100 Suits for 100 Men and Women

Mr. Kevin Livingston created the 100suits in 2011 with the goal of creating a program to meet the requirements of impoverished men and women in need of professional clothing in the New York City area.

They were granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2015.

Introduction to 100suitsFounded by Kevin Livingston in 2011, 100suits provides business clothing, haircuts, and salon referrals to impoverished men and women seeking employment in the New York City area. They received their non-profit status in 2015.
Expansion of 100suitsBeyond providing clothing, 100suits has expanded its programs to address socio-economic and justice issues, aiming to reduce recidivism rates. They cooperate with various community partners and rely heavily on their volunteer staff.
Why Donate to 100suitsAdditional funding would allow 100suits to hire more staff, improve assets and programs, and serve more people. They cater to individuals of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.
Response to the PandemicDuring the pandemic, 100suits has distributed food to elders and others in need, created jobs for young people through their Cutlery program, and provided personal protective equipment (PPE).
Developing the Next Generation of ExecutivesDespite the pandemic, 100suits has stayed true to its mission of providing resources for job creation. This includes hiring former convicts as Social Distance Community Ambassadors to distribute PPE and promote testing.
TeachYoutoSew.com’s SaluteTeachYoutoSew.com commends 100suits.org for its work and encourages donations to support their efforts.

Community Support

Their main function is to supply free business clothing to men and women who are looking for work.

These men and women will be better able to find lucrative employment if they can dress appropriately for their interviews, which will help them transition into mainstream society and live more productive lives. They also provide complimentary haircuts for men and wig/salon referrals for ladies through this initiative.

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TeachYoutoSew can show you how to tailor a suit or sew a button on pants. We can even guide you through adding a zipper to pants or dresses. Getting the right fit is important in making a suit look custom-made for you.

100suits expands program

This 100suits group has expanded beyond a suit to include programs that address a variety of issues.

For instance, with its community involvement and action, 100 Suits addresses socio-economic issues as well as injustice issues, making good improvements in the lives of men and women in the New York City area. As a result, these methods assist those individuals imprisoned in achieving financial independence, hence lowering recidivism rates.

Community partners

“Know Your Rights Camp” and countless pastors and churches, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, prominent persons and legislators, and local media contacts are among their other community partners.

In addition to funding from other sources, the 100 Suits volunteer staff is one of their most dedicated and valuable assets.

Why Donate to 100suits

On the other hand, more money may bring more high-quality individuals to 100 Suits on a permanent basis, as well as better fixed assets and programs, allowing them to provide more services to their target market.

At the moment, 100 Suits caters to people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.

As a result, the company has turned its focus to food distribution to help elders and others in need during the pandemic.

“No one could have predicted when I began senior delivery in the first week of March…that it would evolve into a Cutlery program,” Livingston says. “And we’d hire a few young folks from our neighborhood to run it.” “Truly incredible!”

During a pandemic, 100 suits are available to help families.

Millions of Americans faced unanticipated obstacles as the pandemic struck in March 2020. Livingston made the decision to stand up to the plate, form a team, and make a difference where it was most needed.

Livingston established a senior delivery program on March 6th to assist people who are most vulnerable to the pandemic’s effects. 100 Suits has delivered over 22,000 groceries and meals to elders in Queens, New York, since March.

The organization’s 100 Soups Program supplied weekly home-cooked soups to homeless shelter families. The #Feed500 project was also created by the group to deliver fresh produce boxes.

To support these endeavors, Livingston established a cooking program for adolescents. During the summer, the kids got together and cooked meals for the seniors. This program produced 12 new positions for kids who had lost their traditional careers due to layoffs.

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) was also provided by 100 Suits (PPE). The team provided 30,000 personal protective equipment (PPE), which included masks and hand sanitizer.

Developing the Next Generation of Executives

Since the outbreak, 100 Suits have been on the run. The group has been able to assist Queens’ most vulnerable residents, ranging from poor youngsters to senior citizens.

In an email to Black Enterprise, Livingston writes, “As I look back, we have accomplished a lot, and one of the proudest moments I have is that our senior program is supervised by an 18-year-old.”

“I admire my colleagues because they, like myself, risk our lives to save others.”
Even in the midst of the pandemic, 100 Suits has maintained loyal to its fundamental objective of delivering resources that lead to job creation.

This outreach took the form of suits, free haircuts, and salon referrals prior to the epidemic. Colin Kaepernick has been a strong advocate, contributing custom suits to help more men and women prepare for job interviews.

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The company has now become a component of the job creation process.

Formerly convicted men and women were hired as Social Distance Community Ambassadors by 100 Suits. The crew distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) masks and hand sanitizers, as well as encouraged locals to participate in testing to assure their safety.

“Children, young guys, and men of color need to see “regular” individuals portraying people like them in a good manner.

It also gives children a framework to grasp how dreams combined with hard work may lead to success and empowerment. It expresses possibility, shows optimism, and has the potential to inspire others to pursue their dreams despite a lack of initial support.”

Teachyoutosew.com salutes 100suits.org for their tremendous work in helping men and women regain their dignity and self-confidence.

We encourage you to donate to this outstanding organization.

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