Bemberg Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Bemberg Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy
Bemberg is a known name in the fashion community, and you must have heard of it. But do you know what’s so amazing about this brand? It actually represents an artificially produced fabric, Cupro, which is made from cotton; it is the regenerated cellulose fiber.


  • Bemberg fabric is an artificially produced fabric called Cupro, made from regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton.
  • Bemberg fabric has several desirable properties, including moisture absorption, easy dyeing, excellent drape, comfort and softness, durability, and breathability.
  • Bemberg fabric is commonly used for lining in clothing, as well as in apparel such as dresses, intimate-wear, active and casual-wear, and home textiles.

History of Bemberg Fabric

Bemberg came into existence in the late 19th Century. A German rayon producer and exporter, J.P.Bemberg, manufactured an artificial fabric that was quite versatile and fine, and he names it as Bemberg.

Around 1928, Asahi Kasei began researching about the Bemberg Fibers and introduced a fiber production technology based on the initial work of J.P.Bemberg. It wasn’t until 1931 that their study successfully resulted in the production of artificial fiber. That same year, Asahi Kasei built a plant in Nobeoka City and began with the operations of manufacturing od Bemberg at a commercial scale.

Till today’s date, Asahi Kasei remains the sole manufacturer of Bemberg in the entire world. All designers adore this fabric for the execution of their innovative designs.

Properties of Bemberg Fabric

Absorbs Moisture:

If you are tired of getting drenched in the rain, then Bemberg Fabric’s apparel is ideal for you. It can retain high amounts of moisture before making you feel wet.

Easy to Dye:

The fibers of this fabric are absorbent and respond well to the colors of dyes. No, you can easily design a beautiful Bemberg dress in your favorite color and look beautiful.

Excellent Drape:

This fabric has beautiful drapes, and it falls so elegantly that it gives a luxurious feel to the dress.

Comfortable and Soft:

Bemberg is an incredibly soft fabric, and you can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable and suffocated. You can quickly move around in it without the fabric feeling itchy or harsh against your skin.


Unlike many light-weight fabrics, Bemberg is reliant and resistant to common tears and rips. You can easily wear it to work or school for years before it loses its charm or snags from somewhere.


The incredible breathability of this fabric is admired globally and is one of the most eminent properties of this fabric.

Uses of Bemberg Fabric


This fabric is used to add a high-quality lining in clothes that have a silky glide and an elegant silhouette. It grants an inner grace to the customers when they wear it and allows them a fluidity in movement.


The superfine quality of Bemberg makes it ideal in making sophisticated clothes. It has an elegant and lustrous appearance that makes it popular in designing apparel and fancy dresses.


Luxurious under-garments, nightwear, robes, and lingerie are mostly made from this fabric that has a smooth finish.

Active and Casual-Wear:

This fabric is super soft and comfortable, so workout clothes and casual clothes are made from Bemberg.

Home Textiles:

Towels, insulation sheets, bedding pads, and comforters are made from Bemberg.

Caring for Bemberg Fabric

You must see a ‘dry-clean’ label on most of the Bemberg Fabric’s items. This means that though this fabric is sturdy, you still should refrain from the harsh wash. If machine wash is the only available option, make sure you select a gentle, cold wash cycle or wash it by hand.

Do not dry this fabric in a machine as it has adverse effects on the fibers of Bemberg. This fabric wrinkles easily but don’t iron it on a high-temperature setting. This may seem like a lot of rules, but with a ravishing fabric comes a lot of responsibility!

Where to buy Bemberg Fabric

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Best Bemberg Fabric

Here are our Bemberg fabric reviews.

1. Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Pure White

Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Pure White

Bemberg fabric is a great fabric to use for lining for suits and jackets, but it can also be used for dresses, trousers, skirts, and other apparel items. This line of fabric is soft and smooth. It has a full-bodied drape. Bemberg is a great fabric for doing lining on a budget, as it is often budget friendly.

  • Fabric is very lightweight, is 100% rayon, and comes in 54” widths
  • Fabric is dry clean only
  • This line comes in multiple different colors to choose from

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2. Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Midnight

Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Midnight

It’s easy to think of Bemberg fabric as just for suits or suit jackets, but it can be used for so much more. Bemberg is actually quite versatile and can be used to line other jackets, or even for items like trousers or for dresses, but could also be used for lining other apparel items as well. This fabric is actually a very dark blue.

  • This fabric features a smooth, soft feel and a full fold drape
  • Fabric is dry clean only
  • Fabric is very lightweight and is made from 100% rayon

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3. Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Nude

Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Nude

Rayon is a great fabric because it is soft, cool to the touch, and is breathable. This Bemberg fabric is made from 100% rayon is very lightweight. It is a perfect fabric for lining many different apparel items. Everything from suit jackets to regular jackets, dresses, and even trousers, can be lined with this fabric.

  • Comes in 54” widths
  • Dry clean only
  • Fabric is very soft and smooth and features a full fold drape

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4. Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Med. Grey

Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Med. Grey

Bemberg fabrics are a great choice for lining apparel items. Most often they are used for suiting and suit jackets, but the matching trousers or pants can also be lined from the same fabric. Bemberg isn’t just limited to formal suits. It can also be used to line many different jackets and apparel items like dresses as well.

  • Fabric is very lightweight
  • Made from 100% rayon
  • Dry clean only

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5. Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Teal

Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining Solid Teal

This Bemberg fabric is a great choice for lining suiting and other apparel items like pants, other jackets, or even dresses. This fabric is soft and smooth to the touch. It also features a full fold drape that makes it perfect for using for lining.

  • Fabric is made from 100% rayon and is very lightweight
  • Dry clean only
  • Comes in 54” widths

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Bemberg Fabric Buying Guide

Bemberg fabric looks classy and expensive, but it is actually quite budget friendly. Many Bemberg fabrics can be purchased for under ten dollars a yard. Bemberg fabric is often made from rayon, which has many wonderful properties. Bemberg fabrics come in multiple different solid colors and can be used for lining different apparel items.

Rayon Fabric

Rayon is actually often made from natural materials, so it is not considered to be a synthetic material. Rayon, because it is natural, breathes well. It absorbs moisture and is smooth and cool to the touch, which makes it a great fabric to wear in warmer temperatures. Rayon is also very versatile and is used to make many different types of fabrics.

Budget and Versatility

As stated, on first glance, Bemberg fabrics might appear to be very expensive. They look elegant and silky, but many Bemberg fabrics are actually quite budget friendly. There are some Bemberg fabrics that can be purchased for under ten dollars a yard. Bemberg fabric is a great alternative to more expensive lining fabrics when those fabrics won’t fit into a tighter budget. Rayon material has many great benefits. It is a versatile fabric that is a great choice for lining a host of apparel items on a budget.

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