Batt Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Batt Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy The cushion that you are sitting on, or the favorite pillow in your room that is extra soft and sucks all the exhaustion and tiredness out of you when you rest your head on it after a hard day’s work; what are they made off? Why are they so soft, and even after years, they didn’t lose their fluff? This thought would have crossed your mind after it was the only comfort that you could attain after strenuous work.

So, today we will solve this mystery for you! Most of the cushions, pillows, and furniture in your house are padded and stuffed with Batt Fabric.

History of Batt Fabric

The origination of this fabric is still not known, but it is believed that after the introduction of padded furniture, this fabric came into existence. It was initially used in wool spinning as it was made from sheets of carded cotton, wool, and mixtures of other fabrics.

Properties of Batt Fabric


The appearance of this fabric is far from being lustrous or shiny. It can easily be dyed, but the colors are not glossy or reflective of light.

Soft but Sturdy:

This fabric may be soft, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t resilient or durable. It has good elasticity and high tensile strength.

Variability in Thickness:

You can choose the thickness of this fabric according to your desire. As this fabric is made from sheets and rolls of different fabrics, you can choose the thickness of Batt Fabric.


This fabric is highly absorbent and doesn’t get drenched easily.

Uses of Batt Fabric


This fabric usually stuffs the thick, fluffy cushions, pillows, quilts, and sofas that you love. The scraps and pieces of this fabric are used for stuffing different homeware items.


This fabric is used for multi-purposes. For example, it can be ideal for the manufacturing of cushioned furniture, garments, and itchy fabrics’ apparel.  It gives a comfortable and soft feel.


The distinct qualities of Batt Fabric make it ideal for tailoring quilts and durable blankets that are warm and stylish. You can add ad many layers of this fabric as you like to make it look more decorative and thicker. This will be your favorite bedding item on the winter’s nights.


This fabric is fused with other pieces of cloth to provide a matte appearance to the final product and make the resulting fabric sturdy. This may cause the fabric to fray slightly, but it will have a solid finishing.

Shoulder Pads:

As a woman, in a business dominated industry, you want to look bold, confident, and professional, and for that matter, many of you must have installed shoulder pads in your business suits and coats. Those pads are mostly made from this fabric.


To protect players in tough and heated sports that may turn physical or tend to cause a bad injury, the players wear pads that are comfortable and can provide the necessary protection. Those pads are also manufactured from this fabric.

Caring for Batt Fabric

The caring of this fabric isn’t a difficult task, and you may not have to worry too much about it. Read the instructions on the label that comes along this fabric as the washability differs. Dry clean is preferred, and you should hang dry. Keep it away from harsh chemicals and flame. Because we know you would love to keep this fabric in your house for years to come!

Where to buy Batt Fabric

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