Dobby Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Dobby FabricA woven fabric made on a specific dobby loom with different fibers like silk, cotton, or nylon.
History of Dobby FabricFirst produced in 1840, Dobby fabric is named after the dobby device used in the weaving process.
Properties of Dobby FabricKnown for its geometric designs, good fabric drape, resistance to creases, and flexibility.
How is Dobby Fabric Made?Made by manipulating the yarn present in the fabric using a dobby loom.
Where is Dobby Fabric Made?Produced in textile mills and factories worldwide.
Common uses of Dobby FabricUsed in polo T-shirts, daily wear, home décor, kids’ apparel, and weaving projects.
How to care for Dobby FabricWashable in warm or cold water on a regular cycle and should be tumble dried at a low temperature.
Where to buy Dobby FabricAvailable in numerous fabric and garment shops and online retailers like Amazon and
Best Dobby FabricsIncludes Splendid Home Style: Octavia, Jennifer Adams Style: Lydia, Splendid Home Style: Capri Linen, Kokka Dobby, and Richloom Fabrics Style: Pocono.
Dobby Fabric Buying GuideDobby fabric is versatile and flexible, comes in various weights and can be made from different materials.
ConclusionDobby fabric is a great option for various sewing projects due to its unique texture and versatility.

Introduction to Dobby Fabric

dobby fabric
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The term “dobby fabric” refers to a woven fabric made on a specific dobby loom following a method used during the 18th century. Different fibres are used in the dobby fabric, such as silk, cotton, or nylon. Thus, it is possible to make a variety of weights, colors, and sewing patterns on the fabric.

The warp and weft thread colors can be similar or different, which can accentuate the subtle texture of the fabric. In the textile market, pique is a popular dobby fabric.

What is the History of Dobby Fabric?

The Fabric was produced in 1840 for the first time. As is the case when weaving other fabrics, a dobby is required to attach the Fabric to the loom during the weaving process. This dobby device allows for the creation of woven-in prints. Hence, the name Dobby Fabric.

Properties of Dobby

Dobby Fabric is a distinct Fabric not only become of the technique used in the making but also because of the numerous qualities the Fabric possesses.

Numerous Geometric designs

These different designs add texture to the fabric, making it look appealing to all. 

Good fabric drape

There is a nice drape to Dobby’s cloth. So, it’s more elastic, adaptable, and pliable.

Not prone to creases

The Dobby fabric can be marked using fabric markers by designers, which do not leave creases. It is also easy to wash and iron. A good shark steam iron won’t leave any creases on the fabric. This makes the fabric beneficial to customers and designers alike.

Flexible Fabric 

Fabric is easy to cut. A good pair of Fabric Scissors can cut out the cloth.

How is Dobby Fabric Made?

Dobby Fabric is made using a technique that manipulates the yarn present in the Fabric. Weavers work with individual warps, raising and lowering them one at a time. An interesting geometric pattern forms on the fabric as a result of this.

Types of Dobby looms.

There are many different ways to create interesting fabrics from the dobby weave loom. One way is to use a set of lines with a dotted centre line between solid ones. Then there are times when rayon fibres are used, and you get a nice lightweight fabric with very few dots used as the design.

A dobby loom uses a variety of coloured yarns to make patterns and designs stand out. This is a good substitute for printing on the fabric instead of using fabric printers, screening printing, and other methods after it has been woven. Dobby loom patterns are known for their frequent repetitive style.

Where is Dobby Fabric Made?

Dobby fabric is made throughout the world in textile mills and factories. After which, the raw Fabric comes into the hands of designers, tailors, and consumers who use and change it according to their preferences. 

Common uses of Dobby Fabric

Dobby Fabric can be used for various products and apparel. It is mainly used for textile products; however, its usage in the household segment has also become widely noticed.

Dobby in Polo and Pique T-shirts

It is used majorly for polo T-shirts because of the fabric type. Since Polo T-shirts need to be comfortable and stretchable, the fabric’s nature acts as a perfect suit for this product.  

Daily wear

Dresses, blouses, shirts, polo shirts, purses, and other outwear feature this unique weave. Although not everybody appreciates this weave style, it is still a popular trend. 

Home décor and kids’ apparel

Dobby Fabrics can also be used in Curtains, upholstery, heirloom projects, and kids’ apparel. Shower curtains can be made from Dobby Fabrics. Home furnishings can also be done using this Fabric.

Sewing /weaving with Dobby Fabric

Dobby Fabric is a fabric that is woven. Weave types that allow for varied shapes to be inserted in the Fabric, such as the jacquard weave style, may resemble this plain weave style. 

The weave style blends in with other weave types because of the diverse designs you may create with that unique attachment.

Shapes produced by this weaving method are often simple and don’t require much time or effort to construct. To create complex patterns and designs, you must use the jacquard weaving technique. The Dobby isn’t particularly difficult or complex.

Dobby fabrics are versatile fabrics that can be sewed and weaved on. The Fabric can be weaved either by machines, while many handwoven fabric designs are also available. 

Dobby stitch woven can be used for garments. They are dyed yarn that is homespun on Fabric. Cotton Dobby Fabrics can also be used for customising, making curtains and home accessories. 

One can effectively get the desired results using hand sewing needles and the perfect color combination of sewing threads on the fabric. Customizable curtains, accessories, and upholstery can be made as per one’s preference.

How to care for Dobby Fabric

  • Using either warm or cold water, wash the fabric on a regular cycle.
  • Low-temperature tumble drying is recommended.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach at all costs.
  • Do not stretch the fabric too much, which can result in wrinkles

Where to buy Dobby Fabric 

Dobby Fabric can be bought at numerous fabric and garment shops. Customers can also buy them through online retailers like Amazon and, which have the best Dobby Fabric available. The cost of the fabric isn’t relatively that high. However, it may vary depending on the seller.

The Fabric is sold in different ways depending on the seller;

  • It can be cut to order
  • In inches
  • in different blends, e.g., cotton, linen, viscose, etc.

The signature aspect of dobby fabric, which takes its name from the dobby loom, is the pattern that is woven in. Depending on the print or color of the fabric, this pattern might stand out or might be hardly noticeable. Dobby fabric can be made from different materials and can be used for many different projects since the fabric comes in different weights. Dobby fabrics are soft, have a fluid drape, and can be used for apparel items, home décor, window treatments, or even for some upholstery projects.

Best Dobby Fabrics

Here are our dobby fabric reviews.

1. Splendid Home Style: Octavia

This very heavyweight dobby fabric is a blend of linen and viscose. Linen is known to be very durable, which makes this fabric a good choice for many home décor and home accent projects. This fabric comes in unique floral prints that are perfect for projects like drapery, bedding, toss cushions, and even for upholstery projects.

  • Fabric can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Comes in 54” width
  • Fabric is a blend of 55% linen and 45% viscose
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2. Jennifer Adams Style: Lydia

Dobby fabrics are a great choice for sewing projects around the home. This dobby fabric is made from 100% cotton, which has many great properties. Cotton is durable, but it is versatile. This line of fabric can be used to make drapery, toss pillows, bedding, and more. This line of furniture can even be used for light upholstery.

  • Fabric is very heavyweight
  • Comes in 56” width
  • This fabric should be spot cleaned with a special water-free dry cleaning solution
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3. Splendid Home Style: Capri Linen

Dobby fabric comes in all different colors and weights. This fabric is very heavyweight and is a great choice for creations around the home. This line of fabric is very versatile and can be used for different window treatments like drapery or valances. It can also be used to make accents like toss cushions, duvet covers, and more.

  • This very heavyweight fabric is a blend of 55% linen and 45% viscose
  • Dry clean only
  • This line of fabric comes in over forty different colors
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4. Kokka Dobby

Dobby fabric can be made in many different weights. This fabric is lightweight, and is made from 100% cotton. Cotton has many great properties. While the fabric is lightweight, it is also generally durable and is easy to launder, which makes it a great choice for apparel items. This fabric can be used to make shirts, skirts, blouses, dresses, and more.

  • Comes in 43” width
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
    • This line of fabric comes in unique floral prints
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5. Richloom Fabrics Style: Pocono

Dobby fabric can come in many different colors and prints, but it is also available in solids as well. This line of fabric features different tones of gray. These neutrals are a great choice for anyone who is looking to make toss cushions, drapery, bedding, or other accessories that blend in or complement an existing décor scheme, or for those looking for more neutral colors for upholstery projects.

  • This fabric is very heavyweight and is made from 100% polyester
  • Come in 55” width
  • Fabric can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth
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Dobby Fabric Buying Guide

While you might not have heard of dobby fabric before, it can be a wonderful fabric to work with and a great choice for a wide range of projects. Dobby comes in solids, prints, and all different weights. It can be made by from natural materials like cotton or linen, or from synthetic fabrics like polyester, or from blends of both. Depending on the type of material the fabric is made with, dobby can be quite easy to sew with.

Why Dobby?

Dobby fabric provides just that little bit of extra texture, which makes it unique, and is also great for so many different projects where a plain or smooth weave just won’t stand out. Dobby is such a great fabric because it is often fairly affordable, depending on the weight of the fabric and the line, can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and prints, and also because it is such a versatile and flexible fabric.


Dobby fabric comes in a variety of weights. The fabric can be lighter weight and ranges all the way up to very heavyweight. This is because dobby fabric can be made with so many different materials. Cotton, rayon, silk, polyester, linen, viscose, and more can all be used. Dobby can be lightweight and soft with a fluid drape, which is great for making clothing, or it can be heavy enough to use for window treatments and even for upholstering.


The dobby fabric has a dobby weave that fits in with various weave styles. Consequently, if you’re searching for a fun sewing project, dobby fabric is a great option. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get in your crafting room, get your sewing essentials, and turn on the crafting room speaker to enjoy sewing time!

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