Sateen Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Sateen Fabric

Sateen fabric is a type of woven textile characterized by a smooth and shiny surface. The back of the cloth is more dense and uneven, in contrast to the sleek front, which is completely smooth. Sateen is most frequently utilized for the production of bedding.

The weaving of the fabric is what is meant when people talk about sateen; the materials used to make the fabric are not the focus of the phrase.

What is the History of Sateen Fabric?

Sateen fabrics are textiles that are made using a specific weave of cotton. About 2,000 years ago, China was the birthplace of sateen fabrics. 

After the opening of the trading routes, the method made its way to the Middle East. This weaving became prominent in Europe around the 12th century, and Italy was the first western nation to use this fabric.

Using cotton fabrics and the widespread weave technique, sateen fabrics came into being.

Properties of Sateen Fabric

The texture of the sateen is nice and soft. Because of the Sateen weave, one side of the fabric has a shiny, smooth touch, while the other side has a flat surface finish.

Sateen is an extremely long-lasting fabric, provided that it is woven from cotton and has a high thread count. It also has a luxurious beauty because it is extremely glossy and sleek.

 At the same time, it is a material that will last a very long time and drape beautifully. The fabric is seen as a textile that has a delicate nature and texture.

How is Sateen Fabric Made?

Even though cotton is the most common fiber used in the production of sateen, it is possible to create this fabric using other fibers, such as wool, silk, or even polyester. However, the fabric is most commonly created from cotton.

Spun yarns are used in the construction of the woven framework. In contrast to a typical weave structure, which consists of one over and one under, the warp yarn form of Sateen has four over and one under, which results in the fabric having better quality.

The distinctive weaving pattern distinguishes sateen from other types of textile materials.

Where is Sateen Fabric Made?

Sateen fabric is mostly produced in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and China. However, China is the largest fabric exporter, even among these nations.

Since China is the leader in the textile market, it has the largest production of sateen fabric. Most of the fabric is produced where consumers and garment makers can obtain it.

Common uses of Sateen Fabric

Sateen fabric is used for various garments along with different products.

Daily wear

It lends itself to the creation of stunning gowns with floral prints. Satin’s ease of dyeing makes it ideal for a wide range of patterns and designs, including florals and stripes.

Sateen fabric can be used to make skirts, pajamas, and gorgeous shirts. The fabric is also used to make stylish shirts.

Home décor

The fabric can be made into bed linen, sheets, and even cushion covers. 

Sewing with Sateen Fabric

Sateen is a delicate fabric that is quite easy to sew. Sewing patterns and designs on the fabric can be made without hindrance if one ensures using the correct sewing essentials and sewing notions and supplies.

It would help if you used a universal sewing needle for your Sateen textiles. If you are sewing by hand, the hand-sewing needles should be sizes 8-10.

The sewing thread you use should match the material you’re dealing with, making the fabric last longer. It would help if you also used stitches having a length of not more than 2.5mm when sewing the fabric.

To obtain a better-sewn fabric, you can use the best sewing machines like the Brother SE600 for better results. Keeping in mind these tips and tricks, you can easily sew the fabric to make clothes and garments of your choice.

Dyeing with Sateen fabric

Because it can be dyed, bleached, and cleaned, sateen is more adaptable than many other smooth textiles due to its ability to do these things.

This method is useful for fashion designers and customers who have their own personal preferences in terms of design.

Depending on the fibers that make up the fabric, it might be possible to color it. It is possible to use Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye, the best fabric dye available, on items that have been manufactured using cotton, wool, polyester, and other types of synthetic threads.

How to care for Sateen Fabric?

Fabrics made of sateen are not difficult to care for and can be washed and ironed.

Washing and drying

  • Use water at temperatures below 40 degrees to wash the fabric.
  • Handwashing is also an effective cleaning method for the fabric.
  • If you are machine washing the fabric, you should use a gentle laundry detergent.
  • The machine setting should be set to a normal cycle.
  • The spin setting should also be set to low.
  • You can dry the fabric by laying it on a flat surface.
  • Alternatively, you can tumble dry the garment on low.


  • Using a shark steam iron, press the fabric on the wrong side.
  • Use a low heat setting and a press cloth.

Where to buy Sateen Fabric?

Fabric stores and garment shops both stock sateen, so you should be able to find it there. Clients can also purchase sateen fabric from online retailers and websites such as Amazon, which has the best Sateen fabric currently on the market, such as the stunning PBS Fabrics Lush and Wild.

It can be sold in several ways depending on the seller;

  • By yard
  • By Inches
  • Can be cut to order.

Sateen is a woven fabric that is often very soft and luxurious feeling and quite often has a beautiful sheen. Sateen is often made from cotton. The fabric is breathable, usually lightweight, and quite durable and versatile. Sateen might resemble silk in appearance and sometimes even in texture, but it is not the same fabric at all. Sateen is a great choice for many different apparel items, but the fabric is versatile enough to be used for home décor or even for quilting as well.

Best Sateen Fabrics

Here are our sateen fabric reviews.

1. PBS Fabrics Lush Wet and Wild

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B091GWJ337,B091GY1JJJ”]

This fabric is part of a line of beautiful sateen fabrics that feature stripes, floral, lemons, and more. This fabric is wonderfully soft, has a slight amount of stretch, and drapes beautifully. All of these characteristics make the fabric a great choice for apparel items like blouses and other tops, skirts, pants, and more.

  • Machine wash on cold, drip dry after
  • This lightweight cotton fabric is a blend of 97% cotton and 3% Lycra spandex
  • Available in 56” widths

2. Shantung Sateen, Navy, Fabric By the Yard

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B00KY3ZRYC”]

This lightweight sateen fabric features a unique print and a slight sheen that would make even more unique apparel items. Sew blouses, other tops, skirts, pants, and more. This fabric is soft and drapes beautifully. The fabric also has 10% stretch across the grain, which makes apparel items that much more comfortable.

  • Fabric is 100% cotton
  • Available in 57” widths
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat

3. PBS Fabrics Lush and Wild Sateen 2

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B091GWH895″]

This line of Sateen fabric comes in a variety of different prints. The fabric is quite unique because even though it is lightweight, it does have a heavier drape. The fabric is soft and has 10% mechanical stretch, which makes it a good choice for dresses, skirts, and other apparel items.

  • Fabric is a blend of 100% cotton
  • Available in 58” widths
  • Machine wash cold, air dry after
  • Fabric is lightweight and is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Comes in 58” widths
  • Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry on low heat

Sateen Fabric Buying Guide

Sateen is a beautiful fabric that is usually very soft, elegant, and luxurious. It’s a wonderful fabric choice for many different types of garments. This fabric can be quite durable, and even though it looks like it might be a fussy fabric to care for, it’s often not fussy at all and can be laundered quite easily at home. Sateen comes in a wide range of both prints and solids.

Sewing With Sateen

Sateen looks like it might be a harder fabric to sew with, but don’t be intimidated. Sateen, due to its weave and the fact that it is usually made from cotton, is actually often quite user friendly. Even beginners can learn to sew with this wonderful fabric. Sateen is a great choice for many different apparel items, so pick a project and get sewing!

Don’t Fear Sateen

Sateen is quite gorgeous. With its sheen and luxurious appearance, it looks like it might be quite costly to purchase and sew with. Sateen is actually generally quite inexpensive. Many lines of sateen can be purchased for around or under ten dollars a yard, and some are significantly cheaper than that. Sateen is definitely a gorgeous fabric, so if you’re looking for something that has a fabulous appearance, but can be purchased on a budget, this is definitely the fabric for you.

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Sateen is available in a wide range of weights and hues, and it possesses a diverse set of qualities. It is less expensive and easier to work with than silk, and it is available in both solid colors and patterns for designers and consumers alike.


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