holding one hand on top of the quilt and one above it. You’ll use your bottom hand for stability and to ensure that the needle is pushed completely through the material; use your top hand to push the needle into and out of the fabric.

Avoid pulling each stitch completely through the fabric, as you’ll want to a few stitches on the needle. Once you have about three stitches loaded onto the needle, then you can pull it through the fabric. Repeat the same process until you have completed hand quilting on the area that you area that you are working on.

Summing It Up

These are basic introductory tips. You can use the assistance of quilting books to learn more tips and tricks. Remember, the more you practice, the better you’ll hone your craft and be able to create lovely hand sewn quilts from your sewing room. Eventually, you can use your sewing machine to produce beautiful, hand sewn quilts, too!

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