Singer 4452 Review Pros And Cons 

It’s amusing how the Singer 4452 finds its place in a beginner’s arsenal as well as commercial workshops. If you are looking to purchase a brand new sewing machine, it’s natural to have dozens of questions. 

Singer 4452 Features32 built-in stitches, 60% more powerful motor, high speed, easy loading bobbin
Singer 4452 ProsLightweight, requires minimum maintenance, easy to handle for beginners and seasoned sewists, intuitive user manual, handles heavy and delicate fabrics, convenient thread cutter placement, stable and sturdy
Singer 4452 ConsButtonhole stitch lacks automatic stopping ability, smudges on bedplate, thread tension adjustment can be uncomfortable, noisy at highest stitch speed, needle threader can be complicated
Singer 4452 PerformanceEasy setup, excellent quilting quality, handles thick fabrics well, noise at highest stitch speeds is manageable
Singer 4452 vs Competition60% more powerful motor, heavy-duty metal framing, versatility, lightweight compared to competitors
Why Choose Singer 4452Old and reliable brand, excellent stitch speed, durable, comes with warranty
RecommendationExceptional addition to sewing studio, sews through various fabrics effortlessly, great for heavy-duty and sturdy sewing projects, good value for the price

How I  decide on what to buy:

My goal is to help you find the best sewing resource for your requirements. I do the legwork to ensure you get the most for your money, whether you’re shopping for high-end gear or the bare essentials. I consult experts, sewists, teachers, and/or craftspeople, and family members who are also sewists; I scour the Internet for information on how sewing supplies are used; I read customer reviews by real users; and, of course, I rely on my own accumulated expertise as a sewist.

Singer 4452

Moreover, if it’s your first time purchasing a sewing machine, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Singer is one brand that is dominating the market for decades.  Besides, finding a sewing appliance according to your expertise level calls for some deep research. 

Does the Singer 4452 struggle with materials? Is it very noisy? What is its stitch quality? Well, we are about to find out all the answers with this Singer 4452 review! 

Singer 4452 Features 

As with any sewing tool, you must have complete knowledge of its features. Furthermore, if you are looking for some specific features, exploring this section would be profitable.  

The features of any sewing machine determine its application and value as well. Let’s see what the Singer 4452 has in for you! 

32 Built-In Stitches 

One of the first things buyers look for in their new sewing machine is the variety of stitches. More number of stitches means that you can be more creative and decorative with your crafts. 

You’ll be happy to know that the Singer 4452 comes with a fantastic assortment of 32 varieties of stitches. You can use the rotary dial and pick your perfect stitch. 

60% More Powerful Motors 

The Singer 4452 delivers on its heavy-duty performance by equipping a 60% more powerful motor. Unlike others, you won’t see the 4452 jamming or failing when stitching thick fabrics. 

As a result, you sew up fabrics like synthetic leather, canvas, and denim with the Singer 4452. This feature allows you to be more versatile with your projects. 


With its 1,100 stitches per minute capability, the Singer 4452 is one of the fastest sewing machines out there. It means that the model can finish many sewing projects in a jiffy. 

Moreover, it’s an exceptional feature if you are using the 4452 for commercial purposes. What’s more, you might not find these stitch speed levels even in premium-end models. 

Easy Loading Bobbin  

The tool has an easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin. You’ll also appreciate how the manufacturer keeps the bobbin plate transparent. Because of the clear bobbin plates, you can keep an eye on the thread supply. 

That’s not it. You’ll also notice that the bobbin capacity in the Singer 4452 is much better than other competing models. 

Singer 4452 Pros 

The neverending list of features in the Singer lends plenty of advantages to the users. Knowing the strengths of the Singer 4452 will help you to make better use of the tool. 

Besides, it’ll also help you compare two or more sewing tools whenever you are in a dilemma! Here’s a list of pros that you can expect from 4452: 

  • Despite being a heavy-duty appliance, it is very lightweight 
  • The Singer 4452 requires minimum maintenance 
  • Both beginners and seasoned sewists will find this tool to be easy to handle
  • 4452’s user manual is intuitive and pretty detailed 
  • It can handle all heavy and delicate fabrics without any complaints 
  • You’ll love the convenient placement of the razor thread cutter 
  • With a 60% stronger motor, it can offer you a variety of working and handle all pressure 
  • Users claim that the Singer 4452 is stable and sturdy and doesn’t shake while sewing 

Singer 4452 Cons 

Like any other sewing appliance, the Singer 4452 is not free of flaws. Thankfully, none of them is a dealbreaker. Take a look and see where the Singer 4452 falls short: 

  • The buttonhole stitch doesn’t have an automatic stopping ability
  • There are smudges on the bedplate 
  • Users find the inability to adjust the thread tension a bit uncomfortable 
  • It can be a tad noisy at its highest stitch speed  
  • You might find the needle threader complicated 

Singer 4452 Performance 


It’s not hard to imagine that a sewing machine with so many features and advantages will not offer stellar performance. This section will break down the performance aspects of the 4452 bit by bit! 

Easy Setup 

One of the best things about the Singer 4452 is its easy setup process. Once you take out the machine from its packaging, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to set up this beauty. 

Besides, the manual includes this quick-start guide for your ease. There are also many video tutorials and online guides which can help you with the setup. 

Quilting Quality

The good news is that the Singer 4452 has phenomenal stitch quality. Since the tool has a walking foot, even feed, and quilt guide, stitching up the quilt is a breeze with 4452. 

Besides, the feed dogs drop with a simple switch. This feature makes it easy to set up free-motion quilting. As for the quilting quality, it is beyond our expectations. 

Not so surprisingly, having 60% stronger motors will help you get through the thick fabric. Not only that, but the 4452 will also deliver quality stitches on your thick quilts. 

Sewing Thick Fabrics 

It’s natural to be curious about the tool’s ability to work with thick fabrics. To our surprise, the 4452 sews the most complicated materials without complaints. If you want to hem your denim or sew the seams, you won’t face any jamming issues. 

Many people claim to make embroideries on canvas bags, leather wallets, and many more things with this tool. However, beginners need to be mindful of how to prep the machine for heavy or thick fabrics. 


The sad news about the Singer 4452 is that it gets noisy at its highest stitch levels. Moreover, this noise makes it difficult to operate the unit at high stitch speeds. 

On the brighter side, the noise is not as bad as industrial sewing tools. 

However, if you want to operate it from your college dorm room or use it while others are sleeping, we don’t recommend it. Nevertheless, you should know that almost all heavy-duty machines produce louder noises. 

How Does Singer 4452 Stand Against Competition?

Despite coming from a pinnacle brand like Singer, the 4452 still faces competition. So, does the Singer 4452 struggle with the competition? Or does it beat the rivalry? Here’s how 4452 tackles all the competition: 

  • Its 60% more powerful motor is one of the initial strategies for taking over the competition. All brands offering sewing machines at that price might not have that kind of motor. 
  • Also, its heavy-duty metal framing is one-of-a-kind. Sewing tools these days don’t come with that kind of durability. 
  • Most of its competitors are not very significant in terms of versatility. Singer 4452, on the other hand, handles a variety of materials to make your projects more versatile. 
  • A significant problem with most of the heavy-duty machines in the market is their weight. However, the Singer 4452 breaks the stereotype by weighing only 14.6 lbs. 

Why Should You Choose Singer 4452? 

Are there any particular reasons that make the Singer 4452 an ideal purchase? Well, there are many. Here, we’ll list some fascinating reasons to buy 4452 that can add to your buying decision, 

  • Old & Reliable Brand: Singer is one of the world’s oldest sewing machine brands. To date, Singer is the top choice for all beginner and professional sewists. 
  • Stitch Speed: This sewing machine has excellent stitch speed capability. A speed like that makes the Singer 4452 feasible for light-duty commercial applications. If you run a boutique or a studio, you’ll appreciate having it onboard. 
  • Durable: All of Singer 4452 has a sturdy build. Unlike any other tool, it equips materials of the highest quality for the needles, exterior, and accessories. 
  • Warranty: One of the reasons why you should pick this Singer machine is because it comes with a warranty. The 4452’s warranty is a surety of the model’s good craftsmanship and quality. 

Our Recommendation 

To end this Singer 4452 review, we’ll say that it’ll be an exceptional addition to your studio. It sews through every fabric you try with it without a fuss. If you are looking to don your sewing studio with a heavy-duty and sturdy model, the Singer 4452 should be it! 

Its motor is so robust and powerful that it can sew its way through denim comfortably! For the most part, this sewing machine will be a smooth sail. All in all, the 4452 is a smoking deal. 

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