5 Best Fabrics for Outdoor Cushions

Making outdoor cushions can be a fun project that adds a pop of color to your outdoor furniture. Outdoor cushions can be added to help make outdoor furniture more comfortable, but they can also be used to refresh an older existing piece. Many fabrics that are suitable for outdoor use are actually fairly budget friendly and can be used for a wide variety of other projects as well.

Best Fabrics for Outdoor Cushions

Here are our fabrics for outdoor cushions reviews.

1. Tommy Bahama Home Décor Outdoor

Tommy Bahama Indoor Outdoor Island Hopping Emerald

Looking for some fun, funky prints perfect for outdoor cushions? Look no further than this Tommy Bahama line. Not only is there a wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints to choose from, the fabric has a host of amazing properties that makes it perfect for outdoor use. The fabrics are 100% polyester, which makes them durable and long lasting. Cushions can be brought indoors when they are not in use to help prolong the life of the fabric.

  • Resistant to soiling and stains
  • Fabric repels oil and water
  • Easy to wash and care for- wipe down fabric or hand wash with warm water and mild soap and rinse with clear water
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2. Sunbrella Outdoor

Sunbrella Echo 57005 0000 Ash

Sunbrella Outdoor is a medium weight fabric made from 100% Sunbrella acrylic. Sunbrella fabrics are renowned for their toughness and durability. These fabrics are perfect for outdoor use. Not only is the fabric great for making outdoor cushions, it can be used in a wide variety of outdoor projects as well. The fabric can be easily spot cleaned or use a warm water, mild soap mix and a sponge or soft brush to clean.

  • Fabric is UV resistant, fade resistant, and stain resistant
  • Minimal shrinkage or stretching
  • Fabric is breathable and dries quickly
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3. Premier Prints Style: Blooms

Premier Prints Indoor Outdoor Blooms Pacific

This fabric is a medium weight, 100% spun polyester, which makes it durable. The fabrics are all treated with a finish that makes them resistant to stains and water- perfect for outdoor use or use indoors as well. Though the fabric is long-lasting, cushions can be brought indoors when not in use to extend their life.

  • Can withstand 1000 hours of direct sunlight
  • While the fabric is durable, it is also versatile and can be used for a wide variety of projects
  • Premier Prints has many other patterns and prints in different lines that are also perfect for outdoor use
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4. Waverly Home Décor Sun N Shade

Waverly Sun N Shade Flower Child Spectrum

This 100% polyester is lightweight, durable, and versatile. The fabric’s properties make it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric comes in a ton of different colors, prints, patterns, and even solids.

  • Resists fading up to 500 hours of direct sunlight
  • Bring indoors when not in use to extend the life of the fabric
  • Easy to clean- wipe down or hand wash with warm water and mild soap, or rinse with clean water to prevent dirt from building up
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5. Richloom Style: Ash Hill

Richloom Indoor Outdoor Ash Hill Garden

This medium weight fabric is 100% polyester. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for a wide variety of projects and is perfect for outdoor cushions. The fabric is durable and resists sun fading, water, and stains which makes it perfect to stand up to both life and the elements.

  • Resistant to sun fading for up to 500 hours of direct sunlight
  • The fabric is durable, but can be brought indoors when not in use to help extend its life
  • Easy to care for- just rinse with water to keep dirt from embedding into the fabric, wipe down, or hand wash with warm water and a mild soap
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Fabrics for Outdoor Cushions Buying Guide

It might surprise you to learn that many outdoor fabrics can also be used indoors. These fabrics are generally stain and water resistant, but are also often sun resistant, making them a great choice for cushions that are going to be in sunny rooms or for rooms that are both indoor/outdoor rooms like sunrooms. These fabrics are generally durable and are easy to care for and clean.

Long Lasting

Many fabrics that are safe for outdoor use can actually be purchased quite budget friendly. These fabrics are durable and can last for a long time, especially if they are cared for. While many fabrics have stain, water, and sun resistant properties, it is a good idea to bring any outdoor cushions indoors when not in use. Not only will this protect them from the elements, it will also ensure that the fabric lasts even longer.

Revive Existing Pieces

In many cases, patio furniture will outlast patio cushions. New cushions purchased from the store can be quite costly, especially if you have to replace all the cushions on a larger set. Buying fabric and making your own cushions can be a money saving alternative. You can even find tutorials online for no-sew projects. Reviving existing pieces with new cushions is a great way to save money on replacement costs, but it’s also a great way to add some color and pattern to your furniture, or add some fun, funky new accessory cushions to brighten up your outdoor space.

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