Active Comfort Denim Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Active Comfort Denim Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy The introduction of Denim Fabric was a breakthrough in the textile industry. Even for you, Denim Jeans would be the new normal. No matter what you pair them with, they will always look stylish and trendy. Active Comfort Denim Fabric is the more evolved version of the conventional denim fabric.

History of Active Comfort Denim Fabric

Denim was manufactured in France before the 17th Century, and it garnered a lot of recognition for its soft texture and indigo-blue color. Its French and original name is Serge de Nimes. It was developed as a sturdy cotton fabric that could withstand strenuous exercise and could be woven into many items.

How popular is Denim Fabric?

The most expensive pair of Denim jeans sold was worth $250,000! It is claimed by many designers that fashion is incomplete without the Denim Fabric. So, if you don’t have a Denim Fabric item yet, go and get your hands on some chic denim items.

Properties of Active Comfort Denim Fabric

Denim is an exclusive fabric with remarkable properties such as:

Sturdy Fabric:

Denim is a durable and robust fabric. The best part is that you can wear for a hard work day and it won’t snag or tear. You can easily breathe in it, and over time it stretches enough to make you comfortable. It is ideal for long term use.

Manufactured in hues of indigo and blue:

This distinct feature of Denim Fabric makes it distinguished and appealing. You would love how the dye is absorbed deep into the threads, and the color does not fade quickly over time. However, you can further slow the fading process by washing the garment turned inside out.

Twill Weave:

Originally, Denim Fabric is made from cotton through a weave named “twill”. These original threads are woven together diagonally to create the unique Denim Fabric.

Uses for Active Comfort Denim Fabric

Denim is undoubtedly the most widely worn and versatile fabric. It has multiple uses, and it adds a certain grace to the items. Let’s view how diverse uses of Denim Fabric are:


You all must have denim apparel in your wardrobe that you would love. No matter how old the trend of denim fabric is, it always gets more popular with age. Designers have fashioned this fabric into shirts, jeans, jeggings, skirts, dungaree suits, and even sneakers and boots.


Who would not love a touch of denim in their outfit to complete it? Denim Fabric is also used to create fancy bags, belts, wallets, purses, and hats. These accessories are trendy, and they make the outfit trendy.

Furniture and Homeware:

The color and appearance of Denim Fabric are so pleasant and attractive that people have incorporated it into furniture too. You can easily find captivating lampshades, upholstery, and bean bag chairs made from Denim Fabric.

Caring for Active Comfort Denim Fabric

Denim apparel may be your most treasured item in your closet. So, you have to make sure that you take care of it and maintain it well. Though it is a cotton fabric and you might have an experience with handling such material, denim is slightly different.

This iconic fabric demands attention and precision while washing.  Make sure you select the delicate wash feature in the washing machine, use a specialized detergent and cold water to keep the Denim Fabric’s material unchanged.

Heat is the enemy of Denim Fabric. Make sure you hang dry it and keep it away from all sorts of chemicals. So, take care of your Denim and keep on rocking your outfits!

Where to buy Active Comfort Denim Fabric

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