Brother RLX3817A Sewing Machine Review

Brother RLX3817A 17-Stitch Sewing Machine

The RLX3817A makes stitching simple and fun. The sewing machine does not look daunting at all. In fact, it looks so adorable that you would want to sew more.

Whether it is beginners or more advanced sewers, the RLX3817A can take care of all your stitching needs. With its customized stitches and added sewing feet, you are all set to glam up your wardrobe.

Built-in StitchesThe RLX3817A comes with 17 pre-programmed stitches, easily selected using the stitch selection dial. The numbers and corresponding patterns are printed on the dial for easy reference.
Free ArmThe machine has a free arm, making it convenient for sewing cylindrical items like cuffs or sleeves. It provides better control over the fabric and ensures straight stitches.
Easy Bobbin WinderThe bobbin can be wound with a single button push, ensuring proper tension for your project.
Easily AffordableThe RLX3817A is an affordable option that meets basic sewing needs. It is a great choice for beginners and those on a budget.
Ideal for beginnersThis machine is user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners and DIY projects.
Portable and lightweightThe RLX3817A is small, handy, and easy to carry, making it convenient for sewing classes or on-the-go projects.
Four sewing feet includedIt comes with four sewing feet: zigzag, zipper, button, and buttonhole, providing versatility for different sewing tasks.
Brightly lit work areaThe machine features an LED light that illuminates the work area, ensuring clear visibility while sewing.
Jam-resistant technologyThe RLX3817A uses jam-resistant technology to ensure smooth thread flow from the bobbin to the needle.
Quick-set drop-in bobbinThe drop-in bobbin system is easy to set up and keeps the bobbin securely in place. It also allows for easy monitoring of thread supply.
Tension control buttonThe tension control button on the top of the machine helps avoid missed or puckered stitches.
Protective soft coverIt comes with a protective soft cover to keep the machine dust-free when not in use.
Instructional CD includedThe RLX3817A comes with a detailed instructional CD that guides users on how to use the machine effectively.
Two color choices availableUsers have the option to choose between two colors for their RLX3817A sewing machine.
Fragile constructionDue to its lightweight nature, the machine may be fragile and requires careful handling and storage.
Limited stitch lengthStitch length adjustment is not available on this model. However, it is designed as a basic sewing machine without advanced features.
Plastic partsThe majority of the parts in the RLX3817A are made of plastic.
Repair and maintenanceConsidering its price, repair and maintenance costs may be expensive and could potentially exceed the product’s value. It may be more cost-effective to replace the machine rather than repair it.

Features of RLX3817A 17-Stitch Sewing Machine

User friendly is the first phrase that comes to mind when you think of the RLX3817A sewing machine. Here are some of its other features.

Built-in Stitches

The Brother RLX3817A comes with 17 different stitches pre-programmed into it. The selection process is very simple. You can choose the one you want using the stitch selection dial. The numbers and the corresponding patterns are printed on it so you will know exactly what you are choosing.

It can also help you to put in an auto-sized buttonhole in four easy steps.

Free Arm

The machine has a free arm that makes it easier if you are sewing something cylindrical, like cuffs or sleeves. It gives you better control over the fabric and you can ensure your stitches are straight.

Brother RLX3817A Threading OptionEasy Bobbin Winder

With the upper thread and bobbin in place, you can wind the bobbin with the push of a single button. The winder ensures that there is an adequate amount of tension as you begin your project.

Easily Affordable

The most important feature of the RLX3817A is its affordability. It is a purchase you can make easily without having to worry about your savings. That makes this sewing machine a great gift option as well. While it might not have as many features as PQ1500SL or HC1850, it provides all your basic needs when it comes to sewing.

Many people often mistake this model to be designed for kids’ hobbies. Let us clarify this right away. It is not! It is a full-fledged machine that is just small and portable.


  • Ideal for beginners and DIY projects.
  • The machine is small, handy and easy to carry if you are taking up sewing classes.
  • It is definitely affordable.
  • Choosing stitch patterns is incredibly easy.
  • It comes with four sewing feet – the zigzag, zipper, button and buttonhole.
  • The work area is brightly lit with an LED light.
  • The RLX3817A uses an exclusive jam-resistant technology that makes sure the thread runs smoothly from the bobbin to the needle.
  • The quick-set drop-in bobbin set up also ensures that your bobbin stays in place. You can also keep track of it if it is running out of thread.
  • The tension control button on the top of the machine will help you to avoid missed or puckered stitches.
  • It comes with a protective soft cover you can use to shield your machine from dust.
  • It also comes with a detailed instructional CD.
  • You have two color choices to choose from.


  • It is lightweight and therefore a little fragile. Use and store it carefully.
  • Considering its price, repair and maintenance will probably be as expensive as or more expensive than the product itself. It is easier to replace than repair.
  • You cannot adjust the length of your stitch. But the product does not claim to have any of the fancier features. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.
  • The parts are almost entirely made of plastic.

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The RLX3817A 17-stitch sewing machine has no airs and graces about what it is! It is a simple sewing machine that is ideal for beginners or if you are caught up in the DIY wave. It performs all the basic functions that are expected of a sewing machine and it is really easy to move it around. Not that it matters, but the machine looks absolutely adorable too!

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