Consew 1255RBLH-18 Long Arm Machine Review

Consew 1255rblh Can Consew 1255RBLH-18 Long Arm Machine fulfill your requirement of quilting and other sewing practices? The long-arm quilting machines are best known for their higher efficiency compared to the traditional quilting machines. 
The long-arm quilting machines are better in terms of workspace, space, and power than traditional quilting machines. That’s why it is beneficial to purchase the quilting machine because of its numerous benefits and uses. 
So, if you want to enjoy the quality of speed quilting, you must try out the Consew 1255RBLH-18 quilting machine. The simplicity and speed are something that makes this sewing machine popular in the industry
Let’s get on to discuss the features, performance, and how well does it perform against the competition in this article. 
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Versatile Functions

The Consew 1255RBLH-18 is a user-friendly quilting machine that is designed keeping in mind customer satisfaction and usability. Also, if you are looking for a high-quality long-arm quilting machine, you cannot find anything better than Consew 1255RBLH-18.

Coming back to its functions, the machine offers to do a variety of tasks which include, walking foot, needle feed, and drop feed. 

Wide Working Space

The best part of the long-arm quilting machine is the wide working space. You get about six inches of vertical working space, which is large enough to let you complete urgent tasks. Moreover, it has about 18” of total working space, which is designed for ease of use. 

If the table is large, you can easily feed the fabric in the machine. Also, you wouldn’t need to be struggling to assemble the table as it comes fully assembled. All you need to do is unpack the machine and begin experimenting with the quilting. 

Efficient Motor

If you talk about the motor options in Consew machines, you get two options. Further, the industrial machine includes the motor, which displays the speed while working. In Consew machines, you have either Adjustable-Speed Servo Motor or Fixed-Speed Clutch Motor. 

Servo motors are highly efficient as you can adjust the speed, while clutch motors have fixed speed, somewhere between 1,725 to 3,450 rpm. Moreover, you have the advantage of using servo motors as it works silently when the pedal is not in use. 

The machine includes a servo motor such that you can control the speed of the machine as you work. Therefore, it makes the machine easy to use and understand, even for beginners.   

Oil Pumping System

The machine includes an oil pump system. The system is important to make sure that the machine is functioning smoothly. Furthermore, it will ensure a clean supply of lubricant within the machine reservoir and protect it from dirt and dust. 

The lubrication system comes with a flow indicator sight gauge. With that, you can take a look and control the oil flow. The oil pump system also has an upper oil gas light that enables you to see how much oil you need clearly.  

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Consew 1255RBLH-18 Pros

Did you find the machine suitable for your sewing or quilting purposes? Not yet? Then, let’s make a list of benefits that the machine has to offer to help in your decision. 

  • There is centralized arm lubrication
  • The machine includes a higher presser foot lift of about 18 mm
  • It comes with a large horizontal hook
  • The machine has a large bobbin and reverses the feed
  • It comes with a fully assembled table 
  • The servo motor includes speed control
  • It offers a stitch length of about 9 mm

Consew 1255RBLH-18 Cons

Now, let us move on to discuss some cons of the machine to analyze its overall performance.

  • The machine is available at a relatively high price
  • It does not include a digital display

Consew 1255RBLH-18 Performance

How can this machine make use of the features as mentioned earlier? How well does it perform on different fabrics? Or, is the machine effective to use by novice and beginner sewers? 

It’s time to find out the answers to the questions mentioned above.

Design And Physical Attributes

The all-white quilting machine offers an elegant and aesthetic appeal. Though the machine takes ample space, you can easily use the device for longer fabrics. Moreover, you have access to all the features right at the front of the machine. 

You will find the locking stitch regulator on the machine. It comes in handy as it offers precise and smooth stitching for a clean finish. Furthermore, it will slow or increase the speed automatically as per the quilting movement. 

Ease of Use

With a stitching speed of 1,800 rpm, the machine offers fast threading to finish all the urgent tasks. Moreover, it includes a locking side plate to access bobbins. Also, an adjustable take-up thread guide enables thread loop timing.

The quick tension release enables you to use a variety of thread types where no external tension assembly is needed. Apart from that, the server motor has made it easier to control the machine due to speed control.   


In terms of durability, the machine is made with lightweight materials such that it is a third lighter compared to most clutch motors. Also, the motor consumes 90% less energy, making it an energy-efficient machine. 

Furthermore, the machine lasts for a long time as it does not adjust or wear out quickly. Besides, the speed you adjust will remain the same even if you press the pedal very hard.  


The quilting machine keeps the safety of customers as its utmost priority. Therefore, it includes a safety clutch to use for trimming purposes. 

The reverse switch allows you to make reverse rotation with convenience and ease. Apart from that, the machine boasts ten LED lights to illuminate the area to work safely. 

How Does Consew 1255RBLH-18 Stands Amongst The Competition?

Can you find similar long-arm quilting machines to Consew 1255RBLH-18 in the same price range? Maybe you can, but this machine has already passed all the levels with its exceptional features and performance. 

The Consew 1255RBLH-18 is the winning quilting machine because of the following reasons:

  • Consew is a famous brand name in the sewing industry. Further, the company is known for producing high-quality and reliable machines.
  • No other machine comes with ten LED bright lights to brighten the work area. 
  • The machine features a useful off/on switch on the magnet mounting.
  • You can mount the magnetic lamp attachment on any metal surface. 
  • Also, you can power the machine and light with any AC plug. It takes up AC 110 to 240 V and 0.5 W of power.
  • The oil pumping system allows you to adjust the oil flow. 
  • There is an adjustable take-up thread guide for thread loop timing.
  • Lastly, this machine offers the widest working space of about 18”. 

Why Should You Choose Consew 1255RBLH-18?

Now that you are familiar with the Consew 1255RBLH-18 long-arm quilting machine, have you made up your mind? If you are still confused, we will point out the important elements of the machine that makes it worth buying. 

  • High-Quality Quilting: If your work includes dealing with quilting regularly, you will definitely enjoy working with this machine.
  • Impressive Stitching Speed: The stitching speed of the machine is 1,800 rpm. However, the speed also depends on the operation, thread, and material. 
  • Efficient: The machine offers you multiple functions and ease of access to various parts out at the front. 
  • Highly Rated Brand: Most buyers don’t purchase from the lesser-known brand. However, Consew is a well-respected brand that can provide you with only high-quality equipment.

Our Recommendation

If you are an owner of a quilting business, you should not agree to anything less but the best. The Consew 1255RBLH-18 long-arm quilting machine offers numerous excellent features. Moreover, the durability and safety feature of the machine makes it the best in the market. 

When you look at the market, you will find many products which might confuse you. That’s why we have reviewed one of the best long arm quilting machines to help you make a wise decision quickly. Also, the machine is suitable for everyone, including a professional, beginner, or intermediate sewer.  

We hope you find the content relevant and informative, and it has answered most of your questions. 

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