Argyle Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Argyle Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

You may recognize this print from a lot of items you would have seen. Maybe your office-wear socks are made from this, or your favorite chic shawl is made from this print, or maybe your friend’s sofa cover is made from Argyle Fabric.

But why is this print so popular? The geometrically coherent diamonds and lozenges on this print make its appearance unique and very trendy. Didn’t you just fall in love at first sight when you this print? The vibrant colors and mellow textures, the shapes, and a three-dimensional depicting pattern, really bring out the best in this fabric.


  • Argyle fabric is a popular and iconic print characterized by geometrically coherent diamonds and lozenges.
  • The fabric originated in 17th century Argyle, Scotland, and gained popularity after World War I.
  • Argyle fabric is known for its unique knitting technique, sturdiness, breathability, and is used in various applications such as clothing, socks, bedsheets, and sofa covers.

History of Argyle Fabric

Argyle is a timeless classic that has become very iconic now. It is believed that this fabric originated in the 17th century in Argyle Scotland. And because of its unique appearance, it is believable that the elite clansmen and members of the Campbell family used this fabric widely.

Its print looked similar to that of tartan, which is referred to as plaid by Americans. Scotsman used it to make blankets, socks, and kilts.

In the 1920s, a luxury knitwear importer and manufacturer created the first Argyle sweater. The fabric gained immense popularity after World War I. It is believed that the Brooks Brothers returned from Scotland and introduced this print and fabric to America.

Properties of Argyle Fabric

This fabric has a lot of distinct characteristics that make it so accessible and widely used. Let’s review why Argyle is so well known in the textile industry:

Unique knitting technique:

This fabric uses a unique knitting technique to form an argyle print. The method is widely admired and loved; therefore, the patterns formed are labeled as iconic and masterpieces.


This fabric is resilient, and its fibers have a high tensile strength that does not break or collapse under high pressures. It is popular in sports costumes because of their toughness.


This fabric is lightweight and easy to carry. You can wear it all day long without feeling trapped or suffocated.

Uses of Argyle Fabric

The uses and application of Argyle are not limited to a few. This fabric has many applications and is used vastly in many disciplines. It uses are as follows:


This fabric is used to make dresses, sweaters, and other knitting apparel. It has high demand in T-shirts industries and casual-wear market. This fabric is used to make sports-wear like costumes for basketball and other sports. Many earlier kits were designed from this fabric.


Argyle was initially used to make durable and attractive socks that were worn mostly with formal suits. Even now, Argyle is used majorly to manufacture socks because of its print and texture.

Bedsheets and Sofa Covers:

This fabric has been used to make stylish and elegant bed-cover and sofa covers. The sofa cushions are designed from the fabric to brighten up the rooms and to add some color in them.

Caring for Argyle Fabric

This fabric can last for many years and decades, but it requires your constant care and attention. Wouldn’t you want to invest in this Fabric and love people covet over it for years? That’s right! Then make sure you take precise measures to make sure you don’t ruin this fabric.

When it comes to Argyle Fabric, heat and excessive washing are not your friends. You have to wash it with mild detergents and similar colors gently. Make sure you select the gentle wash option and keep the fabric far away from bleach and dry clean.

Now, you are prepared to flaunt your Argyle Fabric to the world!

Where to buy Argyle Fabric

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