Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine Review Pros And Cons

Consew 205RB-1
Sewing with the Consew 205RB-1 is a dream come true for many professional tailors. In the age of technology, sewing machines are also not far behind. Sewers will find many interesting features in the sewing machines that make work easier.
The same goes with the Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine, which produces high-quality items. This heavy-duty sewing machine has amazing features that will make work a breeze for sewers.
The article focuses on the Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine review. The review will answer any questions you have regarding this machine. Let us check out the versatile, heavy-duty functionality of the sewing machine.
Main ContentSummary
Versatile Material ApplicationsThe Consew 205RB-1 can sew various materials from vinyl to leather, making it versatile.
Working SpaceThe machine comes with a fully assembled table, eliminating the need for finding a suitable one.
Motor FunctionalityThe servo motor provides ease of use and operates quietly.
Feed MechanismThe enhanced feed mechanism ensures even feeding of materials.
ProsThe machine is suitable for both beginners and professionals, with adjustable feed mechanisms and a large bobbin.
ConsLimited stitching options and fixed-speed servo motor.
PerformanceThe machine has a standard design, durability, efficient functionality, and ease of use.
Standing Amongst CompetitionThe Consew 205RB-1 stands out due to its affordability, heavy-duty features, and speed control.
Why Choose Consew 205RB-1Speed control, quality results, budget-friendly, and a reputable brand.
RecommendationThe Consew 205RB-1 is a worthwhile investment for sewers looking to advance their profession.
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Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine Features

The section explores the features that are present in the machine. From this section, you can understand that the brand does not state heavy-duty but proves it. You will find the following features in the Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine.

Versatile Material Applications

The main problem with many sewing machines is they cannot sew different types of materials. However, the Consew 205RB-1 has no problem stitching medium to heavyweight items. You can stitch using materials such as vinyl, cloth, canvas, synthetic, leather, and several laminated and coated fabrics.
Tailors can also use this machine to sew products like briefcases, canvas products, leather coats, boat and automobile covers, upholstery, belts, and jackets. You can also stitch gloves, tops, handbags, travelware accessories, and wallets.

Working Space

Finding a suitable working space for your sewing machine is necessary to operate it properly. However, most people might either choose the wrong sewing table or cannot find a suitable one. The hassle of finding a proper table for the machine is no longer present in the Consew 205RB-1.

The machine comes with a table that is fully assembled. You will not have to indulge in assembling the unit except for the actual machine. That means your machine already has a suitable table with the full functionality present. You will just need to find a proper place to keep the table and work.

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Motor Functionality

Along with the fully assembled table, the Consew 205RB-1 also has a Servo motor. Due to the presence of the servo motor, your work becomes much easier. Even though the machine has a fixed-speed servo motor, it is much better than clutch motors that are not very effective in functionality.

Another great thing about the servo motor is the lack of noise when the pedal is not used. The servo motor is also very light as compared to clutch motors. You can reverse the motor rotation with just a switch.

Feed Mechanism

Feeding the material to the machine is a crucial factor that can impact the final result. If the feeding is not done evenly, then the final product may have incorrect measurements. That is why having a machine like Consew 205RB-1 that has an enhanced feed mechanism is a boon.

The Consew 205RB-1 has both the top and bottom mechanisms for evenly feeding the material to the main unit. It remains the same for any kind of material you use. Even if you choose a heavy-duty material, you will not have to worry about any uneven feeding.

Consew 205RB-1 Pros

Even though you might find a few flaws with the Consew 205RB-1, it has more benefits. This heavy-duty sewing machine will be an excellent addition for professional sewers. The Consew 205RB-1 has some interesting features that make it great for both beginners and experts.

Read on to know about the different advantages that are present in the machine:

  • Beginners and professionals alike can use the Consew 205RB-1.
  • Users can adjust the lower and upper feed mechanism of the machine independently
  • Walking feet are positive
  • Can change the stitching to reserve with a single click of the switch
  • It has a large bobbin to hold more thread at one time
  • Changing the bobbin is easy without removing the item that is being sewn
  • Stitch length is up to 8 mm maximum, which is quite long
  • The heavy-duty metal needle used makes sewing tough materials and items easy

Consew 205RB-1 Cons

No product can function without a few disadvantages. However, the cons will not always impact the functionality and performance of the machine. The same happens with the Consew 205RB-1, which has certain disadvantages, but they are not extensive. Knowing about these cons will help you understand the machine usage much better.

The cons of the Consew 205RB-1 are as follows:

  • There are not many stitching options provided by the machine-like some of its competitors
  • Despite having a servo motor, it has a fixed speed, which restricts the need for speed while sewing different materials
  • There is just one needle used in the machine, which can be a disadvantage for some professional tailors

Consew 205RB-1 Performance

Users have expressed satisfaction from the use of the Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine. Let us look into this section to cover different factors that determine its performance.


When someone buys a sewing machine, the first thing they look into is the design. Like most sewing machines of the Consew brand, the Consew 205RB-1 also has a standard design. There is nothing fancy about this heavy-duty unit. It has all the basic stitch features present in the designated areas.


Having a durable product will make it worth the investment. The Consew 205RB-1 is a heavy-duty sewing machine made from durable materials. It has features to withstand extensive usage of different materials.

You will not have to worry about the sewing machine getting damaged while using it. The needle is made of high-quality metal with the 135 x 17 system. It makes using the machine for tougher materials such as leather very easy.


The Consew 205RB-1 has a high-functioning servo motor that enhances its functionality. You will find the machine has a fixed-speed servo motor as opposed to an adjustable one. However, this does not alter the performance of the machine.

A great thing about servo motors is the less consumption of energy as compared to clutch motors. Since this is a fixed-speed motor, you will not have to adjust anything. Even when you pedal hard, the speed will remain the same.

Ease of Use

Having a complicated-to-use machine is a disadvantage. That is where the Consew 205RB-1 trumps most of the sewing machines. It has easy functionality even though sewers can use it at the industrial level. Industrial use focuses on the type of materials that it can sew and not on the complicacy of the features.

Since the machine has a fixed speed, it is easier to control. It makes the machine easy to use for beginner sewers as well.

How Does Consew 205RB-1 Stands Amongst Competition?

There are numerous sewing machines found in the markets. So what sets apart the Consew 205RB-1 from its competitors? It is an affordable machine equipped with some heavy-duty features, making it the go-to sewing machine for professional sewers.

Below are the main reasons why choosing the Consew 205RB-1 over other models is a better decision.

  • The machine comes at a very budget-friendly rate which you might not find in most of its competitors.
  • It has features like drop feed, semi-automatic lubrication, oil pump, and large bobbin.
  • The machine makes it easy to sew heavy-duty materials and products that would not have been possible with others in the same price range.
  • It has a maximum speed of 2,000 spm, which is enough to sew even the toughest material.
  • The machine has a work surface of 178 mm x 475 mm, which is suitable for accommodating all necessary items on the table.
  • It comes with a servo motor and a fully assembled table.

Why Should You Choose Consew 205RB-1?

You will find many reasons which make the Consew 205RB-1 the perfect sewing machine for you. Other than the range of features, it provides some necessary factors that make it a good choice.

  • Speed Control: For a beginner controlling the speed of the machine might be challenging. However, the fixed-speed servo motor makes it easy to operate the machine at a standard speed.
  • Quality Product: Professionals who use the machine for large projects would need quality results. The Consew 205RB-1 ensures that each product is of the best quality.
  • Budget-friendly: The Consew 205RB-1 is budget-friendly and provides many features at this price. People who want to buy a low-priced sewing machine can opt for the Consew 205RB-1.
  • Known Brand: The Consew 205RB-1 is a well-known reputed brand that focuses on providing quality to the customers.

Our Recommendation

After considering the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the sewing machine, we can say it is a worthwhile investment. You can choose the sewing machine without worrying about what you will get in return.

The Consew 205RB-1 Industrial Sewing Machine will give you nothing but the best quality products. It will be the perfect companion for sewers who want to take a step ahead in their profession.

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