Juki MO-654DE Serger Sewing Machine Review

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Overlock MachineFeaturing several customizable, adjustable features and a 2-3-4 thread capability, the Juki MO654DE combines high quality and user friendliness like few other sewing machines can.

Powerful yet compact, the MO654DE is the go-to option if you constantly work with heavy fabrics, making quick work of thick fabric widths and multiple layers sans any damage.

Features of the Juki MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

Despite the lack of a free arm, the MO654DE is well equipped to support a variety of projects, regardless of the material and type of project. Additionally, it’s a great tool for beginners and experts alike, with features that are standard yet advanced enough to encourage pushing new limits.

Stitch Options

Equipped with a 2-3-4 thread capability and automatic rolled-hem stitching feature, the MO654DE also lets you adjust the stitch length (via dials to a maximum length of 4 mm) as desired and also features an adjustable differential feed to easily handle any fabric, especially preventing delicate materials from being pulled out of shape; it changes the material’s tightness during the stitching to combat this.

To achieve the perfect rolled hem, the machine rolls the fabric’s edge twice over itself, efficiency hiding the edges. You can achieve rolled hems in two modes with the MO654DE — one, by just rolling over the hem’s end and two, by allowing an overlock stitch to increase durability.

Multi-Functional Presser Foot

The snap-on presser foot that comes with the MO654DE is multi-functional, letting you use various specialty and standard stitches, as well as attach various products such as tape, elastic, beads and sequins to your projects. However, the machine also comes with additional feet for pipping, gathering, cording and blind stitching.

Juki MO-654DE Stitching In-Built Tape Guide

A built-in tape guide on the presser foot allows you to sew seams perfectly on stretchy fabrics, preventing them from losing their shape in the stitching process and supporting them by keeping the edges together.

Adjustable Heavy-Duty Knife System

The MO654DE has an upper knife run by a drive mechanism to keep things simple and safe. Knife adjustment is made easier through calibrations, ensuring consistency.


The Juki MO654DE includes the following accessories to make your stitching process smoother, as well as maintain the machine’s efficiency for a long time to come:

  • A lower knife
  • Nets
  • A ⅔ thread converter
  • A foot controller
  • Spool caps
  • A cleaning brush
  • Tweezers
  • A needle threader
  • A box of needles
  • Screwdrivers
  • An oiler
  • A dust cover
  • An accessory bag


  • Easy threading thanks to a color-coded guide and a breakaway looper.
  • Extremely fast, at 1,500 stitches per minute.
  • Can easily sew both light and heavy fabric, aided by the presser foot’s ability to be placed in two positions using a designated lever.
  • Smaller in size than most other standard sergers and hence can be transported relatively easily.
  • User-friendly features and extremely easy to use.
  • The facility to create a bunched effect for skirts, sleeves, and necklines.


  • Some users found the machine to be on the expensive side.
  • Some users also stated that the thread didn’t stay in place post-threading and setup.
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When you look at the Juki MO654DE, you wouldn’t think that a machine this small could pack a punch so powerful, and yet, it does! The perfect mix of functionality and versatility, the MO-654DE by Juki is perfect for any projects, whether at home or in the studio, ensuring that all projects, regardless of the type, are finished efficiently and are of professional grade.

As a beginner, the sewing machine lets you easily learn the ropes, whereas as a professional, you’ll find that its features are reliable, standard and yet, allow enough room for experimentation. Overall, a machine that can satisfy most serging needs!

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