Beaded Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Beaded Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy Imagine walking down the aisle in an embellished gown, embedded with heavy beadwork that shines and glistens all night. You look ravishing, walking down as the beads sparkle and beautify your look. Can’t you just dream this forever?

But wait! Can’t this dream dress be a reality? Thank your ancestors, who did not quiet down the designers and let something as stunning as beadwork make its way in the textile industry. This embroidery is quite labor-intensive, but isn’t the effort worth the creation?

History of Beaded Fabric

To make the dresses look more ravishing and fancier, some naturally punctured items were used, and they were sewn into the clothes. These were shells, stones, and even teeth of different animals, as they were lustrous and durable. You may think that these were first used in 200,000 B.C.E! Can you believe it?

The beadwork evolved when glad beads were introduced. People began manufacturing specialized beads made from all sorts of materials and decorated them to spice up even the ordinary dresses. You may observe the dresses of the royals and wealthy during the Renaissance period and see peals and unique beads sewn on the clothes.

Properties of Beaded Fabric

Vibrant Colors and Lustrous:

The colors of this fabric are vibrant and mellow, and the appearance is shiny and glistening.

Chic Patterns:

The beadwork patterns on this fabric are intricate and gorgeous.

Feminine and Romantic:

This fabric exudes finesse and is a symbol of romance and femininity. It completes the look of women and is ideal for romantic evening wear.

Luxurious and Delicate:

This fabric makes you look like royalty, but the beadwork is delicate, and beads can easily detach if you don’t take care of this fabric. So, keep this fabric protected in a safe, lined with tissue papers!

Uses of Beaded Fabric

Fancy Dresses:

If you go and browse your wardrobe right now, we can bet you good odds that in it, there will be a dress fashioned from Beaded Fabric. Who doesn’t love beadwork dresses? With subtle makeup and right jewels, this fabric’s dress can make you look like nothing less than a celebrity ready to walk down a red carpet!

This fabric is one of the designer’s favorite, and you can often see a model walk down the runway in an outstanding dress tailored from this fabric.


Beautiful lace and embroidered patches are made from this fabric as it has a distinct look, and the beads woven in an intricate pattern enhances the look of the dress. It is better than the ordinary thread embroidery as designers can add beads of their choice and make the dress look impressive.


Many ornaments and household crafts make use of bead embroidery and bead fabric in their manufacturing. The beads add color and a dimensional effect that decoratives badly crave.


Most of the jewelry items in our drawer would be made by bead embroidery and beadwork. This fabric is used to create beautiful necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.

Caring for Beaded Fabric

As the clothes and laces have beadwork embedded on them, they are delicate and require a cautious eye and constant care. Make sure you wash it by hand, so the beads don’t fall off, or you can even opt for dry clean or an expert’s wash. Do not use bleach or corrosive chemicals that may ruin the beads. Wash it gently with mild detergents and hang-dry it.

These aren’t your ordinary clothes; instead, it’s the wand of fairy God Mother that will transform you from an ordinarily dressed girl to the Cinderella!

Where to buy Beaded Fabric

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